The Beginning

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Chapter 4

I gather the courage I can and move out of the room. I have to act calmly. I know I can’t due to whatever he just said to me but I have to show him. I have to show him that if I’m nothing to him then he’s nothing to me.

As I re-enter the party, everyone is chatting happily. I smile at the people who look at me. I see Caitlin rushing towards me dragging Xavier behind her, by his sleeve.

I’m sure as hell that Xavier is gonna have a fit.

“There you are! I’ve been searching for you all over!” Caitlin says. She let’s go of Xavier’s sleeve.

“Please be over with this already! I’ve got a lot of work to do!” Xavier says, looking annoyed.

“Okay...” Caitlin says looking around before she continues, “Parker is....”

“Her mate.” Parker says confidently, coming out of nowhere.

Xavier’s eyes go wide with shock and I can guess my expression is the same.

How’s this even possible?

On Caitlin’s 18th birthday, she didn’t tell me that...

“I know you guys have questions. But I’m ready to answer them all.” Caitlin says. One of Parker’s hand go around Caitlin’s waist. I know he’s supporting her.

Aww... They’re soo cute!

“How? When? Really?” Xavier asks.

“We’ve known this since her 18th birthday. But we were scared about how you guys will react.” Parker explains.

“Are you kidding me!” I say, “This is great!”

“It is?” Caitlin asks, getting excited.

“Absolutely!” I reply. Caitlin squeals and Parker’s gently squeezes her hand.

“You guys hid this for a whole year?” Xavier asks, getting angry.

“Listen man, I-we wanted to tell you but Caitlin was a little scared. I just wanted her to be comfortable.” Parker say.

Xavier reaches towards Parker and hugs him tightly. “I’m soo happy for you!” He says.

I reach for Caitlin’s hand and give a little squeeze telling her that it’s a really good news.

Caitlin and Parker make a really perfect couple. They are mates. The one’s who got there mates. Really got there mates. Not like me...

"Ahhmm" someone from behind me clears his throat. I turn around to see to see Ash standing there. “Can I borrow your friend Al?” He asks my friends. The all just nod their heads. What else could they have done? After all Ash is an alpha of a powerful pack himself.

Ash reaches for my hand and intertwines our fingers. He then lead me to an empty room. He closes the door as we enter. It’s not the same room in which I and Adrian talked but it looks similar.

The thought brings tears in my eyes. I have to keep my tears at bay or else someone will get to know.

“Are you alright?” Ash asks, craning his neck so that our faces are somewhat at the same level. Ash knows me the best. He gets to know when I’m sad and when I’m happy.

“I-I’m fine.” I reply, not looking at him.

“Look at me, Al.” He says, two of his fingers lifts my chin so that I look directly into his eyes. As I see his eyes, I’m unable to contain it any longer. I do the only thing possible for me right now. I burst out crying.

Ash brings my face close to his chest and wraps his arms tightly around me. He rests his chin on top of my head as I snuggle in his chest.

Ash is like family to me. He feels like home. He’s always been there for me.

I don’t realise that someone entered the room until, felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I just turn my head not wanting to leave Ash’s embrace. Logan is standing there.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Logan asks, worry clear in his voice.

“I... I...” I tried to tell him but I wasn’t able to get the words out of my mouth. So instead, I turned and buried my face back into Ash’s chest.

Ash gave Logan a look which clearly meant, ’You go, I’ll take care of her.′ Logan gave me one last sympathetic look and then went outside.

Logan is aware that when I’m feeling really upset, only Ash can make feel better. Logan excepted the fact that Ash cared for me the day I told him about how Ash took care of me when he wasn’t there.

The next person who entered the room made me cry even harder. I think you might have guessed who it was.

“What’s going on? Why are you hugging her like that?” He asks, looking really angry.

Oh... So he can see Ash holding me like this but he can not see my tears. What did I do that the moon goddess is punishing me like this?

“Hey... Adrian. Calm down. It’s not the right time for this.” Ash answers, calmly.

“Alpha Aston Walker!” He snaps. “I think I can make her feel better.” He says, confidently. It makes me angry. How dare he talk to Ash like that!

I lightly push Ash away from me who was glaring at Adrian. I turn to face Adrian. I try to make eye contact with him but he is clearly avoiding my eyes.

I have to do something to make him look at me. He can’t just get away after talking to Ash so rudely!

So I do the only thing that I can think of right now.

I slap him. Real hard.

And believe me, my slap can send you to the moon without a spacecraft!

His hand immediately covers the cheek on which I slapped and he finally made an eye contact with me.

Mission Accomplished!

“You don’t get to speak that harshly with Ash in front of me!” These words come out of my mouth, more bitterly than I wanted them to but I don’t care about that.

His eyes flash with pain, making me feel guilty for a second. But I quickly recover. He’s made me go through much much more pain. He should experience pain himself as well. He deserved that.

“Allura, I...” He starts to say but I interrupt.

“Don’t ever talk to Ash like that again. Or else, you’re seriously gonna regret that!” I warn him.

Adrian just nods his head.

