The Beginning

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Chapter 3

When we reach the pack house, everyone is there waiting for us. Or rather they are waiting just for my brother. Everyone starts to clap for us. My brother starts saying his usual hellos while I scan the crowd for my friends.

I don’t know why but Ivy, my wolf is going crazy! The nearer we got to the party, the crazier she got. I’m now starting to feel uneasy now.

I spot Caitlin and Parker standing near the food table. They are chatting rather seriously. I make my way to the two of them.

“Hey!” I say when I reach besides them.

“Hi” Caitlin says, nervously. I raise my eyebrow at that. What’s happening here?

“Cait, see if you don’t wanna do this now, it’s okay with me.” Parker says looking at Caitlin with a worried expression, ignoring me.

“We have do this, Parker. I’d rather confess this today than later.” Caitlin replies to Parker.

I guess I’m not a part of this conversation. Maybe I should just leave.

“Okay, so I’ll just leave because I’m feeling awkward right now. You guys can talk.” I whisper as I make my way back to the crowd where I came from.

I don’t think that they notice me leaving.
They are just crazy...

I don’t know why I keep glancing towards the entrance of the pack house. I’m surely going crazy. I try to divert my attention towards the small kids dancing on the dance floor. They are looking really adorable. They are so cute!

Suddenly, I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turn around to see Logan standing there. I offer him a smile which he returns.

“I’m sorry, I forgot about you. You know I just got a little busy... And yeah about the person whom I called for you...” He says scratching the back of his neck.

“So who is it?” I ask, clapping my hands like a child, which earns a chuckle from my brother.

“So.... That person actually got a little late. He’ll be here in about two minutes. I’m sorry. He actually had some important work.” Logan says, looking sorry.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.” I say.

“So... How’s the party?” He asks.

“Nice.” I say looking around and then I look at my brother. “But it’s really really boring.” I say.

“What can I do for you, Miss Allura?” Logan asks bowing a little.

“Umm... Let me think...” I say, dramatically with a finger tapping on my chin. “Maybe you can dance for me!” I say.

“Will that entertain you, dear sister?” He asks.

"Absolutely!" I reply.

“And will you dance with me?” Logan asks, looking unsure.

“Of course I will.” I say.

He offers me a hand and I take it. He leads me to the dance floor.

I keep my hands on his shoulder and he keeps his on my waist. We start to dance slowly. We used to dance like this when we were kids. My brother used to teach me how to dance.

The old memories make me laugh. Logan starts laughing himself probably due to the same reason.

“You’re the cutest little sister anyone would ever have.” Logan says. I smile at his comment.

Logan glances at something behind me. “Oh! He’s here!” He says, looking excited. I giggle at his expression before turning around.

As I turn around, my heart skips a beat.

Oh my god!

He’s standing right next to the door!

It’s him!

It’s Ash!

He’s here!

“Ash!” I nearly shout. He simply smiles and opens his arms.

I run towards him totally forgetting about Logan who’s standing behind me and wrap my arms around his neck tightly when I reach near him. He does the same squeezing me close to him. I rest my face on his shoulder and he does the same. I close my eyes. He is taller than me so I’m standing on my tiptoes to hug him.

“Hey! How have you been, angel?” He whispers in my ears, chuckling a little. He gently lifts me up a little.

"I missed you!" I say.

“Me too, sweetheart. Me too." He says.

And that’s when I hear an angry growl from just behind Ash and a strong and pleasant smell of firewood and pine hits my nose. That weird feeling is back. Only a million times more intensified.

I open my eyes to see a tall, handsome man standing behind Ash, glaring at us.

If looks could kill I would have been dead by now...

I pull away from Ash to look at the man behind him properly. He is tall, about 6′2, with dark hair, darker than mine. He has a well built frame and his black shirt doesn’t hides the fact that he has a well carved muscular chest. He is looking directly into my eyes with his deep green piercing ones.

I know I’m checking him out but that’s what he’s doing. He’s checking me out. If he’s doing the same thing than there is nothing wrong if I check him out.

Ash probably notices me starring at the man so he starts to introduce him, “Oh! Well, he’s....”

