The Beginning

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Chapter 29

"Logan?" I say in a soft voice as I reach closer to him in the pack house where he is talking to the beta, Parker's dad. Logan turns around to look at me with a confused expression before his eyes grow big.

"Ally! You.... you're here? How? When? I can't.... What is... How?" Logan starts rambling, unable to say anything.

"I am back big bro!" I say as I hug my brother. He hugs me tightly to himself as if I'll disappear if he lets me go.

"I missed you. You said that you'll call me but you never did. I was so worried." he mumbles into my hair as he kisses the top of my head, affectionately. I pull away to look at him.

"I know. And I'm sorry. But a lot happened and I forgot to call. I was preoccupied with everything that was going on over there. But I'm here now." I say and smile at the end. Logan smiles back at me before kissing my cheek.

"How did you convince Alpha Night to let you come back here? I thought that he wouldn't let you leave before the time of the agreement was completed." Logan says. I can't tell him that Adrian wouldn't have let me leave ever if he could have stopped me. But right now, I don't want anyone to know that Adrian is my mate.

"Umm...He was pretty occupied with everything that's going on in his pack. You know the warning and all..." I say, Logan nods his head thoughtfully before he looks behind me.

"Did our cousin drop you here? Where is he? Is he still here?" Logan asks, getting excited to meet his cousin he had never even known about.

"No. He didn't drop me. James did. And he left as soon as he dropped me here. Now tell me, where do I keep my luggage?" I say lifting my bags to show him. He got tensed when I took James' name. I know that James reminds him of whatever happened in the past with Anna. And remembering her brings back so many memories.

"I actually didn't move into the gamma's house. With you gone, that house was the only thing I had that reminds me of our family. I couldn't bring myself to leave that too. And I asked Alpha Bryan and he told me that I could stay at our house till Xavier becomes the alpha. After all, that is when I was supposed to take over the gamma title." Logan explains. A huge smile makes its way on my face as I hear the news.

We still have our house!

I run back to the house, not waiting for Logan but I know that he's following behind me. When I reach the front door, I take a deep breath before opening and entering. The house still smells the same. Nothing has changed. I go up to my room to see everything as it was.

"I didn't change anything because then I wouldn't have had anything to remember you." Logan says, coming up behind me. I smile up at him.

"Thanks. But now I have to shower and change and arrange my stuff before I go and see my friends. They are also unaware about me coming back." I say. Logan nods and leaves with a smile on his face as I close the door of my room.

"Allura!" My friends shout as they stand up and run to me. They were sitting in the garden, in the sunlight. They were chatting but when they heard me talking to the pack members as I passed them, the three of them looked at me with shock.

"Guys!" I shout as I run to them. The three of them hug me at the same time making me stumble but Xavier saves us from falling down. I laugh as they hug me tightly. They are chocking me but, meeting them after so long, I don't mind.

"Where were you? Why didn't you call us? You told us that you'll call but you didn't." Caitlin shouts at me when we pull away after a fairly long time. Caitlin was angry and I knew it. Not calling her was a really big mistake and I realize it now. Now when it's a little too late.

"Umm... I didn't call because I was planning to come here." I say. Thankfully, she doesn't question and hugs me again with a big and happy smile. I hug her back. I missed her.

"So, anything special? I mean, you might be here for something." Xavier asks.

"No. Nothing special." I lie. Xavier narrows his eyes at me and I feel uncomfortable. Can he sense my lie? "Guys I'm hungry! I want to eat something." I say.

"Sure!" Parker says as he grabs my and Caitlin's hand and runs towards the pack house. "I heard that they are making chocolate pudding today!" Parker yells, as he runs. That makes the four of us run as if we are on fire.

Anything for chocolate pudding!!

"I am sorry, Ash." I say, making him turn around to look at me. My eyes were hazy with unshed tears but I could see the shock in his eyes. He was sitting in Alpha Bryan's office because I asked Alpha Bryan to call him. I knew that he might not come if I call him because of what happened back at the Mystic Shadow pack.

"Ally? Why.... What are you doing here?" He asks, standing up and walking up to me. He takes my face in his hands and wipes my tears away as the fall on to my cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Alpha Ashton." I say as I start sobbing, holding onto him for support. Ash's face contorts into a tortured one as he hugs me close to him, trying to make me stop crying. He mutters sweet nothings in my ear to make me stop crying.

"Al, you're my girl! I can never stay angry with you. I forgive you. Stop crying, love. Tell me what happened!" He says, rubbing my arm in a soothing manner.

