Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12


“Thank you guys. Sorry I ruined your work”,Zaynab smiles nervously while sitting up on the hospital bed.

“Girl you ain’t ruin nun. And you need to take care of yourself. You can’t be up and about, and putting excessive chilli in yo damn food. You could’ve killed yourself”,Fatima shakes her head.

“Yeah”she whispers and stares at her lap.

“Do you need anything else?“,I ask her.

“Aayan go home. You’ve been here since morning. I’ll be fine, plus Abiodun will be here any minute”,she replies.

“Yeah ...he sure is”I mumble. I shake my head then open the door to walk out but end up bumping into the bastard. Am 110 percent sure he did this to her. I don’t trust him. He changed her. She’s not the same playful and childish Zaynab anymore. I know her, we’ve been around each other since we was kids.

“Something wrong with your eyes my nigga?“,Abiodun rsuses an eyebrow.

“Don’t start shit”I mumble.

“Why are you here sef?“he snaps.

“Well someone had to be since you apparently don’t seem to care what happens to YO WIFE”.

“oh so this is what we doing now”he suddenly chuckles then he pushes me into the wall aggresively. Am jot gonna lie, the guy is buffed up but am not scared of his bitch ass. Any guy that puts his hand on his own wife doesn’t scare me.

“Guys stop please. Its not that deep”,Zaynab calls.

“Not that deep? You ain’t hear what his bitch ass said and its not a big deal?“,he snaps at Zaynab. I swear I saw her jump at his tone.

“Am just saying....its a hospital, there are patients here”,she whispers.

“Please”she adds.

I move back and sigh.

“Am sorry”I mumble.

“Yeah yo dumb ass should be. I don’t get why your up on her case so much. Why you have feelings for her or something?“he snaps.

When I don’t speak he freezes then stares at me as if reading me. After, he turns to Zaynab who looks away from his gaze.

“And you knew? Man I’ve got to be the dumbest Nigga out here. I should’ve known something was up when y’all be up on each other and shit like y’all family or some”,he chuckles.

Is this guy crazy? What’s funny?

“Nothing happened. I swear”,Zaynab whispers. It sounded like she was going to cry.

“Right. Am here now. Y’all can go”he says.

“Damn okay”Fawaz mumbles.

“See you soon”he hugs Zaynab while Abiodun just glared the entire time.

“I swear I didn’t mean hug MY WIFE as you left”,Abiodun adds.

“We’re friends. Nigga am married anyways. Chill with that shit”,Fawaz spat with irritation evident in his tone.

“Well we can’t be so sire with Zaynab. Now can we?“he looks at her. She just looks down while the rest of us gasp.

“Did yo bitch ass just call her a hoe?“,Malik gasps.

The door opens and two muscular, dark skinned men walk in laughing.

“Sup my man”,they greet Abiodun.

“Just on some bull with these bitch niggas”,Abiodun turns to Fawaz and Malik.

“Who the fuck yo ass calling a bitch”,Fawaz backs up. I could tell something was going to go down. And it wasn’t gonna be pretty. Fawaz rarely gets mad hut when he does Oooooo. Lets just say it doesn’t go well.

“Fawaz let’s just go please”Aaleyah whispers

“Nah nah let him talk”,Fawaz snaps.

“Why we brothers fighting?“one of the men that just entered asks.

“Brothers? Fuck that. We ain’t brothers. Aight? You betta check yo man”.

All of a sudden the place fills with yelling from all the men. By now they were all in each others faces.

“Can y’all shut the fuck up”,Zaynab screams with her head in her hands.

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up. Everyone go. Get out. Just leave me alone”she screams with tears sliding down her face.


“Just go”she cries cutting Fawaz off.

“You heard her. Leave”,Abiodun smirks.

Fawaz glares at him then he glances at Zaynab and sighs.

We all leave the room and shut the door behind us.

“I hate him”,Ayoub let’s out.

“Me and you girl”,everyone whispers.

“He was so polite and kind before. What the fuck changed”,Malik whispers.

“I don’t know but I don’t feel safe with him.....what if he’s the one that actually beat up Zaynab? She looks terrified of him”,Fatima whispers.

“Y’all just NOW getting it? When I said it, y’all told me I was only mad that he ended up with her and not me. Now you see what I mean?“.

“Yeah unfortunately yes”,Aaleyah sighs with defeat.

“She looks so stressed out and in pain. I’ve never seen her like this before”her own voice cracks.

“She’ll be Ight”Fawaz rubs her back then he sighs himself and rubs his forehead tiredly.

The door opens and Abiodun walks out with a plastic cup in his hand. He had on a smug look.

“Whatever your doing to her, we’ll find out. Your disgusting”,Aaleyah mumbles.

“Oh am I? Dear Aaleyah? Am I really?“he smirks then he winks at her as he walks towards the water jug.

He gulps down some water then dramatically moans out loud. He walks back over and sighs.

“Am not doing anything that none of this niggas wouldn’t do. Am her husband not her enemy. Y’all just trying to make me look like one because your man Aayan here has feelings for her. You don’t even know me and you don’t try to and I perfectly don’t have a problem with that but don’t go accusing me of shit that I ain’t do. She’s my wife not my punching bag. I love her and treat her like I’d want my sister to be treated by her own husband. Y’all accusing me of shit is what’s really drifting me and her apart. So do me a favor and mind y’all business, what happens in our marriage concerns none of y’all”.

With that he walks back into the hospital room leaving us all shocked

“I can’t believe we accused me falsely like that. He’s right”Aaleyah whispers.

“Yeah. I guess the main reason I didn’t like him was because she choose him over Aayan. He’s a good guy. Now I feel bad”,Fatima sighs.

“Are y-“.

Khalid holds my hand tightly before I could let out my frustration. I look at him and he shakes his head so I just stay silent.

Abiodun walks out with Zaynab in his arms.

“Uh yo we just wanted to apologize. You right. We had no reason to doubt you”,Fawaz tells him.

Abiodun looks at him with shock then he hums and nods.

“It ight. She yo friend, like a sister, I get it”,he nods.

“Thanks. Sorry again”the whole crew adds.

“No worries”,he smiles. Zaynab was already asleep on his chest with her hands clinging to his shirt.

She looked comfortable with him...maybe I am overreacting with this. Maybe am just letting my jealousy take over. She’s his wife not enemy. I shouldn’t keep dissing him like that.

“Yeah. I guess am sorry too”,I mumble.

“Its all good man. I get it”he says.

I nod and watch as he walks out of the hospital. I could only stare at Zaynab. Why do I feel like I finally lost her even though if lost her months ago when she married him. Why am I feeling like this is the end?

“Your marrying Aamanee soon. Focus on that”Khalid whispers to me.


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