The Beginning

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Chapter 7

“You should surely take that one as well.” Caitlin says pointing at a dress that was lying on my bed.

I’ve already packed almost all my clothes and footwear and I’m just checking if I’ve left anything behind.

“Cait, I’m going to be wearing that one while I leave.” I tell her.

“Oh!” She says and then a mischievous look appears on her face. “Are we trying to impress someone??” She says wiggling her eyebrows up and down in a suggestive manner.

“Caitlin you are the one who told me to wear that!! Don’t you remember?!” I ask with a frown.

“Oh yeah! Totally forgot! Sorry!” She says looking sheepish.

Caitlin never forgets things like this. She is just too sad to let me go. She behaved just like this when we were young and I had to go to Ash’s house. She didn’t want me to get upset knowing that she’ll be missing me that’s why she starts to act strange at such times.

I move towards her and wrap my arms around her is a hug.

“I’ll miss you too, Cait!” I say.

“I’ll miss you more!!” Caitlin mumbles, tightly hugging me back. “I want you to Skype me everyday!!”

“I will.” I promise.

Just a few minutes after Adrian left, my brother came and told me that due to some reason I’ll have to go with Adrian to his pack for a month. I was due to the fact that the alpha of our pack is trying to set an alliance with his pack. And due to some.... ahemm..... unknown reasons, they are demanding that I’ll have to stay at there pack to establish the alliance.

It was a peculiar request but they said that me being with them will somehow make them feel that our pack won’t cheat. This demand told me one thing, that Adrian is definitely someone of a high rank in his pack. That’s the only reason that I can come up with that justifies their demand to specifically send ′Allura Winters’.

“Al, you have to leave in a few minutes. Get ready!” Parker says, emerging from the doorway.

I motion him towards Caitlin who is lost in her thoughts looking down at the floor.

He wraps his arms around her waist and she visibly relaxes.

I smile and then turn around picking up the dress and heading towards the bathroom.

After a quick shower, I wear the dress that I and Caitlin chose for me to wear today. It is actually a short navy blue sundress, which reaches my mid thigh.

It makes me look good showing my curves and long legs. As I see myself in the mirror, I get a brilliant idea.

Why don’t we make this car ride a bit exciting and fun?!

I just hope that Adrian comes to pick me up.

Half an hour. It took me half an hour to make an elegant French tail and apply a bit of making that only comprises of mascara, blush and strawberry lip gloss. But still I was satisfied with my appearance.

I take my clutch and put my lip gloss in it. Taking one last look at my appearance I walk downstairs. My luggage was already in the car.

Parker took Caitlin away as she was not feeling well. I just hugged them both once and said my goodbyes.

As I walk down, I see Logan there. I walk to him and he embraces me in a beary hug.

“I’ll miss you, Al!!” He says, tightening his arms around me.

“Me too, bro!!” I say.

“Take care. And remember that-” He starts to say as he pulls back to look at me.

“That if anyone tries to annoy you, you know how to break some bones.” I complete.

“Yup. Now I’m sure you’re ready to go.” He says.

“I love you Logan.”

“I love you too Al. And don’t miss me too much.”

“I’ll try.” I reply, giggling like the teenage girl I am.

Logan leads me out of the house where there was a black SUV waiting for me. A man with blonde hair is leaning against the car, typing something on his phone. The man looks around Logan’s age and by his casual yet powerful appearance I can tell that he is the beta of his pack.

As we approach the car, the man looks up and smiles at us.

“Miss Allura, I suppose.” He says.

“Yes” I reply.

“I’m Nicolas. Nicolas Grey. Pleasure to meet you.” He says, extending a hand towards me.

I smile at him and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you Nicolas. I suppose you’re the beta?”

“Yes, I am. I’m here to take you to the alpha. Then we will continue the journey ahead.” He informs.

I frown at that. Why is the alpha wanting to see me? And why isn’t Adrian here?!

“Probably because he wants to meet the bait, that is you! Silly!” a nagging voice in my brain replies, mockingly.

Damn there goes my plan!!

“Okay.” I say.

We then sit in the car and the driver drives it off while I wave to my brother.

I wonder why Adrian didn’t come to pick me up himself. Shouldn’t he be the one to come to pick me up?? After all I’m his mate. That thought made me get angry at Adrian. Why isn’t he here himself??

“So which pack do you belong to?” I ask trying to start a conversation. And also because I don’t know the name of their pack.

I know it’s weird and I’m going to their pack and stuff but no one mentioned which pack.

“Mystic Shadow Pack. I’m sure you might have heard about us.” He says.

I have heard about them. Their pack is the most powerful pack amongst all the packs around the globe. Their pack is usually called as the Royal Pack because they kind of do rule over all. If any pack refuses to do as per their rules, that pack will be finished before you can say ′Ice cream′ or cupcakes or... I think you get it.

“Yeah. I’ve heard about you guys.” I reply.

“Well, that’s good. We’ll be reaching the alpha any second now. Where almost there. He just went to check on the neighbouring pack.” He says.

I don’t know what to say to that. I’m going to meet the most powerful alpha soon. I kind of feel nervous.

What if I say something wrong and he kills me? What if he just wants to kill someone that’s why he’s calling for me?

“If you are wondering about Adrian, he wanted that you live with him at his house during your stay.” Nicolas says, looking somewhat amused.

“What?” I ask, shock evident on my face.

“Yup. Alpha’s orders that you stay at his house, so your stuck with him.” He says, still amused.

How can Adrian just control everything without even asking me about anything. Without even asking if I was comfortable with all this. After all he isn’t the one who is moving away from his pack.

Who does he think himself as? He has been controlling me ever since I met him. Now he even convinced the alpha to make me stay with him!

That’s it. That’s the end of my patience. Now I have to tell him who he’s messing up with. I’m not a normal werewolf. I’ve got a powerful alpha blood flowing through my veins. It’s in the blood and even in the nature of my wolf to be the one in control.

Ivy didn’t say anything about what he did just because he’s our mate. But that doesn’t mean that he can make us do anything he pleases us to do. He can’t control us.

So I will do what I decided earlier. I will be the bad girl.

Now, I can even feel Ivy’s silent agreement on this decision of mine.

Now I will unleash all the storms that are within me, ready to come out.

Now I will act according to my alpha blood’s instincts.

Now Adrian will face the real Allura Winters whether he likes it or not.

Allura’s Alert: all the demons are ready to be unleashed.

Now let’s see how long will you stay sane dear Adrian Night. Or should I say MATE!

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