"Ally, stop crying!" Ash says, looking directly into my eyes. "We are going to teach Adrian a lesson. A really big one!" Ash says, anger and determination clearly visible in his demeanor.

"He didn't do anything. In fact, he told me to come back to you. He told me that you were the only one who can love me.... Well, he didn't say that but, he made me realize this. Ash, I want to be with you forever!"

"Ally...." Ash starts in an uncomfortable tone.

"Ash, please!" I interrupt him. "Please, Ash! Take me with you!" I say in a desperate voice.

"Okay. I will take you with me." He says.

"Hi, Warren." I say, as I enter the pack house. Lunar Mystic Pack's pack house. Ash's pack house.

"Allura?" Warren says, shocked.

"Warren! Stop staring at her!" Ash growls, placing his hands on my waist, possessively.

"Sorry, Alpha." Warren says, his head down. "I was just shocked to see her back here." He says.

That's the thing I don't like about Ash's pack. Ash is like a supreme power here. Ash is like a god for all his pack members. Even his beta, Warren is not aware about what's happening in the pack. Only Ash takes all the decisions. No one even looks at Ash's face. They always have their heads lowered whenever they talk to Ash. But that's just when Ash is in his alpha mode. Like now. Otherwise, they're all good. I guess.

"I don't want to hear your excuses. Just be sure to never repeat your mistake." Ash says.

"It's okay, Ash. Warren was just surprised to see me." I say as I pull away from Ash to hug Warren. "It's nice to see you, Warren." I say.

"It's nice to see you too, Allura." Warren says in a quiet voice, not looking into my eyes.

"Ash, if I'm supposed to stay with you here, then at least let them see my face!" I say, facing Ash. Ash starts grumbling under his breath. I hive him a look and he sighs in defeat.

"Okay. Warren, you can look at her." Ash says. "But nothing else!" He warns.

"Okay, Alpha." Warren says, looking at me with a smile. I smile back at him. "Do you want me to take you to your room?" Warren asks me. Just as I'm about to reply, Ash speaks up.

"No. You have to take her luggage to her room. And send Anna." Ash says. His last sentence makes me freeze but I control my expressions before anyone can see.

"Okay, Alpha." Warren says, bowing his head before leaving to do the work. I turn to Ash.

"It's not that Anna." Ash says before I can open my mouth to say something. "It's another girl. It's just the name which is similar." Ash explains. I nod my head and look down, thinking about what happened a few years ago and all the memories that I have of Anna.

"Sir." I hear a voice say in a warrior- like serious voice. I look up to see a girl with light blonde hair, strong features and stern green eyes. Her ocean green eyes show recognition as she looks at me but she instantly covers up any expression on her face, leaving it blank. Emotionless.

"Anna, this is Allura. She'll be staying with us from now on. She's really special to me. Take good care of her." Ash tells the girl.

"Yes, sir." She says with a single nod of her head. Her voice strong as ever, her face emotionless.

"Okay. Take her to her room." Ash tells her before facing me. "Ally, I have some work to do. I'll see you later?" He says, his hands on my cheeks and his staring right into mine.

"Okay." I reply in a small voice, nodding my head with a smile.

"Okay. Bye" Ash says before placing a kiss on my forehead and leaving.

I look at the girl. She motions me to follow her with a slight nod of her head. I nod and follow her. She leads me up the stairs to a room. I look at her as she faces me.

"Ma'am, this is your room." She says gesturing towards a room. "I'll take you outside if you want me to." She says. I nod at her.

"I want to go outside then." I say. She nods and then leads me out. We walk to the nearby forest, making sure that no one spots us. She looks back and I scan our surroundings when we stop somewhere in the forest. This place is completely deserted.

I then turn too look at her. She looks at me. She has a really serious expression on her face. My face remains expressionless.

"Anna." I say in a business- like voice, with a stern look. I cross my hands.

'Yes, it's me." She confirms. She reaches for her hairline, taking off her wig. Her brown hair come tumbling down her shoulders.

So it's her.

Just with a wig.

"Fancy seeing you here." I say. "Though, I do accept, leaving clues like those phone calls was really clever. So, tell me. What do you want?" I ask.

"For now, I just want you to hide my identity from Ashton Walker. He trusts me. I have access to all the information I need from him." She says.

"Okay. Done." I say, seriously. We both glare at each other before a smiles breaks up on her face. I smile before hugging her tightly. "Welcome back to the world of living, Anna." I say, making her chuckle evilly.

"We both know, that no one can kill a devil like us." She says with a smirk.

"True." I reply with a smirk.

The devil is back!

Long live evil!


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