Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 22


“Welcome back”,Idris waves into my face and smiles.

“Shut yo big headed ass up. What happened?“,I rub my eyes and instantly since at how painful it felt just to rub it.

“Well you fainted so we got you to A&E”,Aaleyah walks over to me with a glass of orange juice.

“Yeah probably all that jail mood” I comment as I sit upright but failed to do so as I suddenly feel a stab yo my sides.

“Yeah sorry, you were beaten up pretty bad. I guess all your reactions just doubled up on you”,Aayan explains. He helps me sit up and fluffs two pillows behind me.

“Thanks”I whisper then look up at everyone. They’re just staring at me with a nervous look.

“Wassup? Why y’all look like I just got sentenced?“,I ask.

I glance towards Abisola who’s on Abeke’s lap-

“Abeke? Your okay?“,I gasp with a mixture of happiness and shock.

“Yeah, a few stitches, but am fine”,she smiles weakly.

“That’s good then”I smile then look at the rest.

“Seriously why y’all look like something bad happened?“,I ask again.

I take the glass of orange juice from Aaleyah and take a sip.

“Your 5 and a half weeks pregnant”,Eniola announces with a smile.

I glance from her to my parents then Aayan then back to her and repeat the step at least twice.

“Please tell me your lying”I whisper and set the glass down.

“Its a good news”,mommy smiles.

“No its not”,I cover my face and sigh.

“You wanted a child right? Now you’re pregnant. So what’s the problem?“,Aamanee asks.

“Yeah but NOT HIS!“,I exclaim with a rather harsh tone.

“It was just a question”,she mumbles with a tonw of annoyance.

“Yeah well its a rather stupid question considering what just went down”,I snap at her.

I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t bring myself to care at this point.

“As if that’s my fault”,she claps back.

“Aamanee”Aayan whispers.

“WHAT Aayan? What do you have to say?“she snaps at him.

He sighs and rubs his temples.

“First of all yeah, I didn’t ask you to bring to dumb ass into the conversation. Secondly, ain’t nobody was talking to you. Thirdly, yes its my fault and am gonna deal with it for the rest of my life so how about you shut the fuck up and not say shit to me”,I yell at Aamanee who turns to me with a glare. By now, both our chests are heaving up and down with anger.

“Deal with it then. I don’t know why the fuck your putting all yo anger on me. It was a question. A harmless q-”

“CAN YOU JUST SHUT UP!“,I scream and hold my forehead.

“Just shut up”I whisper.

“Maybe you should calm down”,Ayoub mumbles.

“Well maybe you should follow her and shut up too”,I snap back.

“Zaynab stop”,Khalid says and gives me a look of disapproval.

“Sorry”I munble.

Aamanee scoffs then she shakes her head and walks past Aayan.

“Where are you going now?“,Aayan asks her but she just pushes him away.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!“,she yells at him.

“What did I do?“he gasps.

“Ask me again. No please ask me again. It’s right for her to talk to me anyhow but when I open my mouth then its a problem? Ayoub said one thing and Khalid backed her up. You didn’t even say anything. You just let her talk shit to me and when I defend myself you give ME the disapproval tone? You seem to forget am your wife. NOT HER”,she yells then she jogs up the stairs and into a room then she slams the door.

Aayan stares at the stairs and doesn’t say anything.

“Zaynab that was outta line”,Fawaz tells me.

“Well I never asked for her opinion. And she’s the one slapping my semi past into my face like I didn’t know it was my fault in the first place”.

“Still. She asked a question. It wasn’t enough for you to insult her like that”,Aaleyah adds.

“Oh am sorry. So she’s suddenly your girl now abi? Oh am sorry I left, so you found someone n-”

“That’s not even it. Your being dramatic”,Aaleyah sighs.

“Abeg don’t talk to me. Go to her”.

“Zaynab. Your not actually serious. Why are you being so over the top for nothing”.

“Aaleyah abeg respect yourself oo. Wallahi I’d I start insulting you....just don’t let me start insulting you”,I warn her.

She shakes her head then she walks up the stairs along with Ayoub. They both enter Aamanee’s room which just angered me even more.

“Was that necessary?“,Fawaz shakes his head.

I glare at him and he instantly puts his hand in surrender.

“Just, look don’t even talk to me”I stand up and ignoring the pain I felt, I just storm into the garden out back.

“Imagine, am gone for just a year and a few months and she’s already out here backing up some idiotic goat”I rant to myself while pacing the grass with anger.

“Who does she even think she is set?“.

“Can you imagine that one speaking to me anyhow and slapping something that just happened to my face. Like girl it hasn’t even been a month yet, chill”.

“Ugh I hate all of them now. She can say goodbye to our friendship because am done with her. Who do they even think they are? And why is she even yelling at Aayan like its his fault she’s such an idiot?“.

“Zaynab”,someone calls but I ignore whoever it is and continue paying the garden.

“What do I look like to them? A pathetic idiot that will just listen to anything they say? Who do they even think they are sef”.

“Imagine. She has the guts to even go to her room. Since when did she even befriend them? Now me I don’t matter anymore. See if I care. I don’t even care anymor-”

“Zaynab”,Aayan spins me around facing him.

“What! What do you want?“I snap.

“First off, calm the fuck down”.

“What? You better go back to your wife before she now tmstarts thinking I want to steal you away from her”I sigh and fold my arms.

