Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 17


His icy glare occasionally glances at me while also hurling insults at Abeke. I could tell he was furious, the veins on his neck were practically glowing. He somehow resembles the hulk.....except he’s less built.

“So now you both are teaming up? Is this what I asked you to do? I’ve been out all morning and I come back to rice? I ate that yesterday, didn’t I? Huh?“.

Her eyes stay glued to the floor as he uses her as a pawn to vent out all of his useless unnecessary anger.

“And you!“. He now focuses on me. His nostrils flare up with anger and his hand form into a fist.

“I told you to quit your job to be able to help with the household, not to sit up in here being a lazy goat. Why are you so useless like? I asked for a child, your unable to bare me any, I ask for you to take care of my house and you can’t even do that either. So please, abeg, what is your purpose in life sef?“.

His tone was surprisingly calm and steady which was a huge contrast to his body language.

“Well you have two wives, one that cleans and one that cooks. I’ve cleaned, so what else am I supposed to do?“, is what I WANTED to say buuuuut, I knew that I couldn’t. Unless if I wanted an early invitation to my grave which at this point of life, wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I can’t take this anymore. Am surprised Abeke lasted 2 freaking years with this idiotic fool. He’s not just an asshole, the nigga is evil like.

How can you have a wife and not tell your new wife that you already have a wife. He didn’t even tell me....but then again the idiot would’ve planned out all this. He didn’t tell me anything even as we reached his house here in Detroit, his wife had to tell me everything from the very beginning and let me tell you, this man is a MONSTER! He is a disgusting human being, a disgrace to all people of color and to all men and Muslims.

“Am sorry, what would you like to eat? I’ll make it for you now”, I tell him.

“Go make me eba (a type of solid food (swallows))and efo (vegetable stew) and cook some turkey and beef. Make sure the eba is soft”.


I look at Abeke who walks ahead of me into the kitchen. I get out the blender, a can of tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and chilli.

“Am sorry you had to go through this again”, Abeke whispers as I place a small pot on the stove for the efo.

I look at her and nearly cried at how exhausted and broken she looked. This guy has not only tortured her, but also their daughter. He doesn’t care about his own daughter at all, he uses her as a slave alongside her mother, I can only thank Allah that he doesn’t hit her as often as he hits us.

I glance around the kitchen in search of the installed cameras which he also had set up all over the house, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, every single room in this house.

“Abeke, we both know the kind of husband we have, don’t be sorry over him being an idiotic fool that has no respect for anyone. It’s not your fault, it’s not my fault, it’s not any of our faults for falling in love with who he disguised himself to be. We’re not to blame. Please stop thinking that you deserve the torture his putting us through, okay?“., I explain to her in a whisper.

“My dad warned me, my brother didn’t feel right about him but still I married him. I really wanted him to be a good guy, he acted like one....everything changed the second time I gave birth to a girl. Doesn’t he realize that we’re not God? We’re not Allah”, she vents out with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry please. We’re going to get out of here, am done dealing with his bullshit. It’s not ,y fault and it’s definitely not yours either. Once we have the chance, we’re packing and leaving, we’ll go to Ireland, I’ll tell my family everything and pray for the best”, I tell her but she just shakes her head with disapproval instantly.

“We can’t. He’ll have the members of his gang go after us. Am not afraid for myself, am scared for my family and yours. He doesn’t care what we think or want. He’ll kill us and anything that we love. Trust me, I know, he murdered his last wife and her entire family. The gang that he’s involved In are dangerous, they don’t care about anything, they just kill, kill and kill. Nobody even knows where his daughter is, apparently his wife had taken her away the night she was killed, her daughter has been missing ever since. I just pray every time that wherever she is, she is safe”.

“Wow. I can’t let him near my family. So what do we do? We just stay?“.

“We have to”.

“What if one day he tries to sell your daughter to his friends in our place? Or he turns her into a punching bag? Your daughter is a year and a half years old Abeke, she deserves a better future, we can’t just sit around and do noth-”

“ARE YOU DONE? AM HUNGRY”. Abiodun yells from the living room.

I pour some cold water into the kettle and start boiling it. I get the spinach which I had soaked into hot water then clench it into my fist to get rid of all the water. Once done, I add it into the stew which now contains the spinach and different types of dry fishes. I stir the mixture then turn towards the kettle but thankfully Abeke already started making the eba.

“Am going to start setting the tale for him”, I tell her as I pick up the water jug and glass cup for Abiodun.

“Okay sure, I’ll keep an eye on the efo”.

I walk into the dining room and place his plate on the table where he always sits then pour some water into the glass cup. Abeke comes out of the kitchen with the eba wrapped firmly in cling film.

After a few minutes, she comes out with efo served in a bowl for him. She places it on the dining table then moves aside from the table as he walks over. He takes a seat and hums.

I pick up the bowl of clean water and hold it out towards him for him to wash his hands. He does his usual routine before digging into his meal. Everything seemed okay until half-way through his meal he started to cough really badly then he starts smacking his chest harshly.

