The Beginning

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Chapter 8

“So... Allura?!” Nicolas says, grabbing my attention.

“Mmhh” I look at him.

“You know, you don’t have to be formal or anything, right? After all you’re gonna be staying with us for a month, maybe more. You should be comfortable with us.” He says.

I smile at his attempt to make me feel comfortable. “Mkay! So can I call you Nick? You know, Nicolas is just too big" I ask.

He chuckles before replying. “Sure, cupcake.” he says.

I chuckle at that. “Where did you get that nickname from?” I ask.

“I just heard someone say that you like cupcakes. At the pack house.” He says.

“Oh! You know, everyone knows how much I love cupcakes. I can even make them. I can assure you that I make the best cupcakes ever!” I say, proud of myself.

“Then you’ll have to make some for me too!” Nick says.

“Sure, why not? The first thing I’ll do when we reach your pack is to cook some cupcakes for you!” I say. We both laugh some more as we talk.

At least I made a friend who can give me company there. I won’t get bored now.

As we reach a huge building, according to my guess, the pack house of the neighbouring pack, Nick opens his door and gets out.

I move out after him. Nick’s casual body language is now gone, replaced by a formal one.

He glances at me and then takes my hand in his and starts walking inside. I don’t question and just follow him in.

He guides me inside to a set of closed doors. There are guards standing outside the door. Nick nods at them and they bow their heads a little, in return.

Nick opens the doors to reveal a meeting room. It is huge and only a few people are there. All the heads turn as we enter and I spot Adrian, wearing a dark blue suit standing there.

To say that he is looking good is an understatement. He is looking absolutely drool worthy.

Nicolas guides me to Adrian’s side and then leaves my hand after giving it a reassuring squeeze to stand on his other side.

One of Adrian’s hand snakes around my waist to pull me close to him, while his other hand is in his pocket. He smiles at me and then returns his attention to the people standing in front of him. But his hands remain on my waist making butterflies fly freely around in my stomach.

The man standing in front of us looks like and alpha and his beta and gamma are standing on his either sides. The alpha looks young and according to my guess he has been made an alpha recently.

I’m sure I remembered his name..... Yeah he is alpha Raymond. He is a playboy and I met him a few years ago when he came to our pack with his father for a meeting with alpha Bryan, Xavier’s father and the alpha of my pack.

Raymond eyes me as the playboy he is before looking at Adrian.

“I appreciate that you could take out some time to come here, sir. I hope you could have stayed for a while.” Raymond says.


Maybe he is referring to Nicolas?! I think.

Yeah maybe

“My time is limited. I was around that’s why I visited you. We’ll be leaving now.” Adrian says, looking sternly at him.

He was talking to Adrian!

“Sure! Have a safe journey!!” Raymond says, extending his hand towards Adrian for a hand shake. Adrian shakes Raymond’s hand.

Raymond then turns to me.

“And who might you be, Ms. Beautiful?” He asks as he takes my hand and kisses my knuckles.

In that instant, I hear Adrian’s deadly growl and he tightens his grip on my waist.

The Raymond’s face grows pale and he drops my hand. He looks like he just saw a ghost. But I don’t blame him. I am sure that my face looks equally as pale as his. He starts shivering, visibly.

“I would stay in my limits if I were you. As it is you’re not on good terms with us.” Nicolas says, with a smirk.

How can he smirk!? I am shivering here!

Okay not shivering. That’s only Raymond. But still!

Adrian dips his head into my neck nuzzling his nose there, breathing in my scent. A shiver run down my spine but this time a pleasurable one. He kisses my neck before reaching my ear where I feel his hot breath and shiver again.

“You don’t have to be scared of me. I’m all yours, love.” He says in a whisper so that only I can hear what he said.

He then returns back to his normal position and I look forward to see the beta and the gamma lifting a limp Raymond.

He probably fainted because of Adrian’s growl. How can someone growl like that?! I’m still frozen to the spot!