I turn towards Ash who’s standing there with a shocked expression. ”Home.” I tell Ash and he immediately realises what I mean and nods at me. He glances at Adrian then focuses on me again.

“Will you be able to walk?” He asks, clearly concerned. I think for a while before shaking my head from left to right.

I might be feeling brave now, after slapping Adrian, but I’m still not alright. I know that as soon as I’ll try to walk, I’ll fall face first onto the floor. I just don’t want that in front of Adrian, even though the floor seems much better than him.

Ash glances at Adrian again before nodding in my direction. He then places one of his hands under my knees and the other on my back, lifting me up bridal style. My hands involuntarily move around his neck.

Ash effortlessly carries me out the room and towards the back door. Adrian didn’t say anything probably because of the slap, but I know he wanted to say something. I feel a little guilty for what I’ve done. Stupid mate bond!

We get out through the back door and Ash takes me to his car before placing me down to open the car door. I sit in the passenger seat and Ash sits in the driver’s seat and were off towards my house.

The ride back home was silent. Ash didn’t say anything and neither did I. I was busy thinking about the rejection. I mean I dreamed about finding my mate my whole life. And what do I get, rejection?

So it’s now proved that the things we run after, can never be achieved. In short I’m never getting my mate.


So maybe I can live a free life now. I can do whatever I wanted to do. Now I don’t have save myself for mate. Now I’m free.

I can go out and party till late at night. I can find a nice hot guy and kiss him all I want and then get settled with him.

“So... You still up for that movie night?” Ash says bringing me back from my trance. We are now standing in the dining room of my house.

I think for a while. Tomorrow is Saturday. Which means no school. Well school’s over, so everyday is a Saturday! So I can stay up till late at night. And besides I don’t think that I’ll be able to sleep now. I desperately need a distraction.

So I nod my head. “You chose the movie, I’ll bring the popcorns.” I say.

“Sure!” He says and winks at me.

Ash knows where all the DVD’s are kept, after all, he’s been here numerous times, and makes his way to the basement.

Our basement is the place where all the fun is. We have a huge TV there and we have a huge cupboard which is filled with DVDs and a few video games and other stuff. We even have a trampoline there ,that was my idea.

I make my way to the kitchen. Popcorns. I have to make popcorns.

“Hey Al, can you choose the movie and let me make the popcorns? I’m unable to decide which one to watch.” Ash says appearing from the staircase that leads to the basement. I giggle at him.

Whenever he chooses a movie, he ends up sleeping, saying that the movie was really boring.

“Yeah sure.” I reply and go towards the basement. I look through the collections of movies. Some old, some new. I want to be like a child right now. I always feel is that around Ash. He’s always made me feel like a child, but in a good way.

Hmm.... Maybe we can watch a Disney movie! They are god for times like these. I spot what I was searching for and take out the Descendants movie’s DVD.

I insert it in the DVD player and wait for Ash to come with the popcorns.

He is taking time. He knows where everything is in the kitchen. Maybe he’s bringing something else as well.

My phone starts to ring as I was waiting for Ash.

Unknown no.

That’s weird. I’ve got almost everyone’s number in this town, I mean my whole pack’s member’s numbers and a few of my human friend’s, from school, numbers too.

I pick up the call. “Hello?” I speak in the phone.

No response.

"Hello? Who’s this?” I say.

Again no response.

“Who ever you are, it’s really creepy to stay quiet like that. Bye!” I say and end the call.

“I’m here!” Ash announces, coming down the stairs. He takes a seat besides me, on the couch keeping a huge bowl of popcorns on my lap and then handing me a glass of coke.

“So, what are we watching?” He asks, sipping from his glass of coke.

“Descendants!” I reply, taking a sip of my coke. It’s chilled.

“So you want to be all ′rotten to the core’, huh?” He says. He takes the remote from the table in from of us and plays the movie.

I open my mouth to say something but Ash cuts me off. “Don’t utter a word during the movie- I know!” He says.

I didn’t realise when during the movie, I leaned my head on Ash’s shoulder and when was I cuddling with him.

I love that scene when Mal said that being with the Prince Ben made her happy. All I thought at that time was- why can’t I and my mate be like that? All I wanted to do in that instant was to go and kiss Adrian.

I want him. Seeing couples always made me think about me being with my mate. About how would he love me and stuff like that.

But now, when I found my mate, all I feel is lost and broken.


All I want to do right now is.... To be with ADRIAN!

My wolf wants the same. She is encouraging my thoughts. But that isn’t helping. That’s making me more uncomfortable.


I’m brought back from my trance by the sound of furious banging on the front door of the house.

I get up from my place. The movie is over and now the screen is blank. I guess it’ll start the movie again in a few seconds. So I turn off the TV and turn to Ash. He’s currently asleep.

I hear the banging again. Oh! I forgot someone’s at the door.

Who could it be? Logan had the keys, and everyone might currently be in their own house, sleeping. After all it’s currently 1:30am!

I climb the stairs and go to the door. I peep through the peephole. It’s dark outside, so I cannot see who is there. But I have a safe feeling so I open the door.

As soon as the door opens, the person steps in. Oh no!

Speak of the devil...

It’s Adrian.

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