I glance at Abeke who looks petrified then she looks at me and her eyes widens.

“Water”, Abiodun tries to reach for the flask but I knock it over making it spill over the table. He stands up and glares at me but that didn’t last before he continued coughing.

“Get Abisola and go outside, get his car keys, I’ll meet you”, I tell Abeke who starts shaking her head. “GO NOW!!, I scream at her which made her jump with fear but she also obeyed. Before I knew it, she was running down the stairs with a half asleep, half awake Abisola in her arms. She grabs his keys and runs out of the house leaving the door wide open letting the wind blow in. I turn to Abiodun who’s now laying unconsciously on the floor.

“Get a taste of your own medicine ASSHOLE. The same chili you added to my toast and getting me hospitalized is the same one that made you unconscious”.

I shake my head then walk towards the door, I close it from outside then jog over to the drivers side and hop in. I take the key from Abeke’s shaky hands then start up the engine.

“Relax, we’re out and he’s still unconscious. By the time he wakes up, we’ll be out of here. We’ll go report him to the cops”, I explain to her as I reverse the car out of the parked space.

“What if he catches us?“, she whispers and covers her face nervously.

“He will if you don’t relax. He’s unconscious and we’ll report him to the cops, tell them all that he’s been doing, his gang, the members and how he smuggles drugs. We’ll tell them everything, and it sucks for him because his stupid ass installed cameras all over the house which will be proof of everything he’s been doing and how he tortures and abuses us too. We’ll be okay”, I explain to her in hope that it would calm her down but it seemed like her fears increased as I listed all of his crimes.

I stop the car at a traffic light and groan lowly. I swear t-

The light turns green so I continue on driving instantly. He’ll wake up soon enough, it won’t last long, but hopefully we’re out of here and the cops have him in custody before he does wake up. But I won’t tell Abeke that, the poor girl is already scared enough. I don’t know why am so calm because if he does catches us, I don’t see how he would, but if he does, am so dead.

All of a sudden my ph- well the phone Abiodun got me which only has his number saved on it starts ringing.

“He’s awake. Turn back Turn back. If we go back willingly maybe he won’t kill us. Please turn back”, Abeke starts crying.

“Abeke shut up okay! I know this is hard but we need this escape p-”

Before I could finish my sentence a police car siren interrupts me. Just what I need. Oh thank God. Thank you so much.

I wind down my windows and start waving my hand just hoping that he would notice me. He has to. Please see me.

“HEY HERE!“, I scream out of the window then stop the car in the middle of the road. The police car parks behind us then he gets out.

“See I told you, we’ll be alright”, I tell Abeke who smiles then holds Abisola in her arms protectively. I get out of the car as the cop walks over. He seems familiar, I’ve seen this face before, that scar....that scar under his eye. I’ve seen I-

“FUCKING HELL!“, I curse under my breath then instantly jump back into the car.

“Put on your seatbelt”, I tell Abeke.

“What are you doing, he’s here. We can tell him”, she yells as soon as I pull off.

“That’s NATE. Abiodun’s friend, he’s in the gang too. Fuck I didn’t know he was a cop”, I yell.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, we’re done for, we’re so dead”, Abeke whispers then she starts panting heavily.

I look towards the side mirror only to find Nate speeding behind us with the siren increasing its volume even more.

Allah why are you doing this to us? We were finally out. What did I do? He’s going to kill us.

“Stop the vehicle”, Nate yells through the mirror but I just increase my speed. He’s literally right behind us like.

“We’re going to get through this”, I tell myself as we reach a roundabout with cars all piled behind each other. I instantly put the car to a halt before the car could hit the one in front of me. Nate stops his car and gets out then he starts speaking into his phone.

I look at Abeke who’s crying into Abisola.

“Am so sorry, I re-”

“I told us to stay, I know him. We can’t escape, he has help all around. I told you to let us stay”, she yells at me a stream of tears down her bruised cheeks.

“Get out. NOW!“.

I look to the side and find a red face Nate who’s panting heavily. Well sucks to be white.

I look at Abeke who looks away and faces the mirror while rubbing Abisola’s back. Sighing, I get out of the car and head to the back. Nate enters the driver’s side then backs out of our lane and heads to the direction of Abiodun’s house.

“Allah, I messed up. Not Abeke and definitely not Abisola. Please don’t let him hurt them ya Allah, please”.

I continue my prayer as Nate pushes us towards the front porch of the house. He knocks on the door which automatically opens revealing a smiling Abiodun.

“I appreciate it man, talk later”, he thanks Nate who smiles as Abiodun hands him a heavy looking envelope.

“Anytime”, Nate smiles then he glances at both Abeke and I before heading back to Abidoun’s car. He gets in and drives off.

Abiodun looks down at us and smiles with his arms folded.

“How was your mini trip?“, he asks us but none of us reply.

“How was it?“, he asks again.

“Well it was great until it suddenly wasn’t”, I shrug.

“Ah...too bad isn’t it. Come on in”, he moves out of the way then he takes out a gun from his pants. I walk in with my breath sucked in. As soon as I was away from him, I exhale slowly.

