Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11


“So they jumped you? For what? Did you have anything valuable on you?“the cops which DAD called to investigate on this asks me.

Imagine. How can I be lying on invisible men that jumped me. I feel like Jussie Smollet staging his own beat up except in my case it wasn’t staged, am just lying about the culprit. I can only ask forgiveness from Allah. Am so stuck. I don’t know what to do anymore. Abiodun hasn’t touched me for the 2 days I’ve been released now but that’s only because mommy is staying in the house with us. She’s taking care of me and also the cops have been in and out to investigate. Am even surprised the cops are paying this much attention to a black people case like. Usually they would’ve dismissed it...why can’t this be like one of those times.

“No I didn’t” .

“So how can you go shopping with no money?“,Aayan asks.

I look up at him and wanted to actually smack the guy.

“I didn’t exactly go shopping. I wanted to because I was bored at home so I took a walk but decided to go shopping for a few things but then realized I didn’t have my purse so I just took a walk to the park instead”.

“Okaaay?“the cop who looks just as confused as about everyone in this room mumbles.

“So if I got your statement correct, you were at home with your husband. You then decided to go for a walk right after you came back from a meeting with your youth, after that on your walk, you decide you need to go shopping but then realized you didn’t bring your purse so you just continued your walk into the park?“officer Cantwell asks.

“Uh yeah. That”I nod and quickly look away from his investigating eyes.

“It doesn’t matter anyways. They didn’t get anything and am fine so I don’t want to file any case”I tell them.

“I hope your not stupid sha?“,daddy snaps at me.

“Daddy it’s okay. I do-“.

“Your filing a case”he says with a finalized tone. I swear these people will get me killed. They will get me killed.

I glance at Abiodun who’s leaning against the doorway with his arms folded. When he sees me looking he raises an eyebrow so I quickly look away.

“What kind of a jump attack is that? Did you know them?“Abiodun had the guts to ask me question. This shameless ting had the guts to even join the investigation.

“No”I shake my head.

“Are you sure?“.

“She said no so obviously no”Aayan says with an impatient tone.

“Okay what’s your problem?“,Abiodun turns to him.

“Am just saying. She’s already hurtx I doubt she needs your uncessary input”,Aayan mumbles then he smacks his lips and looks away.

“Well last time I checked she’s my wife. Ma nigga not yours”,Abiodun comments.

Aayan furrows his eyebrows then he turns to Abiodun.

“Okay we’re off topic here. Abiodun he means well, don’t mind him”,Aaleyah says as she drags Aayan away from Abiodun.

“Nigga betta watch his mouth next time”,Abiodun mumbles.

“Or what?“Aayan snaps.

“Or what? You really wanna find out?“Abiodun raises his voice.

“Boys shut up”daddy yells at both of them.

“Aayan calm”he whispers. Aayan who was glaring at Abiodun obeys daddy and stands beside Khalid.

“Are y’all done with the interrogations? Cuz she does need some rest”abiodun tells the cops who both stand up.

“Just one question Zaynab”,Officer Kent turns to me then she bends down and touches my hand.

“I’ve been through this myself. I have s feeling what your saying isn’t exactly what went down, you don’t have to be scared. We can help you. Just say the word and we’ll have him arrested. Not all cops are bad you know. You definitely don’t deserve this, you deserve to be treated with love and respect. Don’t let someone tear you down for their own personal gain. You don’t even have to fight back, just talk to me. Is it him?.“she whispers.

I let everything she says sink in but his threats overcome it all. There’s no way am saying anything. The nigga is rich, he’ll get bail easily. Who’s to say the man won’t kill me in my sleep sef.

“I appreciate this but it’s not him. Please don’t accuse him of such a thing again. He’s a caring and loving husband. He would never do such a thing”I tell her.

She still didn’t seem convinced but she doesn’t push it. She just smiles and pats my hand before standing up.

“Well since Mrs Adebisi doesn’t want to file a case. We can’t go further without her permission. So we’re canceling this case”,officer Cantwell says.

I ignore the disappointed faces I received from everyone as the officers exit the house.

“Just take care. You can’t be out the house alone”,daddy tells me.


“I’ll check up on you tomorrow”mommy hugs me sighs before walking out with daddy. Soon everyone left too. Abiodun locks the door then he turns to me and walks over.

“Am sorry I didn’t know what to s-”

“Am sorry. I shouldn’t have put my hands on you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ll get help”he whispers defeatedly.

“What?“I lean back with shock.

“I have anger issues...am sure you already knew that” he chuckles then sighs.

“I’ll look into it and start using my pills”.

“Okay”I nod.

“Forgive me”he whispers and holds my hand.

“okay”I smile then he brings me into his chest and plants a brief kiss on my forehead.

This nigga a damn lie. He’s said this a million timed already he might as well make a track about it. How he interact with young kids at basketball is beyond me and they all seem to love him training them. Am surprised all his optician patients haven’t sued his ass. But then again he puts on a good front. Lord knows I fell for him too.....until I married him.


