The Netherwalker [The Witch-Walkers #1]

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The death was just the beginning... "The only way to overcome fear is to challenge it." Penelope Walker had moved into Carmel Town for a year and adjusted rather well to the new environment. There was, in fact, no doubt about it, seeing as how she made some new friends since moving here. But, when a young girl she knew only too well dies, weird things begin happening around her, which makes her think that there was more to the story than she knew. The death was just the beginning...

Mystery / Thriller
Avalon Greene
4.5 2 reviews
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She was waiting.

For what she did not know. She standing in the midst of nowhere—she had inkling that something was wrong.

It was a known fact that she and he were rivals of the extreme kind. If word got out about what she was doing, they would definitely arrest her. Nobody would ever understand why she was doing this. That is, if she was correct.

But, she had a feeling that she had to do this. She felt that what she was witnessing would very soon escalate to something serious. So, no matter the odds, she resolved to stay put and not back out even for a little while.

If anything were to happen to me,’ she thought, ’Maria would take care of everything. I know she’d have sense enough to get away without trouble. That way, the blame would be on me…

She loved the young girl very much and did not want any harm to come to her. In fact, she felt rather protective towards the girl.

As these thoughts were going through her mind, the door at the end of the corridor opened. His silhouette fell across the doorway, so that she wasn’t seen.

He walked past her towards a door partly hidden at the end of the corridor and disappeared inside it.

She stood in her position and debated whether to go in and risk her life or stay put in peace.

But, she did not do peace. An adventure was something she always sought.

She walked up the corridor with light, tentative steps…

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