Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1



“Am actually serious Aaleyah I don’t know why non muslins are like this. That’s like us saying all Christians that kill innocent people are all terrorists too. It’s the most ridiculous statement ever like. Am actually vexed like”, I rant to my co-worker also known as my best-friend of 7 years, Aaleyah. Aaleyah Olatunji.

She just hums while stacking up some of the patient’s files on top of each other.

“You know what- we should discuss this in the next Muslim Group Meeting this Saturday. It’s worth discussing because your right”, she tells me. I smile at her idea then nod.

The elevator, right across from the desk we are standing opens and out comes my least favorite person in the whole world. His eyes land on mine and a smirk automatically plays on his lips.

“Well if it isn’t the one and only......my favorite person in the whole world (note the sarcasm) …Zaynab Yusuf”. The famous Ayaan Ali speaks with a hint of mockery in the tone of his voice.

I roll my eyes to Aaleyah who snickers then gets behind the counter which unfortunately gave me more access to get a complete view of my “best friend”...and of course his twin brother Khalid who is such a gentle sweetie and is so polite. On the other hand, we have the annoying and obnoxious Ayaan. He’s so full of himself, like boy get over yourself. You’re not all that. So sad that our families are friends with his, don’t get me wrong I love aunty and uncle, Khalid and they’re younger sister, Basha, who is doing her internship in this same hospital. She is so amazing and nice. I love her. BUT who I don’t love is Ayaan’s annoying self.

“Asalam Alaykum ladies”, Khalid greets us politely with a smile right after.

“Walaykum Salam Khalid”.

“Are y’all here to pick up your sister?“, Aaleyah asks them.

“Yeah, she’s finished in 10 minutes”, Khalid nods. I smile then look at Aayan who’s still smirking. What is with this dude?

“What?“, I ask him.

“Nothing.........“, he takes a long pause while humming.

“Just thinking...you made the right choice by choosing to work in a hospital. There are plenty of psychiatrists ready to admit you”, he finishes his sentence with an innocent smile.

Both Khalid and Aaleyah laugh at his immature comment. WOW.

“Your such an ass”, I push him away and get behind the counter with Aaleyah then pick up the necessary files which I will be needing for the patients being taken care of today.

“Are you two going to the Saturday Muslim Group Meeting?“, Khalid asks us as he takes a seat in one of the waiting area seats. Ayaan follows him and sits down on the seat opposite Khalid.

“Yeah...you?“, Aaleyah nods.

“Yup. Off work Saturdays anyways so might as well”, he replies with a shrug.

“Why are you off work now though?“, I ask him.

“I came here today, we just finished our calls early. And some of Ayaan’s calls were distributed between the new surgeons as a practice for them”, Khalid explains.

“Oh well that’s great. Am still stuck here for the next hour or so”, I exclaim with a loud unsatisfied groan followed after.

“That’s not so bad you just lazy”, Ayaan comments.

“Oh, Allah Help Me. Please bless me with sabr (patience)“, I pray silently while breathing in some oxygen then letting it back it out.

Khalid and Aaleyah laugh while Ayaan rolls his eyes then he leans against the wall with a sigh.

“Anyways like I was saying”, I turn back to Aaleyah who takes out a granola bar then splits it into half, one for her and one for me.

“Y’all want one?“, Aaleyah’s too kind self asks the boys who decline politely.

“Okay so I was thinking, why don’t you just see the man, for your parent’s sake. I know you think that you shouldn’t get married now so you can help your family but like you’re not really helping them by delaying your marriage. You can still help them while being someone else’s wife too”, I explain as best that I could to her, but I don’t think she was buying it.

“I GET you but like I don’t think so. Because listen yeah, if I do agree to the proposal then I would have to split my focus. One on my husband and his family and my family too. I don’t want that I want my family, as of now, to be my MAIN and ONLY focus”, she explains.

“Yeah but-”

“Sorry to barge into the open conversation but Aaleyah you not getting married when your already 28 is not going to help them but make them, especially your father feel like they are burdening you. It will only depress him even more and make your mom feel like for you to get the idea of you being their primary source of income, that she must work harder and harder which isn’t going to make you, your siblings or your parents feel any better. You can still be married and help your parents out and honestly that’s easier because then you AND your husband will be taking care of them together, it wouldn’t be just you”, Ayaan expresses.

“Yeah Ayaan is right”, Khalid nods with agreement.