“Morning beautiful”,Abiodun walks into our bedroom with a tray of toast but with egg and sweet chilli in it, just the way I like em.

“You cooked?“I smile as he places the cup of hot chocolate on the bedside table.

Wow is he really serious about changing this time? He doesn’t like me drinking hot chocolate or fatty foods because apparently I had been getting fat. So he used to make me eat salad or just African foods but small portions.

“Yeah, I took a day off work too. We can spend the day watching anything you want. I’ll even massage your feet, I can tell they hurt”.

I look at him then smile. Yess....um I don’t trust this dude.

“You know I love you”he kisses me s couple of times so I fake giggle which made him chuckle. Asshole. I wonder how long I can keep this up? Mm he has no shame sef, we’ve only been married 2 months and - actually 3 months tomorrow. We’ve only been married 3 months and he managed to shoe his true colors in the first month alone. Not even 6 months, not a year, no. 1 month is all it took for him to unleash the monster hiding beneath his idiotic fake kind persona. Oh I wish I had listened to my parents, I should’ve listened and just blindly married Aayan. Maybe I would’ve even learned to love him. At least he cares, he really does. Am still shocked that his feelings for me still stand. I felt so protected and safe when he was yelling at Abiodun. His tone was harsh but it made ME feel safe because the harsh tone wasn’t directed at me, he was using it for me. Am sure he knows what’s really going on but he’s not 100 percent sure. But everything is messed up... And that’s my fault. Am in an abusive relationship while Aayan is getting married to Aamanee, uncle’s friend daughter. She’s nice so I can’t even find a reason to hate her. I guess I have to bear the consequences of my disobedience. I deserve it I guess.

“We can watch Marlon. You love the show”,Abiodun gets in bed beside me and switches on the TV.

“Okay. Thank you”I tell him in a nervous whisper. I got be careful what comes out my mouth like. I never know what sets this asshole off.

Once Marlon, season 1, episode 1 was on, he wraps his arms around my waist. I couldn’t even eat now. I don’t like eating in front of people anymore, especially him. It gives me so much anxiety, I feel like am being judged constantly. The amount of time he’s insulted my weight and appearance is too much.

“So I was thinking that we should have a baby”he randomly blurts out.

“I can’t conceive. I told you”I whisper. Is he trying to upset me? Like what is wrong with him?

In a way am grateful that am less likely to get pregnant because I do not want a child with him. EVER.

“I know that but I want a child. There’s many other ways to get pregnant. We can get a surrogate or try the other options first before that”.

“A surrogate?“.

“Yeah. But that’s only if the rest don’t work out. I’ve booked us an appointment with Doctor roshan tomorrow at Beamont Hospital for 10:30am”,he announces.

“We never talked about this”I look at him.

“Yeah now we are. Anyways be ready because she’s willing to help us”.

“Why don’t we just go to the hospital I work in?“.

“Aren’t you ashamed that you can’t conceive? Am even helping you sef and you want to go to a place you work so everyone can find out that you can’t get pregnant?“he asks with a tone of insult.

“Yeah your right. Am sorry. I’ll be ready”.

“Good. See this works so much better doesn’t it”he smiles and kisses my lips with what was supposed to be gentle but it felt more forceful than gentle.

All of a sudden he switches off the TV screen then places the tray on the bedside table. He then turns to me and pulls me closer into his chest and connects his lips onto mine. Afraid of what he’d do, I just stayed still. I didn’t move an inch but just shut my eyes praying everything would finish. Every move and touch of his scares me, one minute he’s intimate, the next am landing myself in a hospital. At this point I hate being touched. You never know what will happen by a single touch.
His kisses just felt dry and full of empty promises.

His groans automatically spread throughout the room but nothing more than that. He was too list in his perverted world that he didn’t even realize I wasn’t into anything he was up to. I was as silent as a mouse. Legit. My eyes which were initially shut, reopens meeting the sweaty face of his. He was panting so hard you’d think he just came back from a long run. Damn baby getting old huh.

He rolls over onto his back and regathers himself for a few seconds. When his panting decreases he sits up and takes out his phone.

"Hello babe. Watchu doing?”

I look at him briefly but that was that. I don’t even question him. Its nothing surprising anymore. Am just scared for the girl.

"No am not busy. I’ll come over right now. Ight just be ready for me *chuckles*“.

He hangs up then stands up and stretches.

“I thought you were changing?“.

“Well I haven’t put my hands on you now have I?“he smiles innocently as he gets dressed. Wowuuu. That’s his own change? What a change indeed.

My phone vibrates so I pick it up. All there is are messages from the groupchat of pictures of the building, it’s coming out good, they’re all decorating it at the moment. I should be there too sef.

“Babe”I call before Abiodun could leave the room.


“Can I go to the building to help out with the decorations please?“.

“Shouldn’t you be resting?“.

“I know but am feeling better. Please? I’ll be back early”.

“Mm an hour”.

“Thank you. I love you”,I hold my arms out. He smiles and walks over and gives me a brief hug and kiss.

