The Beginning

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Chapter 2

When I wake up, I find myself in my bed. At my own house. I am now going to pretend that it was just a dream and I am going to live here in this house forever.

“So you’re up!” A voice says from the door of my room. I see a rather tired looking brother of mine leaning at the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. His hair is in a messy state probably because of moving his fingers through them a lot of times. The dark circles under his eyes tell me that he has not been sleeping well.

“Good morning Logan!” I say as I run to him and move my hands around his neck to hug him. I don’t meet my brother that often because he is always busy with the pack work. He wraps his strong hands around me and pulls me to himself.

“Aww.... Someone’s been missing me so much that she forgot about the day and night.” He says in my ear.

I frown as I pull away from him so that I can see his face. What is he talking about?? “What do you mean?” I ask.

“Oh come on, Al.” He says laughing at me, “It’s afternoon!“.

I gasp in shock as he laughs even harder. How can it be afternoon?!

Logan stops laughing and observes me. “So someone overslept!!” He says after a while and starts laughing again.

“How did this.... How did this happen?!” I ask Logan. I’m really shocked right now. I’m not one of those people who oversleep. I’m one of those who wake up at four even on Sundays. He got to be kidding me or else this would be the first time I overslept.

“Aww... My sweet little sister, it’s alright.” Logan says, cooing me while resting his chin on my head, hugging me tightly like a mother does when her child gets hurt. Logan has been my both mom and dad since..... since they died.

“Logan?” I say.

“Hhmm?” He hums.

“I’ve had a really terrifying dream” I say.

“About what, honey??” He says, pulling away to look at my face. Concern is well written on his face.

“About us leaving this house...” I say, looking down at the wooden floor of my room. He holds me by my shoulder and motions me to go and sit on the bed. I do as he wishes, with him sitting next to me.

“Al, I’m really sorry about whatever I have done since.... since...” He tries to say. He isn’t able to complete and he looks down, avoiding my eyes. I know why he’s not able to say that part. I and Logan, we both haven’t yet gotten over our parents death completely. We just talk about it with each other. Because he is the only family I have and I’m the only family he has.

“Since you became my mum and dad.” I complete it for him. He brings his head up and looks me in the eye. He gives me a small sad smile, which I return back.

“Logan, you haven’t done anything wrong!” I insist as he searches for his next words.

“Al, I... I don’t know what to do!” He says in a tired tone and brings his hands up to cover his face.

“Just tell me what is going on. You’ll have to tell me about it some day! And by the way, you’ve been the best brother ever!” I tell him.

“That’s the thing, Al. I haven’t been a good brother to you and I never can be!” He says, still hiding his face as he places his elbow on his legs leaning down.

I wrap my hands around his shoulders and place my head on his back. “Yeah, you’re right.” I say.

“What?!” He asks finally removing his hands from his face. I pull back and look at him.

“You haven’t been a brother to me. But you’ve been a mixture of a brother, a mother and a father.” I say, smiling at him. He smiles nervously at me, while I give him one of my most confident smile.

“Al, I’m going to become the packs new gamma.” He informs me, looking at my face for my reactions. I know where he is leading me, but I just don’t want to jump to any conclusion. I don’t just want to assume that my worst nightmare is true. I just keep an innocent face. Seeing no comments coming from me, he continues.

“And with that come responsibilities. Responsibilities of the whole pack. And....” He says.

“Please don’t tell me that....” I make a crying face. I’m not yet ready for this. But that didn’t stop him. He continued.

“And as I’m gonna become the gamma.....” He pauses, looking at my face carefully for my reaction. I close my eyes and cross my fingers waiting for him to complete his sentence.

“There is a party tonight at the pack house!!” He finishes. I sigh in relief. Thank god he didn’t talk about leaving.

“So I have to choose a dress and I am assuming you’re gonna help me?!” I ask. My brother really chooses the best dresses for me. I don’t know how but he knows what will look just perfect.

“Actually, I already did.” He says, “You and I, being brother and sister were supposed to wear a common color so I got black.”

“Oh so you don’t have a date and you’re taking family?” I ask. In parties, people above 18 are supposed to bring either their mates or just their girlfriends or they can come with family.

“I guess....” Logan says, scratching the back of his neck.

“You know, you are a good looking guy. You can probably find a girlfriend for yourself.” I say.

“Yeah, but then who’ll take care of my little sis??” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Logan, you know I’m mature enough!” I protest.

“Okay, but my high school days are over and I’m waiting for my mate...” He replies, trailing off in the end with a sad face, probably remembering what happened years ago.