“Adrian.” The guy interrupts. ”Adrian Night.” His voice makes me go weak on my knees. He has a really deep voice.

That’s when it hits me. The sweet smell of firewood and pine is coming from none other than him. It’s coming from Adrian Night.

He is my mate!

I finally found my mate!

Oh my god!

What do I do now?!

I want to just go and hug him and kiss the life out of him. But I have to control myself. There are a lot of people here. We aren’t supposed to be making out in front of these many people.

But still, his soft looking lips are so inviting! How can I resist him when he’s my mate!

“Al, honey are you okay?” Ash asks, bringing me back from my trance. I look at him and smile.

"Never been better." I reply, glancing at Adrian, my mate. It feels so good to to think that. My Mate. Mine.

Shush! Focus, Allura. Focus. You cannot just go out of control!

“Come on, Ally. At least let him enter.” Logan says appearing from behind me.

I move a little towards my right do that Ash can come in. Ash places his hand on my waist and smiles at me.

This wouldn’t have felt awkward if my mate wouldn’t have been standing right here. I look at him and find him glaring at Ash’s hand. This is so good! He’s probably gonna be a possessive mate. I remove Ash’s hand from my waist, just to ease him.

“Umm... Caitlin would be searching for me. I’ll better get to her.” I say.

“Okay. But you’re mine for the night. We’ll watch movies late at night like old times.” Ash says, playfully. Adrian’s face was priceless when Ash said the word ′mine’. I mentally giggle at that thought.

“Sure!” I reply to Ash, winking at him and giving him a thumbs up.

I make my way to the food table where I first saw Caitlin and Parker. But before I can reach my destination, a hand grabs my elbow.

Fireworks starts doing their thing. Exploding violently on the area of contact. Of course I know who it is. I turn around. It’s Adrian. My mate!

“Can we talk?” He asks, his voice sending a shiver down my spine. Not the bad kind of shiver, but a good one.

My mate wants to talk to me!

I feel like jumping up and down, but I control myself.

I nod at him because I know that I won’t be able to speak in front of him.

His hand leaves my elbow. I get the feeling that he wants to talk to me in private. So I lead him to one of the rooms of the pack house.

He closes the door behind him as we enter. I look at him. He’s looking nervous.

“Umm.. So we... we are mates.” He says. Listening these words from him makes me go crazy and brain turns to mush.

I simply nod at that.

“I... I.. What’s your name?” He asks.

“Allura.” I answer.

“Allura...” Oh my god! My name sounds so good when he says it.

“Allura,” he continues, “We can’t be together.” That breaks my heart into a bazillion pieces in just a nano second. I look at him. He’s not looking into my eyes. Does that mean that he’s gonna reject me?

“W-why” I stutter. By now I have tears in my eyes. I’ve been dreaming about my mate since I was like two. And when I find him, he rejects me?!

“I-I am n-not g-good enough for you.” He says.

“H-how can y-you say that!?” I ask, my voice breaking.

He turns away so that his back is facing me. “To be honest, since I was I child, I wished that I don’t have a mate. I never wanted this. I never wanted to meet you.” He says, further breaking my heart.

By now I’ve got tears running down my face and I’m on the floor unable to stand. I sob unable to resist. I have a very intense pain in my heart as if I wouldn’t be able to be live for even a second more.

“I’m sorry that you have to go through this whole thing, but I really don’t want you.... I want someone else....” He says, not caring about my feelings.

He then leaves the room without even glancing at me again, closing the door behind him.

That’s it.

It’s the end.

The end of everything.

All my life I dreamed about finding my mate, being with him and stuff.... And what do I get?! A rejection? That too on the first meeting!

Why is the moon goddess making me go through this pain. What wrong have I ever done?

I saved myself for my mate. Never had boyfriends when everyone knew I was the ’queen bee’ material.

I could have been the queen bitch of my school but what did I become? Miss goody two shoes!?

I didn’t have any fun that the kids of my age have and for what?! A stupid, heartbreaking rejection!?

I get up from the floor, wiping my tears and straighten my dress. My make-up was water proof, so probably it hasn’t smudged.

I can do this...

I’m stronger than this...

If this is what I get for being the good girl then I’ll be the bad one...

Well, not really...

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