“I don’t even need to ask who added the chili into my food. That was quite brave of you Zaynab”, he looks at me and tilts his head slightly.

“Well you know how I am”, I reply sarcastically.

“Abeke”, he calls.

“Y-Y-Yeah?“, she stutters. She’s already shaking even with Abisola in her arms, am scared that she’ll drop her daughter with how much she’s shaking.

“Set the table, serve Zaynab some efo and eba”.

I look at him then her and gulp.

When she doesn’t move, he holds the gun towards Abisola which instantly made her rush into the kitchen.

“Now sit, we’re going to have a little chat about your little fuck up today”, he places his hand on my shoulder and leads me over to the dining table. He sits me down and sits in front of me with a smile plastered on his face.

“Did you at least like the meal?“, I ask him nervously.

“Ah VERY. It was delicious. Don’t worry, you’ll soon see what I mean”, he says then he winks at me as Abeke’s shaking posture enters the room with a tray in her hands. She places it on the table and glances at me with a guilty look.

“Sit Abeke, Abisola. Let’s enjoy the show together”, he tells them. Abeke sits down opposite me and places Abisola on her lap.

“Go on, eat”, he tells me.

I wash my hands and pray before reaching towards the eba. I take a little bit and make way towards the efo slowly. After staring at it for a few deadly seconds I finally dip it in the efo. I take it back out and clear my throat before putting it into my mouth. I swallow it quickly and clear my throat.

“Continue”, Abiodun tells me.

I do as he says but nothing happens. I look up and fan myself as my cheeks heat up with fear. As I do that, I notice a smile on Abeke’s face then she winks at me. I furrow my eyebrows with confusion then look at the efo. No wonder it wasn’t making me scream yet. She never gave me the chili efo. Oh my God.. Thank you so much Allah. Thank you so much.

“How does it taste?“, Abidoun asks me.

“Goo-“, I fake pant and start fanning my tongue then I start coughing heavily.

“Please, am full”, I beg him.

“EAT EVERYTHING! Abeke, follow me”, he stands up and she follows after. She places her daughter on the chair then walks towards her room along with Abiodun.

“Asshole”, I whisper but I continue my act because of the cameras. If he finds out that this isn’t spicy, he’s going to kill Abeke. I can’t believe she put her life on the line to save mine after I put hers and her daughter at risk. I can’t eat the chili and he knows that. The last one nearly killed me.

“Am hungry”, Abisola says softly while eyeing me.

“Oh sweetie, not now, I’ll make you something once am finished being tortured by your daddy. We don’t want him getting angry now do we?“, I ask her.

She quickly shakes her head then leans against the table.


8:48 pm

“Do you want me to massage your back?“, I ask Abiodun who tears his gaze from his phone and sets it on me instead.

“Why? You hatched another crazy escape plan?“.


He chuckles and shakes his head so I walk over to him and sit on his lap.

“You’re never home anyways and when you are , you just treat us like garbage. I wanted to see how you’d react or if you’d care enough to even follow us”, I tell him.

He just stares at me as I spoke then he chuckles.

“You try that shit again and see what I do. I let you go today because am in a good mood. Next time I will not be as kind”, he warns me.


“Okay.....daddy”, I whisper into his ear and bite his earlobe lightly before scraping my teeth down his cheeks. I could tell he was aroused by the tightening of his pants and the increase in his breathing.

“Don’t start something you can’t handle babe!“, he whispers.

“Who says I can’t handle you?“, I stand up and smirk before letting go of my hijab and drop it on the couch. I get on his lap once again and straddle him.

He was just watching me intensely, I guess trying to read my actions. Sorry babe am not actually into you anymore, am only being this nice and sexual with you so you forget about today’s activity and don’t react harshly with Abeke and Abisola.

My lips brushes against his just barely which made him suck in some air, he moves up to press his lips on mine but I decide to tease him and move around so he touched every other part except my lips. The nigga actually seemed to be enjoying this. Well at least no beating for any of us then. It’ll be worth it in the end.

“Quit playing”, he whispers and squeezes my butt a little so I fake giggle and lean down towards his face. My lips reach his and just as they were about to connect, his phone starts ringing. He quickly moves his face away from me so I ended up kissing his cheek.

“Babeee”, I whine and pull him back over.

“Not now , later. I need to watch this”, he says while scrolling through his phone then he sits on the edge of the couch and switches on the television.

“What’s on? A game?“, I ask.

“Yeah”. I sigh then stand up.

“Can I go to bed then? When you’re ready come to bed?“, I ask him acting all sweet and innocent so he’d let me go. Usually he makes us watch it with him until whenever he’s leaving and we must not sleep or we get punished.

“Sure, I’ll be up soon. After the game”, he nods with his attention already on the television.

I walk up the stairs and head towards my room but as I walk past Abeke’s room I stop in my pace. I turn towards her room but stop myself before knocking. She needs rest, she’s already shaken up. I move away from her door and make my way towards mine. I open the door and walk in then close it. I jump in bed and instantly curl myself up inside the duvet.

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