“Okay. Fine.” I say, “Anyways, at what time will the party being?”

“In about an hour and a half. I’ll leave you to get ready now. And yeah I have someone especially coming for you, to the party. No guesses, coz you’ll have to wait and see who it is going to be...” He says.

“Okay.” I say. I can’t help but feel something weird in the pit of my stomach. Who is it going to be. I’m not one of those who agree with everything, I’m stubborn but I know that Logan won’t open his mouth until he himself doesn’t want to tell me.

“Okay, so you’ve got to look your best. It’s a party for your brother. I don’t want any other girl to look better than you.” He say, in a playful tone.

“Sure” I say, laughing a bit. He chuckles in response.

“The dress is in your closet.” He says and winks before leaving me to change and get ready.

I walk towards my closet and see the dress my brother bought right in front of all the other clothing. It is a really pretty dress. It’s completely black but it still looks stunning.

I quickly grab the dress and change into it. It’s skirt reaches two inches above my knees. It’s not like one of those formal dresses but it’s still elegant.

I then rush to my dresser and take out my makeup kit. I don’t usually use make up as I’m a werewolf so I don’t need any. But still I do use mascara and eyeliner on some special occasions. The mascara brings out the brown colour of my eyes.

First I comb my hair. I let my dark hair loose on my shoulders. I have naturally wavy hair and I like them. I apply some lip gloss and I’m done!

Oh no. Not done yet. I take out my black ankle length boots. They have heals but I’m comfortable in them. Actually I’m comfortable in all types of heals except pencil heals. They just feel like punishment to me.

I don’t carry any purse because it feels irritating to hold a small purse for like hours at the party. I think I can hold my phone in my hands. It’s much better.

Oh that reminds me! Where’s my phone?! I look around and see that’s lying on my beside table. Someone connected the charger. It must be Logan. He thinks that phone is our life line and it’s battery should always remain 100%.

And besides, he knows how much I love my phone. If my phone’s battery dies, I go crazy.

You don’t know, someone could be in trouble and could be trying to contact you for help but is unable to do so!

I pick up my phone, switching off the charger. There are 10 missed calls and 3 texts from Caitlin, 3 missed calls from Parker and a text from Xavier.

Xavier: Hey, I heard that you fainted in the principle’s office. Are you okay?

How did he get to know? He went home due to some work. But then Caitlin must’ve told him and Parker. He must’ve been worried.

Me: I’m good. I just didn’t eat my breakfast this morning, that’s all.

I then open Caitlin’s text.

Caitlin: Are you okay now?

Caitlin: Al! You’ve got to reply!!

Caitlin: Are you coming to the party? We need to talk...

She’s seriously been worried. I’ll explain everything to her at the party. But I think I should reply to her messages.

Me: I’m fine now. Sorry, I didn’t see your text. But I’m coming to the party we’ll talk there.

I click send and turn my phone’s screen off. Parker would be there too. I’ll talk to him there only. Texting Parker is not a safe thing, because once he starts texting, he’ll never stop. Even if he’s getting late for something. So I’ll better talk to him at the party.

I look at my self in the mirror. Now I can say, I’m finally done. Ready to go. And most importantly, I’m happy with my appearance.

I’m one of those people who’ll rather be late than be unhappy with their own appearance. I’d rather change a million dresses that be unsatisfied. This is what you become when you stay with Caitlin for as long as I’ve been with her.

There is a soft knock on my door. “You ready, Al?” Logan asks from outside.

I open the door. Logan’s wearing a black shirt with black pants, looking really handsome as he always does. But with his hair all set, he looks better today.

I smile at him. “You’re looking great, brother!” I say giving him a thumbs up.

He grins at that and says, “You’re looking nice. I bet the girls at the party will be jealous as all the males are just gonna stare at you.” He winks at the last line. I smile at him.

"As if! You’ll not let them stare at me and I know it!” I say, rolling my eyes.

“I don’t want you to be enemies with those girls who come with those guys! And just accept it. You look stunning.” He says.

“I know I am!” I say, flipping my hair in a rather dramatic way.

I’m not that kind of girl who’ll say that I’m not that beautiful because I know I’m beautiful. A lot of boys at school stare me. But that’s just a perk of being a werewolf.

I might not be the alpha’s daughter but I do have alpha blood in me. My mother was a daughter of the alpha of Dusk Moon pack. So I guess, I get my beauty from my mother.

“Let’s go, sis. We’ll rock the party." Logan says and I nod in response.

It’s party time!

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