Aaleyah looks at me but I don’t say anything. I mean, they ARE RIGHT. But I don’t know if that would still help in changing her initial decision.

“Yeah I guess”, Aaleyah whispers then she bites her lips and sighs.

“I will quickly go give this to Dr Frost. I will be back”, she tells us before walking to the elevator. The door closes right after she gets in now leaving me with the two brothers and every other patients, visitors, doctors and nurses passing by us.

“Well what about the famous Zaynab...any proposal yet?“, Ayaan asks with a tone of seriousness. Well that’s a first.

“Well my parents have made it their life’s mission to get me married quickly so they’ve been bringing me many proposals but I don’t like any of them.....actually I don’t know, some are okay but too cocky so nah and I just don’t feel any connection or find any interest in some whatsoever. Just haven’t found the right one I guess”, I shrug.

“No Kidding. Mama has been nagging us about the same thing”, he rolls his eyes which made me let out a chuckle.

“Why are you not accepting any, most of the girls are all over you Ali twin brothers”, I state which made the two give out a short laugh.

“When I meet her. I’ll know”, Khalid says. I look at him and he smiles. I just chuckle at him then walk out from behind the counter.

“Zaynab are you free?“, Dr Anto asks me as he walks towards me with a tray of dirty medical instruments in his hand.

“If you’re going to tell me to wash those then YES, I am busy”, I tell him.

He smiles innocently then holds it out to me. “But David”, I frown, and he rolls his eyes then greets the twins with the handshake men always perform.

“Go on hurry, I need to get ready for my patient”, David tells me which made me glare at him.

“Clean them PROPERLY”, Ayaan comments which angered me, so I pick up a pen from the desk and throw it at him. He laughs as I walk away.


“Asalam Alaykum EVERYONE”, I call out from the hallway of my parents’ home. Weirdly enough everything is VERY quiet. I close the door then make my way into the living room.

“Aaleyah, your home”, Mama’s excited tone fills the entire house then I hear heels clicking and the living room door swings open revealing my middle height beautiful mother. Why is she overdressed? She’s wearing her new light blue dress, white low heel shoes and white hijab which is neatly pinned.

“Mama you look BEAUTIFUL but like are you and daddy going on a date or what?“, I ask her.

“Aw thank you and NO we are not. Am just happy because we have this great proposal for you. One of my friend’s son, you know your aunt Rukayat? her son is here so be on your best behavior”, she warns me.

“Mama, I come home from work and you think you’d let a woman rest. I can’t believe you mama. I already told you when I have someone in mind that I would tell you”, I give out to her but she’s STILL SMILING. Why?

“The man can’t be that good-looking mama. Stop smiling your freaking me out”, I whisper.

“See for yourself”, She moves out of my way to stand beside me. And there he is.

There’s aunt Rukayat who’s sitting beside her husband, uncle Yaqub then there’s HIM, the one and only Fawaz Kabir.


I exclaim with widened eyes. Fawaz is well.... I’ve always had like maybe a little innocent crush on him. He’s beautiful and his family are super rich and so is he. He lives with his parents and they all work in the same company, Quantum Computing Service. I know him from the Muslim Meeting that we have every Saturdays.

“Yes ME....why the harsh tone?“, Fawaz asks.

“I-it’s not that. Am just surprised that’s all”, I whisper then look at Mama who smiles.

“Asalam Alaykum”, I greet aunt and uncle politely then glance at Fawaz who’s typing on his phone which he put away when he caught me looking at him.

“Walaykum Salam”, they greet back.

“How was work?“, aunty asks me as her eyes linger on my work bag.

“It was good, Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah)“, I nod and place my bag on the floor beside the couch opposite the couch that they are sitting on.

“Do you both want to talk, or have you made your decision?”, uncle asks then he looks at me before looking back at his son.

Fawaz clears his throat and scratches his head.

“Do you want to talk? Anything you want to ask me or anything at all that you need to know?“, he asks me.

I look at mommy who’s smiling nervously while daddy just has on a neutral look. I turn to Fawaz then suck in some air before letting it back out.

“No, I don’t need to ask anything. I accept if you accept”, I tell him.

He just raises an eyebrow at me before leaning back into the couch then also sighs.

“I accept”, he nods.

Both our parents smile then they congratulate each other.

I look at daddy who smiles. I smile then pick up my bag.

“Do you want to eat anything? Or are you in a hurry?“, I ask them.

