Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 19


“Aayan, hurry everyone’s in already”, Aamanee yells as she rushes past with Salma tailing right behind her.

“Damn, girl chill. She’s not going anywhere”, I chuckle at her eagerness. This girl just loves to party.

I lock the doors then turn around to find her hugging Fawaz.

“Congrats on becoming a dad”, I smile and give him a brief hug.

“Thanks man. Could say the same to you too”, he looks down at Salma who smiles shyly while pulling at her braids.

“Thanks”, I chuckle and pat her head lightly. She giggles then hides her face in my shirt.


“AHHHH”, Aamanee screams loudly and pushes past Fawaz. Her and Aaleyah jump on each other as if they didn’t just see each other yesterday.

“Congrats girl, how does it feel to be a mother huh?“, I ask her as I hug her.

“Eh, tiring but he’s not that much of trouble at night so THANK GOD”, she exclaims then she sighs sadly.

“What’s wrong?“, Fawaz asks her.

“I really thought Zaynab would be here today, but I guess not”, she whispers.

“It’s actually very weird that she just abandoned everyone after getting married”, Aamanee mumbles.

“She didn’t abando-“, I stop mid sentence and just stay silent.

“Let’s go in and get this party started”, she drags Aaleyah into the living room so Fawaz, Salma and I follow after.

“Hey y’all”, we greet the rest of our friends and parents.

“Hey baby”, mama smiles and holds her arms out towards Salma who walks over to her and hugs her. Mama smiles and kisses her head.

“He’s beautiful. Welcome to the world Abdul Azeez(servant of The Most Powerful)“, Aamanee whispers to Fawaz and Aaleyah’s son then she gives him a kiss.

“He’s too cute oh my God”, the girls all gush over him.

“He sure is”, Zaynab’s mother smiles and picks him up.

“Daddy”, Idris yells and runs into the room with Aremu by his side, both looking nervous and scared.

“What’s wrong? Who called?“, uncle Abdul holds out his hand, Idris hands him his phone and gulps.

“It’s Zaynab”, he lets out.

“Zaynab called?“.

“Something happened to her. The cops called”.

“The cops? For what? What did they say Idris?“, aunty asks him.

“She killed Abiodun”.

The whole place stays silent for a second or two before anyone could come up with a reaction.

“What?“, I whisper with confusion.

“Her court trial is taking place tomorrow, she needs a lawyer but she doesn’t have any”.

“Why would she kill her own husband? That doesn’t make sense”, Ayoub shakes her head.

“Well I did say something was off about him but y’all ain’t believe me. She can’t kill him without a reason, heck even if she had the chance, she still would not kill him. She’s terrified of being the reason somebody dies. This has to be some sort of mistake”, I tell them.

“Jail?“, aunty breaths out heavily and nearly falls over if it wasn’t because of Khalid who held her firmly by the shoulders to prevent her from falling.

“Where exactly? “, uncle asks Idris.

“36th District Court, Detroit”.

Aunt hands Azeez to his father then she picks up her own phone.

“Wait wait”,Eniola yells which stopped aunt and uncle before they could leave.


Eniola picks up her phone which had been ringing for a while now.



She smiles and breaths out slowly then let’s out a sigh of relief.

“Give me the phone let me talk to her”,aunt tells Eniola and tries to get the phone off her but Eniola moves away.

“Mommy let me talk na, I’ll let you later”,Eniola tells her.

“Put it on speaker”,Idris tells Eniola who bites her lip then sighs and puts the phone on speaker.

“Zaynab?“,Idris calls.

The line stays silent for a few seconds then all of a sudden Zaynab starts breathing heavily. It sounded like she was crying.

“Idris. Oh my God”.

Idris smiles and holds the phone from Eniola.

“Are you okay? What happened?“,he asks.

“I can’t go into too much detail. I only have a few minutes here. But all I can say is am in a whole lot of shit. But besides that I need to talk to Aayan. Is he there?“.

Everyone instantly looks at me, I swear I was so happy. I cant believe she asked to talk to me.

Idris hands me the phone, I clear my throat and take it off speaker.


“Aayan. Oh my God,I just needed to hear your voice. Just say anything please. Just anything”,she whispers.

I scratch my head and hum.

“Well I always kinda knee yo ass was gonna end up in jail for some stupid shit”.

She starts chuckling which turned into laughter which made me smile.

“We’ll come today itself. We’ll come see you so you can explain what all this is. How you feeling though?“.

“Please come. Please- I have to go now. I just want you to know that am sorry. You were right about him the entire time. Am so sorry I didn’t believe you. I-i”

“You what?“.


She stays silent and doesn’t finish but I knew what she was going to say. I don’t care if she meant it in a friendly way or not. It felt good to hear it. Well half hear it.

“Me too. Always. Take care”.

I hang up and sigh.

“What did she say?“,aunty asks me as I give Eniola back her phone.

“Nothing. She’ll explain when we get there”.

“But what did she tell you?“.

“nothing. She just wanted to hear anything aside from jail”.

“Oh okay. Well we’ll go now”,Aunt and Uncle rush out of the room with Idris. Eniola, her husband and their daughter follow after.

“Khalid book us a hotel there. We’ll get going too”,baba says as he gets ready to leave with mama.

“Okay sure”Khalid nods but Fawaz dad, uncle Yaqub shakes his head.

“I have a place there. We can all go and stay there together. No point going to a hotel”,he tells my parents who nod.

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