The Beginning

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Chapter 5

Oh my god! He’s standing here, in front of me! But why?

I clear my throat, recovering from my shocked condition. That captures his attention and he looks into my eyes. He steps closer to me. I stay rooted to my position as he comes close to me and his hands wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

Uh oh! What is he gonna do?

Is he drunk?

“Are you alright?” He asks, whispering gently to me. His eyes contain true concern so I don’t snap at him and instead nod my head in response.

“I’m sorry Allura, for everything. I’m really really sorry.” He says.

“For what Adrian?” I ask. What could it be that he’s apologizing to me!

Did he find out about my real identity?!

His eyes flicker with an emotion that I’m unable to decipher.

“For hurting you.” He says and I hear a quiet sob. I can see tears in his eyes. Oh my goodness! Is he crying?

“Adrian, it’s okay!” I tell him.

“Then will you ever be able to love me?” He asks, almost whispering.

I want to answer his question with a yes, but I don’t know why I’m hesitating. Can I really love him? After him breaking my heart, could I forgive him?

I can never let go of a thing that big!

I can’t face him with all that hope his eyes have. So I look down.

“Adrian, I’m not really sure.... I guess I have made my mind to move on...” I tell him honestly.

There is an uncomfortable silence. It feels awkward. Almost unbearable.

“That’s... That’s great!” Adrian finally replies. I instantly look up at him. Did he just.... say that?

“I know what you might be thinking...” He says. He removes his hand from my waist and takes a step back. I feel cold and vulnerable now, already missing his body heat.

“I know it’s weird.” He continues, looking everywhere but at me. “I don’t mean it like... like you aren’t good enough. Believe me you deserve much more than a guy like me. It’s just... I... We can not be together.”

He looks at my face for my reaction. I’m sure there are tears streaming down my cheeks. He brings his hand up and wipes a tears from my cheek.

“I don’t deserve you, Allura. I don’t deserve to be your mate.” He says.

Oh my goodness! Now he’s done it! How can he just keep saying things like this to me? How can he act like this? And why do I remain silent?

So I slap him. Hard. Really hard. I’m sure that it’s gonna leave marks on his cheek but I don’t care about that right now.

“You don’t get to decide that!” I snap at him. “You don’t deserve to make that decision! And why do you keep saying things like that? Huh? Why don’t you just go ahead and reject me?" I yell the last part very loudly.

“Why don’t you understand? I don’t want to reject you.” Adrian says. He tries to come closer to me but I step back.

“Leave!” I tell him. My anger is now increasing. When he doesn’t move, I yell at the top of my lungs, “I said, LEAVE!"

I don’t look at him and instead, I close my eyes. I need to calm down.

“Adrian?” I hear Ash’s voice from behind me. I turn around to see a shocked Ash standing there.

“Alpha Walker? What are you doing here?” Adrian asks. I can picture him narrowing his eyes at Ash. I mentally smirk at that.

“What do you mean by what I was doing here? The real question is, what are you doing here?” Ash says.

“Leaving!” I interrupt them. “Adrian is leaving.”

“Allura, I...” Adrian starts to say but I interrupt.

“Now!” I almost shouted. His head lowers in shame as he left without another word.

Ash just stares at me like I’ve grown two heads. He isn’t speaking anything.

I take a deep breath in order to calm myself.

I turn to go down stairs and Ash silently follows me, frowning as if waiting for an explanation about what just happened. But I don’t think that I would be able to explain.

When we both sit down on the couch. Ash looks at me expecting me to explain.

Okay, so I’ll have to say something now! It’s getting weird like this!

“I like Adrian and I don’t know what to do...” I lie. I can’t tell Ash about the truth or else he’ll probably kill Adrian.

“All you do is wait for your mate.” Ash says.

“What if my mate rejected me?” I ask, looking into his eyes.

“He won’t! Trust me.” He says.

“And what if he already did?” I ask, with tears in my eyes.

I see Ash’s veins coming out on the skin on his neck. “Who is he?” He asks through gritted teeth.

“I don’t want him dead.” I tell Ash. There is no way that I’m ever telling Ash that Adrian is my mate. I might be starting to hate him but I still don’t want him to be dead.

“Al, you know I won’t kill him. Killing him will mean hurting you and I can never let that happen! Just tell me who that bastard is.” He insists.

“Umm.... He’s just.... Well he’s not here.” I lie. Well that’s not a total lie, Adrian is currently not here.

“I’ll find him. You just tell me who he is. I can easily find him. I’m sure of it.” He says.

Now he’s really being nosy in my stuff. Why isn’t he getting the clue that I don’t want to tell him who my mate is?!

“Can I say that for now, I don’t want to think about him?” I say.

“Okay. But you’ll have to tell me who he is someday.” Ash says.

“I know. Well which movie are we watching next?” I say.

“Descendants part 2?” Ash says.

“I’m not in a mood to see couples being together. It kind of makes me jealous.” I say.

“Then there is no good movie we could watch.” He says.

“Well.... Yeah, you’re right. But we can do something else.” I say.

“Do you want to go for a run? I mean feel free and let your wolf out... I mean I want to go for a run. I haven’t been able to go for a run for a long time now.” He says.

“That’s a really nice idea. I’ll come with you.” I say, getting up.

“Okay, then let’s go!” Ash says, getting up himself.

We are currently running through the forest which was closest to my house. Both of us, me and Ash in our wolf form.