My mate is really possessive. I like it. Now your plan will work more effectively.


No maybe. I’m definitely sure!

Maybe after this he will be more over protective and will lose his control easily?!

That’s why the plan will work out better.

I just hope it works!

“Let’s go.” Adrian says. I nod and and glance at Nicolas who gives me a reassuring smile.

Adrian and I walk out of the room with his hand now holding my hand instead of my waist. He nods at the guards outside the room and then makes his way out of the pack house to the car.

There are now two cars instead of one. Adrian nods at Nicolas. Nicolas smirks before saying, “Got it. Have fun!“. He makes his way to the car at the back and sits inside after winking in my direction.


Fun?! With Mr. Grumpy?

I stand there looking awkwardly at the car in the front. Adrian motions me to sit in the car and I do as he wants without a question.

I can’t possibly argue with him right now. After all, I want to have him alone for what I have planned.

He sits down in the car, in the seat beside me and closes the door. He looks at me as the car starts moving. He grabs my hand and intervenes our fingers and places our hands on my thigh. I take a sharp breath in as his hand comes in contact with my bare thigh.

Damn it! Why did I wear this dress?

Because it’s a part of my plan!

Oh yeah! Totally forgot!

Now on with the plan!

Okay. Here goes.... something.

I look at Adrian to find him staring at me. I give him a pleasant smile.

“How have you been?” I ask him.

He scratches the back of his neck nervously, looking down. “I...I have been doing.... alright... I guess?” He says. It sounded like a question but I ignore that.

“So.... Did you miss me?” I ask, in a sweet tone.

He eyes me suspiciously before replying. “Yeah.... You are in my mind and heart at all times. Why wouldn’t I miss you?” He says.

My heart skips a beat but I try not to show that on my face. I tighten my grip on his hand and smile at him.

“Stop it. Whatever you are trying to do!” Adrian says, looking a bit scared.

I mentally smirk at that.

I haven’t even started dear.

“What am I doing, Adrian?” I ask innocently.

I know that my extra sweetness is affecting him. After all he is my mate. I can easily turn him on.

And that’s what I planned to do.

I wanted to tease him.

“I don’t know. But stop it!” He says, still with a scared expression.

I move a bit closer to him so our legs are brushing each other’s leg. He looks down at our legs and his eyes visibly darkens. He looks at my face which, I am sure, is mask of innocence.

“Why are you acting like this Adrian? You should be comfortable with me. I’m your mate!” I say, putting extra pressure on the word ‘mate’.

Adrian’s eyes darken even more. He looks into my eyes and tightens his grip on my hand which is still on my lap.

"Allura..... I’m losing my control! Stop it!” He says in a low and dangerous tone.

That’s my clue to stop.

“Adrian, we are mates. Why can’t I even talk to you? People are even ready to flirt and you can’t even talk?” I say, with hurt. This isn’t a part of the act. Or I would have stopped. This hurt is real.

Why can’t he talk to me?

Am I that bad?

“Sweetheart, I don’t have an ironclad self-control. I’m currently on the verge of losing my control. And....” He trails of on the last sentence as something comes to his mind and his eyes return to their normal green colour.

“Who dared to flirt with you?” Adrian almost shouts, after a while.

“From all that I said, you just heard that people flirt with me? Seriously?” I ask, now feeling even more hurt. I’m sure that Adrian can sense my hurt in my voice.

“Allura, honey-” Adrian tries to speak.

“No Adrian! Please stop! Reject me if you want! But please don’t try to act nice!” I say, with tears in my eyes. I remove my hand from his and shift to the other side, away from him, facing the window.

“Allura-” He tries again, and might I add in a worried tone.

“I don’t want to talk Adrian!” I say in a stern tone which leaves no room for arguments. He instantly shuts his mouth, getting the message.

I control myself and observe the roads from the window.

Now I won’t talk to him!

It’s gonna be a long month....

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