“We’re not in a hurry-”

“We are”, Fawaz blurts out cutting off aunt who looks at him then sighs.

“Okay we’ll see each other tomorrow”, they all get up and we greet each other.

Fawaz stands up and nods at me.

“See you at the group meeting tomorrow, we can ask each other anything we need to know then”, he tells me before adding a smile. I just smile in response.

Mommy walks back into the living room after seeing off our visitors with a gigantic smile on her face. I love that she’s happy, but I just feel like it is just too soon. Or maybe that’s just fear of leaving this house.

“You both look so cute together”, mommy fan girls then she sighs dramatically.

“Are you sure Aaleyah or did you accept because it’s what me and your mother want?“, Daddy asks me.

I sit down in front of him and sigh.

“Yes, I did accept because you and mommy are pressuring me to get married. It’s not even that am not ready yet. Well I was not actually......but NOW I don’t mind. At least it’s with someone we trust”, I explain to my parents.

“Your right! Fawaz is a wonderful man, am happy you both will end up together”, Mommy says then she kisses my forehead.

“Have you both eaten? And where is Aremu?“, I ask mommy who nods.

“He’s having a sleepover at Idris’s house. Did Zaynab not tell you?“, mommy asks me as she wheels daddy towards their room.

“No, she didn’t and okay. I will be in my room then”.

“Mmmm, there’s some jollof rice in the microwave for you”, mommy says as she closes the door to her and daddy’s room leaving me with a smile on my face. Jollof rice is my favorite food, like EVER. I wonder what Fawaz’s favorite food is?

I chuckle at myself then shake my head as I make my way over to my room. I take a shower, change into my nightgown then go to the kitchen where I heat up my jollof rice and fried stewed fish with chicken. I head back into my room and quickly call Zaynab. She picks up before the phone could get to the second ring.

Phone Conversation

Z: Wassup babyyyyyyy

Me: How is you babez?

Z: WRECKED but I feel so energetic and happy for some reason......I D K

Me: Will you stop using abbreviations to speak, dude we’re talking on the phone

Z: Oh shush. Anyways your bro is at mines, sleepover tingsss

Me: Yeah mommy told me. And I accepted a proposal

Z: ..........

Me: Zaynab are you th-


Me: STOP! You’re going to break my eardrums. Oh my God if you are like this right now without even knowing who the guy is, how will you react when I tell you ugh

Z: Shut up b. That is the best news I have heard today. Oh my God, who is he? Is he handsome? What does he do? Do I know him?

Me: Okay first shush. And secondly yes, he’s handsome. He works in his family’s company, Quantum Computing Service. And lastly you do know him. It’s Fawaz Kabir.

Z: NO!

Me: Yes!

Me: Yeah, my parents are happy, and I guess I am too. Am glad it’s Fawaz I guess

Z: Ha-ha I see why, your crush for like how many years now?

Me: Shut up *chuckles*

Z: *Laughs*

Me: Hey b, am going to bed, am tired, see you at the meeting tomorrow, InshAllah (If Allah wills)

Z: InshAllah. I love youuuu b

Me: I love you too b, say goodnight to Aremu for me

Z: No problem b, sweet dreams

She hangs up and I instantly hit my pillow while curling up into my soft cream duvet.

Next Day

“Aaleyah since you’re going to the meeting today, Fawaz’s parent and we think it’d be okay for you both to speak”, Mommy tells me.

“Mommy, we talk to each other anyways.... actually, yeah don’t worry I will”, I tell her.

She smiles and pats my cheek caringly before walking out of my room.

I turn towards the mirror and smile at my reflection. Am dressed in a loose wine dress that covers all my curves which I like. I don’t like wearing tight clothing, I always feel like am trying to suffocate myself or something. I add my cream hijab, clipping the loose ends to my right side then let the rest of the pieces fall, covering my chest and neck. I then add my favorite plain white necklace that goes with any outfit and kick it off with cream sandals. Am usually against wearing shoes that reveal my feet but, in this case,, my dress is covering my feet anyways so it really didn’t matter.

My phone vibrates on my desk notifying me that Zaynab is here to pick me up.

I have my own car but Zaynab and I take turns. Last week I dropped us off at the meeting, so this week is her turn. And so on. I don’t even know how we started with that routine, it happened one day, and we just stuck to it ever since.

I pick up my phone from my desk and decline the call. She knows am coming. I don’t need to answer.