Once I hear the door shut I make my way into the bathroom. I clean myself up then change into black sweatpants, black top and a denim jacket and top it up with my hijab which I wrap properly so as to cover the bruises on my neck. I apply on some make up to cover up the rest.

I park beside Fatima’s car and cut the engine. I could already laughter from all the way here. I swear we’re so loud. I walk inside to the main building to find Aayan being chased by Ayoub who’s covered in paint and holding a tub of paint in her hands, I guess to apply onto Aayan.

“Zaynab”,Aisha’s loud self screams with excitement which made Aayan stop running. He looks over along with everyone. They all smile as I walk over.

“Hey b you okay? Heard what happened”Fatima hugs me and kisses my cheeks.

“Am fine, lil sore but am fine”I try to make them believe I was okay by acting like my usual giddy childish self but all that came out was a hoarse tone making me sound like I smoked weed for a living.

“Oh b. Do you want some lemon and honey?“,Aisha asks me.

“Am fine. Just thought I’d come help out”,I smile a little.

“In this condition?“Aayan raises an eyebrow at me.

“Well I was bored at home anyways. I’ve been Ron bed rest for too long like”.

“What about Abiodun?“,Aaleyah asks me.

“He’s busy with work”.

“Now can we start? Y’all making me feel like I killed y’all fun or some shit. If you don’t want want a nigga here then say it damn. Fucj I was just being nice. Watch if am ever nice to y’all assholes ever again”,I snap then turn around to storm out but a strong hand holds mine which made me scream loudly and jump back, I nearly hit the floor with the way I sent myself flying.

“Are you okay?“Fawaz gasps.

“Did I hurt you?“he asks with guilt.

“N-n- it was just sudden”I whisper and bite my lil hard to hide in the pain. I didn’t realize how painful all the bruises were until now.

“Do you want to take a break?“.

“Guys am fine. I drove here,I c-”

I stop talking and feel my throat start to heat up. All of a Aiden I feel a jab to my stomach. I just dropped onto my knees with pain. My throat felt like it was in flames, all I could do was cry. It hurt so much that I was crying excessively, I didn’t care that everyone was watching.

“Zaynab”,They all gasp then I feel myself being lifted up. When I open my eyes I see Aayan’s concerned face. He places me on the tiny bed they had at the left hand side of the building.

“What’s wrong? How do you feel?“he asks as he touches my forehead.

“I don’t know. My stomach just hurts. It must’ve been something I at-

Something I ate? Did he put something in my food?

“Call an ambulance”,Aayan yells.

“It hurts Aayan. It hurts so much”I cry harder and harder. I was just holding my throat. It frustrated me because I couldn’t exactly put my hand down my throat to itch it either.

“You’ll be okay”Aayan tells me with his hands holding mine protectively.

“The ambulance is on its way. What did you eat?“,Khakud asks me bending down in front of me beside Aayan.

“Just egg and bread with sweet chilli. But the sweet chilli wasn’t even that hot”.

“Did you add anything extra to it?“he asks.

“No”I shake my head.

“Its either the sweet chilli affecting you or it could be your stomach acid making its way into your oesopgagus causing the burning sensation”,Khalid explains.

“Here drink this Pepsi. It’ll help”,Aayan hands me a plastic cup fills with pepsi. I take it and drink some. I swear that shit made it ten times worse.

“No? Am sorry. So its not the stomach acid then”,Aayan starts rubbingt back while I just cry harder with my head buried into his shoulder.

A few minutes later we hear sirens of the ambulance.

“They’re here”,Fawaz walks in with two females.

“What seems to be the matter?“one of then asks.

“Her throat burns. She just started screaming all of a sudden”,Khalid explains.

“Mmm. Can you tell me how you feel?“,the same lady asks me. She bends down to my sitting level. I open my mouth and start to tell her but all that came out was “m-shshshbgehs”.


My eyes widens she. I realized my tongue was numb. Not just that, my whole mouth felt numb.

“Okay”. They don’t bother with more questions, I was just placed on a stretcher then I was rolled out of the building. I look back at the rest with fear.

“Don’t worry we’ll come visit”Aaleyah tells me.

“One of you should follow”.

“I’ll go”Aayan quickly offers

“Sure”Khalid nods so Aayan enters the van with me and one of the ladies. The other one seems to be the one driving.

“You’ll be fine”. Aayan captures my hand. He looks more scared than me myself.

“Are you her husband?“the lady asks Aayan.

“Oh no. More of a close friend”.

“Oh okay”.

“Well am gonna need a few details. I don’t suppose you know the answers?“.

“Ask away”Aayan nods.

"Date of birth?”.

“2 May 1993”.


"Any allergies?”

“To dust yeah”.

"Any medical conditions?"

“She has anaemia but its mild and sometimes shortness of breath but not quite diagnosed as asthmatic yet”.

The lady looks at me as he answers all the questions to see if he was right. All I could do was nod. She hums then resumes her typing on the laptop/computer.

Aayan turns to me and and smiles a little.

“You’ll be fine”. I give his hand a little squeeze then smile which made him also smile.

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