I really like the wind rushing past. It’s really nice to have a run at night, when you can see the stars and everything is soo peaceful.

“I’m going to go a little faster. You wanna come?” Ash asks me through the mind link.

“No, you go. I think I’m gonna just sit here for a while.” I reply.

“Okay, take care.” Ash says before rushing off at his full speed.

I slow down and eventually stop. I sit down looking at the stars. Oh this is so nice! I can sit here for days! It is calming me.

Then I hear something. Just like breaking of twigs. I can feel my mate somewhere around me. I look around and finally spot a really big black wolf starring straight at me.

He slowly steps towards me and I stay rooted to my position. When he’s just a few centimetres away, I realise what is happening and take a step back. He growls at that, making me freeze and rushes up to me and pins me to the ground.

Ivy is currently purring so she’s not of much help to me. She is just thinking about our mate being close to us not what our mate said to us. I myself feel tingles of pleasure from the closeness of me and my mate.

Adrian’s wolf, as my senses and the bond between us tells me, lowers his head and licks me on my neck. My wolf immediately takes over and both Ivy and Liyan, Adrian’s wolf start cuddling with each other.

To be honest, it feels perfect. But wasn’t I supposed to stay away from him?

No silly! He’s your mate. Your supposed to be with him. Stay with him. How can you be angry with him. A nagging voice in my brain says.

Yeah, maybe you’re right. And I really want to be with him!

We cuddle with each other for a while. Sometimes he got on top of me and sometimes I got on top of him. Sometimes we started friendly fights.

Then I felt the urge to talk to him. I mean obviously Ivy would prefer cuddling with him rather than talking but we need to discuss things and get clear with everything.

I take control of my wolf and run to the nearest tree to shift behind it. I had a long T-shirt wrapped around my neck, which I wear after shifting back into my human for.

Seeing me shift into my human form, Adrian goes behind a tree and shifts into his human form. Surprisingly, he came put wearing a jeans which I didn’t see with him before.

Oh my goodness! He’s so hot!

Due to the lack of a shirt or a t-shirt, I can see his bare chest which is kind of like a distraction. I shake my head and clear my throat to focus on talking rather than staring.

“Hey, Allura!” Adrian says.

“Do you want me?” I ask, coming straight to the topic rather than starting from the ‘hellos’.

“I guess that was obvious.” Adrian replies with a smile.

“Then why did you say what you said to me at the party?” I ask.

“I... I didn’t know what it would be like without you. I mean, I always thought that whenever I find my mate, I’ll let her go. But I didn’t know that it won’t be possible for me to let you go once I found you...” He says, thoughtfully.

“And now you do?” I ask.

“Yeah, I guess I learned my lesson... Now will you be able to forgive me?” He asks, sheepishly.

“You are forgiven.” He smiles at that. “But I guess we still can’t be together.” I complete.

“But why? Are you still upset? Can I do something? Tell me, I’ll do anything. Anything you want...”

“Adrian!” He stops his rambling at once. I exhale and continue, “You told me that you wanted someone else. And I don’t want to be second to anyone. Not even to you.” I say.

“You think I really wanted someone else?” He asks.

“Well, that’s what you said.” I say.

“So are you jealous or something. I mean do you feel like clawing her eyes out or something?” He asks, smirking at me.

Oh no! He didn’t just ask me that. He is trying to make fun of me! Game on. Let me show you who’s the champion here.

“Nope. I’m not jealous. I was just starting to consider being with one of the cute guys at school. You know, I’ve never dated someone. So I thought now that I’m free, maybe I can try dating some cute guy.” I say.

Adrian fumes up at that. Now it’s my turn to smirk. I mean, I didn’t really lie to him. I did consider dating some cute guy at school when he left me.

In one swift move, Adrian comes a little too close to me and holds me by my waist. I can clearly smell that intoxicating firewood and pine smell now.

“The only guy you’re allowed to date is Adrian. And the only guy you can call as cute is Adrian. No one else. Do you understand?” He asks.

I just nod my head. Our proximity is stopping me from thinking straight.

He bends down to my ear and says, “Well if you want, there is one more person you can call as cute.”

Wait. What? I mean, who? “W-Who?” I ask.

He chuckles at that. “Our son.” He answers.

That makes me blush. I am damn sure that I’m currently resembling a tomato!

“Well, there is no girl in my life except for you and my mother. And I swear you’re the only girl I will ever be with.” he says.

That makes me smile. Woah! So that was just a lie. It’s such a relief!

Adrian lightly kisses my cheek before letting me go. I grab his hand as he tries to move away.

“I’m not leaving you, baby. I’ll be back. Ash is coming here.” He says. Oh! He called me baby! Wow!

I nod my head before standing on my tiptoes and lightly kissing Adrian on his cheek.

He stays shocked for a while before embraces me in a hug and buries his head in my hair.

“Ash is coming!” I whisper to him.

He steps away and smiles at me. And runs away after saying goodbyes.

I take a deep breath and exhale. Okay, maybe he isn’t that bad. I can surely forgive him. After all I wasn’t the only one who got hurt from what he said. He might have felt the same.

I turn around to see Ash panting, his hands on his knees.

“How was your run?” I ask.

“Great! How was your night sky observation?” He asks.

If only he knew. “Wonderful!” I reply.

“Well then let’s head home!” Ash says and comes towards me. But then he stops in his tracks and stares soo me.

“Why can I smell Adrian’s scent soo strongly coming from you?” He asks, suspiciously.

Darn! What do I say now?

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