I exit my room and close the door then make way towards the living room to greet my parents’ goodbye.

When I get there, I find them all watching Kevin Hart Stand Up show.

“Okay am off now” I tell them.

They all look over at me and smile.

“Be carefu-“.

Before my dad could finish his sentence Zaynab walks in. She’s wearing a similar dress but in black and black hijab and wedges. She’s quite tall so she usually wears something that wouldn’t make her look like a giant.

“Asalam Alaykum, aunty, uncle, Aremu” she greets my parents and my little brother who reply to her greeting with “Walaykum Salam”.

“You both be careful. Don’t speed, take your time”, daddy warns us like he always does.

Ever since daddy’s accident, he doesn’t like us speeding or driving anywhere near fast. He wasn’t always in a wheelchair. He used to work alongside Zaynab and the Ali twin brother’s dad in the hospital. He was a surgeon. But one tragic day.... also known as my birthday, he was coming home from work. His car stopped on the road so when he got out of the car to go have a look at it, a speeding car crashed into him. That’s what daddy could remember anyways. It was a hit and run. The driver didn’t even stop. He just kept going. This all happened about 3 years ago. Ever since then mommy and I have been supporting the family with what we can. We’re not poor or anything but it’s hard on mommy which is why I chose to keep working hard so I can support them so mommy doesn’t have to do much.

“Come on princess we’re 30 minutes late already. Meeting is at 8:30, its 9.”, Zaynab says as she drags me out of the house.


We enter the room in the Mosque where we reserved to always have our meetings. The building is called; Islamic Cultural Center of Ireland (ICC).

“And we have it again, the latecomers as usual, Zaynab and Aaleyah. Well done ladies”, Aayan says loud enough for everyone to hear as we enter the room and tried to speak our way into any empty seats.

He always does this but it’s only to piss Zaynab off. I don’t mind, he’s funny and fun to be around but Zaynab hates the guy but she also loves him. Their relationship is complicated even though they’ve been around each other since birth.

“We deserve a clap. Thank you Aayan Ali for that wonderful entrance intro”, Zaynab joins in.

Everyone just chuckles at the two. Wallahi (I swear) they’re both characters.

From the corner of my eye I could see Fawaz, also known as my future husband. I can’t believe it. Wow. I look over at him and he throws me a smile which I respond to with a shy smile. He’s sitting beside Malik, he’s best friend.

There’s about 12 guys and 15 ladies. There was more of us but most either stopped coming, or just moved cities or countries. So yeah.

“Do you both ever get tired of annoying each other?“, Ayesha asks Zaynab and Aayan.

“The real question is, will this one ever stop being an idiot?“, Zaynab says as she takes a seat beside Maryam.

I sit beside Ayesha and shake my head.

“At least am not the one in need of a psychiatrist”, Aayan comments.

“Oh, you’re so done”, Zaynab gasps then picks up her bag and tries throwing it at him but Maryam holds her back.

“Both of you keep quiet and let’s start. We’re already behind because of you two latecomers”, Maryam says.

“Oops sorry b. Beauty takes time you know”, Zaynab says.

Aayan instantly bursts out laughing. His laughter and the snickers of everyone else fills the room while Zaynab just glares at him.

“Khalid you better warn your brother ooo watch how I strangle his stupid ass in his sleep”, Zaynab says.

“It’s not my fault that you’re out here lying to people”, Aayan says.

“Aayan shut up”, Maryam says.

“Okay then fine. Don’t have to be like that, God”, both Zaynab and Aayan mumble and roll their eyes.

“What the heck? I swear you both fight like married couples”, Malik says.

I smirk at that comment then Zaynab starts gasping for air.

“Hey, you okay?“, everyone gasps thinking her ass is serious.

I roll my eyes at her usual crazy self while everyone looks all concerned.

“That comment was way too expensive Maryam. Me and him? God forbid”, Zaynab says.

My jaws drop at her rude comment then look at Aayan who rolls his eyes.

“Please! You’d be lucky to even be my wife. But sure, whatever you say”, Aayan says rolling his eyes.

“Lucky? Oh Lord please help me”, Zaynab gasps and fans herself.

“Zaynab keep your mouth shut and Aayan shut up”, I speak up and they both instantly listen.