“Do you?“he wiggles his eyebrows.

“Shut up”I chuckle and smack his chest then I see Khalid behind him walking over.

“What you did was awful. It wasn’t fair on the. You just put your anger on them for no reason. Am sure you know that”,Khalid tells me.

“So? They insulted me back so am not apologizing and don’t you dare tell me to either. Am done with them especially Aaleyah. Actually I don’t even know who she is anymore”,I shrug.

“Zaynab your being childish”he snaps.

“Why are you yelling at me too? Just leave me alone”I push past him but he pulls me back by my arm which made me scream with pain.

“Shit. Am sorry”he repeats over and over again. I rub my arm and turn away from them altogether.

“Just leave me alone”I whisper with a broken voice.

“Zaynab”they both whisper.

I drop my head and let my tear fall.

“Hey, just because its his child doesn’t mean he or she will turn out like him. You shouldn’t be sad about this news. Its a wonderful gift. Think about it, you got pregnant and Abiodun isn’t here. Your child isn’t growing up in his presence. You plan, Allah plans, we plan, but of course Allah is the best of all planners. Don’t lose heart over this”,Khalid whispers to me in a calm tone.

I look up at him then he bring me into his chest and rubs my back.

“You’ll be okay. We’re here. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon by the Grace and Mercy of Allah. Its a great news”he kisses my forehead and rubs my arm.

I smile a little and nod to everything he said.

“Good now smile. You know you disgust me with that look”,Aayan says making an ugly face.

“niggaaaa”I yell and push him away. The twins and I start laughing then all of a sudden I snort real loudly. I cover my mouth which made the twins laugh harder and louder then I join them.

“Y’all done acting like idiots? Ma said to come eat”,Fawaz yells from the garden entrance.

“Sure coming”.

The twins and I follow him back into the house and into the living room where everyone is seated, including the three assholes.

“Are you done now?“,Aaleyah asks me.

I ignore her and sit beside Abeke who smiles a little.

“Are you serious?“Aaleyah gasps.

I don’t reply her at all. Heck I don’t even acknowledge her presence.

“So what’s your plan after this? We’re going back tomorrow”,I ask Abeke in a whisper.

“We’re going to go live with my parents for a while”,she smiles.

“Ah that’s nice”I smile.

I glance at Khadijah, Abisola and Salma who are both talking and giggling amongst themselves.

“Here”,Eniola hands me a plate of fried rice with chicken.

“Thanks”I whisper. She sits down beside Luqman and continues eating her own food.

“Zaynab”,Aayan whispers.

I look at him and he gives me a knowing look.

“no”I shake my head instantly. There’s no way am apologizing.

“Now”he mouths.

I glare at him then glance at Aamanee who’s stabbing her food angrily.

“Uh Aamanee. Just wanted to say sorry for lashing at you like that. I shouldn’t have and am sorry”I rush out.

She looks up at me and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure. Its okii”she shrugs.

I look at Aayan and glare at him.

“I hate you”.

“No you don’t”,he winks at me as he downs his glass of water.

“So what’s your next move?“,Fawaz asks me.

“Don’t know. Gonna take a long rest first cuz a nigga tired. So imma do that then after a month OR TWO. Imma get my job back and get my ass back up”.

“Nize one nize one”,he nods along with the twins.

“Sleep over tomorrow when we get back home”,Basha tells me.

“Yeah? Sure why not”I smile as she hugs me.

“How’s work?“I ask her.

“Its okay”,she shrugs.

“We can watch a movie tomorrow, have our usual girls night”,she whispers.

“I could actually use that right now”I smile and nod at the idea.

“Great cuz I have a lot of movies and shows for us to watch”.

“Yeah? They betta be good”I warn her.

“When have I ever chosen a shit movie or show? Come on”.

“You right you right. My girl my girl. Bring it bring it”I nod then we do our handshake and laugh softly.

“That’s so bad”Idris mumbles.

“Who ask you. Look at you looking all peng like”,I wink at him.

“Shut up”he mumbles and rolls his eyes.

“My guy. Your just growing taller and taller. Fine omo (fine child- basically means good a looking)“.


Everyone just laughs as I hype him up but he hates it like.

“Wait till I tell daddy about your girlfriend”.

“Huh?“daddy and mommy both look up abruptly.

“I don’t have a girl she’s lying”Idris yells.

“Am messing*I laugh along with everyone else.

“Stop you’re gonna get somebody killed like”Idris pushes me away.

Damn. Am I always going to feel this type of way when anyone mentions “kill”? I should’ve been more carefully. I wanted him to leave us but I didn’t want to be the cause for his death.

“You okay?“Idris yells into my face.

“Nigga what the hell. And yeah am fine damn”.

“You spaced out”.

“Yeah was just thinking. Am good”I shrug.

“I actually just want to sleep. Where’s my room?“I ask Fawaz.

“Upstairs, there’s vacant rooms, just choose one”.

“Ight thanks” I pick up my plate of rice. I didn’t even touch it yet.

“Are you not going to eat it?“,monmy asks.

“Am just tired. I want to take a rest. I’ll eat it later”I assure her.

She nods with a sigh. I put my plate in the kitchen in the microwave then head up the stairs.

I choose the room close to the stairs and enter it. Everything is all clean, tidy and the bed is made. Thank God. I get in bed and put the covers around myself then close my eyes.

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