Girl with the Rose Tattoo

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Jenny and Tina don’t know each other yet, but on the evening of June 22, 1984, a rare celestial event is about to change that. Each girl is spending the night with her boyfriend in a cabin at the lake south of Valleytown. At a critical moment, while Tina is being ravished by her boyfriend, Rob, and Jenny is seducing her fiancée, Jack, a fireball hurtles through the early morning sky overhead, and the threads of their lives become interwoven. Although they attended the same high school for the last two years and attended Grad on the same evening, they traveled in very different circles; they never met, nor knew of each other. The chains of events in each girl’s life, which began to grow on Grad party night now intertwined link by link. They meet months later and discover their life experience, while different, present them with similar challenges and one fateful choice. The events of a June evening so many months ago, which determined their destiny, brought them to a nexus in place and time, and from then on, they face life’s challenges together.

Mystery / Thriller
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2:00 a.m. - Sunday, June 23, 1984 - A Lake South of Valleytown

The perfection of a star-filled late June sky vanished as a fireball streaked overhead hurtling toward its inevitable demise. It marked an instant when Fate rolled her dice, linking the destinies of two young women, Tina Douglas, and Jenny Travis, from that moment on.

Tina is the Girl with the Rose Tattoo. She has a perfect Red Mary Magdalene Rose tattooed on the nape of her neck, a crucial touchstone, and talisman for Tina. It helps her get through times of stress and anxiety. She is Punker Babe, who comes from a broken home. At the age of sixteen, Tina was forced out on the street by her mother and turned to the only person she believed would take care of her and protect her, Robert Bugs Crawley. She became his ’old lady” and rode with the Cascade Warrior’s MC from then on. Tina was a follower by nature and dependent on others for shaping her life, except in one domain. Despite everything, she managed to graduate from Valleytown Secondary School. We meet her at the age of seventeen on the evening of her Grad party.

Jenny Travis is Tina’s polar opposite. She is as straight edged as a seventeen years old young woman can be. Her parents are solid citizens, who had successful careers in positions of responsibility, and are now retired. In many ways, Jenny is the product of her upbringing and parentage. She is a strong-willed, determined young woman accustomed to making her own decisions, being successful, and following her own path. She is attractive, fit, and an athlete known locally for her prowess in soccer and Taekwondo. We meet Jenny in the evening after the Valleytown Grad party enjoying the company of her boyfriend and fiancée, Jack Johnson at the Johnson family cabin.

Until that evening, Jenny and Tina walked their own path in life, but the freak celestial event occurring that post Grad party night changed all that.

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