“Now Malik’s mom was actually stopped at the airport three days ago. They made her stay there for 2 days. They wouldn’t let her pass because they said that she possessed deadly weapons because of the way she was dressed. We all know his mom wears a full niqab. They said that they heard clicks under her niqab and accused her of carrying weapons. It wasn’t until yesterday that they let her off after Malik himself and a few elders went over there”, Zayn starts off the discussion.

“Oh wow. Is your mom okay?“, Ayesha asks Malik.

“She’s still shocked. Gotta say it was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to us. I was scared. I know we hear things like this on the news and all, but it doesn’t hit you until it happens to you. I guess I was more angry than scared really”, Malik explains.

“I would be too. That’s not okay”, Zaynab says then groans loudly.

“There’s nothing we can do about this. Not trying to seem blunt but come on. They’re always going to think like this because the people who call themselves “Muslims” let them. They put this identity on EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM. But people are just generally racist because I don’t see them stopping every single Christians saying that they’re terrorists or anything. It’s just racism and discrimination. Point blank”, Zaynab says.

“I agree with her. That’s what it is racism and discrimination. I also agree on the part of the ones calling themselves Muslims and acting rogue “on behalf of Allah”. They put this label on us but if it wasn’t the fact people are just generally racist it shouldn’t be branded on EVERY MUSLIMS like that”, Aayan says.

“Everyone agrees on that point I say. But do you all agree that some Muslims are actually racist and discriminate against their own kind?“, Zaynab speaks out.

“What do you mean?“, Zayn asks.

“I mean that.... okay so between us Nigerians and Arabs or Pakistanis. Do y’all think that there’s some discrimination there?“.

Everyone looks at each other with confusion. Everyone but us Nigerians which is actually just Zaynab, Maryam, Adunni, Jumoke, Musa, Fawaz and I.

“She means that”, I start off taking over.

“We feel that because Arabic is initially not our language, Arabs and Pakistanis, now, not all of you, but some of you, act like your better than us Islamically. You show off your Qur’an recitations and all, and some of you even try to make us feel stupid regarding Islam. We’re not saying this just out of saying it, we’ve had incidents where some Arabs, Pakistanis try to do that to us, not even in private but also publicly”, I explain.

“Oh”, everyone stays silent.

“Okay then tell us your experiences”, Malik says.

We all look at each other, then, Zaynab clears her throat.

“Well mine happened many times but the one that annoyed me the most was the fact that it came from one of my close friends. Am not gonna say her name. But back in Secondary School (Highschool), I had gone to pray Dhuhr and she was there with me. She watched and everything. When we got to class, she took my phone and started searching something up. I was confused like why are you on my phone? She was like, you didn’t pray properly. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow then she told me. I was supposed to pray the Sunnah prayers. But I didn’t”, Zaynab stops.

“I told her that it wasn’t compulsory, and I didn’t have to pray it but it’s good to pray it but it’s not compulsory then she was like no I HAVE TO PRAY IT. I just left her then after school she asked one of our other friends, they’re both Pakistanis and they spoke in Urdu but their dumb asses forgot that I actually understood some of it so she was basically telling her what happened. I jumped in because I was annoyed. I ask her friend who actually agreed with me that it wasn’t compulsory, but it is a good thing. Theeeeeen what annoyed me was what my friend said after. She didn’t accept her mistake, no she didn’t, instead of doing that, she then turns to our other friend and was like; “okay I didn’t say it was compulsory and forget that, ask Zaynab what the name of compulsory prayers are called and what the ones that aren’t are called”, Zaynab stops and wallahi, her anger was actually visible on her face.

“Oh yeah, you told us that. Was so funny, her ass walked home from school because of that”, Aayan shakes his head.

“I was so vexed at that time am not even gonna lie. One because, my dumb ass actually forgot what they were called that moment. As in my stupid brain decided not to work for me at a time like that. I felt so embarrassed oh my God. I hated it, that day I was supposed to go home with her and her family because we lived just a few houses from each other, and my parents were gone to some wedding. I had no other option than to go with her, but I was so mad. I walked my black ass all the at home”, she says.

“You’re crazy. Am taking that ride, I ain’t walking, Fawaz and the rest laugh.

“Nah, nah, me and my anger I can’t, and I won’t. She embarrassed me. Made me feel like I didn’t know anything at all. I don’t like that. At all. And it’s mostly what most Pakistanis and Arabs do. I don’t like it. It actually pisses me off. That’s why am never getting married to anyone that is Arab or Pakistani”, Zaynab adds.

“Ah, Zaynab that’s too much”, All the girls yell.

“I don’t care. I don’t care”, Zaynab shrugs with her arms folded.

“That’s discrimination”, Aayan says.

“Really discrimination? Isn’t that what they do?“, Zaynab says.

“No, listen. I understood what you said and am sure a lot of you Nigerians, have a similar story to hers?“, he asks.

We all nod.

“But what you gotta understand is”, he stops then all the guys and girls that are both Pakistani and Arab say unison.

“That happens to us too”.

“Uh sure and am a flipping Queen”, Zaynab rolls her eyes.

“Shut up and listen”, Aayan says.

“The more educated part of the Arabs or Pakistanis do that to the rest. I can’t say I relate to y’all, but it happens in our own community too”, Zayn says.

“Yeah whatever”, Zaynab rolls her eyes.

“It does”, Malik says.

“Leave her big-headed ass alone”, Aayan says

“Aayan shut up. Leave me alone”, Zaynab suddenly yells then she stands up from her chair.

“It’s not even that deep”, Aayan yells.

She flips him the finger then she picks up her phone.

“I’ll see y’all next meeting”, she mumbles.

“How you gonna come late and be the first to leave?“, Fawaz raises an eyebrow.

“Fawaz don’t anger me ooo. You better be lucky your Aaleyah’s husband to be other-”

I shut my eyes tightly and cover my face. I shake my head as screams from the girls and cheers from the guys fill the room.

“Your both getting married?“, Maryam squeals loudly.

“Yeah”, both Fawaz and I whisper.

“Wow that’s shocking. But congrats”, the boys greet Fawaz and give him a hug while the girls do same to me.

“This calls for a celebration”, Ayesha and Maryam scream.

“No, no”, I shake my head.

“Oh, come on. Your leaving the single life after so long. Most of us except you, Zaynab, Fawaz, the Ali twin brothers and Nuh are the only single ones. This is a celebratory thing you know. I don’t want to hear anything. We’re celebrating”, Maryam says.

I force a smile then glare at Zaynab who hides her face completely from me.

“Fine what do y’all propose we do?“, I ask.

“House party”, The guys all yell.

“At who’s house?“, I ask them.

“Who else? Your future baby’s house. He’s the only spoilt child here and the only one whose parents would allow us to throw a party at their house”, Ayesha says.

I blush at the name she gave Fawaz and look down.

“Aww she’s blushing” Zaynab yells.

All the ladies join in while the guys chuckle.

“Leave me alone am not blushing”, I mumble.

“Oh Allah bless me with someone that looks at me the way Aaleyah’s looking at Fawaz”, Zaynab says all dramatically which caused laughter to fill the room once again.

I hide my face completely and stand up to walk away.

“That’s not gonna happen anytime soon Zaynab. No one can deal with that face” Aayan shakes his head.

“Oh Lord. Here we go again”, everyone groans loudly then they all start packing ho ready to leave.

“Oh really? You’d be lucky if I married your dumb ass”, Zaynab yells.

Everyone empties the room immediately but the two follow after while still arguing leaving me and Fawaz alone.

“Okay my parents and yours said to talk”, Fawaz says.

“Yeah. The only question I have is.... when we do get married....my family is gonna be my second priority and I just want to know if you’ll be there to support me not just emotionally but financially and physically?“, I tell him.

“What kind of question is that?“, he asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course”

“Really?“, I sigh with relief. He nods making me smile.

“Any questions?“, I ask him.

“Imma be honest I wanted a wife who would be a housewife but since I know your definitely not that type.... I don’t know how that’s gonna work”, he mumbles the last part.

“What do you mean?”, I ask him, feeling a bit anxious. Is he about to break it off before it even began?

“I can’t cook for shit. Nothing. Not even single egg. I don’t do housework. Am going to be honest, y’all know already, my mom does everything. So, if we are married and you’ll be at work then who’s g-“.

“Fawaz okay first of all me working isn’t going to stop me taking care of my responsibility as a wife...which is to take care of you and our household. And secondly, I will be happy to do everything, but I hope you’re not going to let me do it all while you’re just ordering me around? “I ask him.

“Course not. I can’t do that. I’ll help.... sometimes”.

“Fawaz”, I gasp.

“Am messing witchu I will be here to help but not big things. I can’t handle”, he shakes his head.

I chuckle then nod.

“Okay then. Let’s go out”, he stands up and I follow.

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