Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 25

“Khalid”,Ameerah looks at her son who’s playing with his fingers which just proved her suspicion to be correct.

“Am going to ask you again. Do you have feelings for Zaynab?“,she asks him again.

“Mama why would i-”

“Don’t lie to us. Am your mother I can tell when your lying”.

Khalid rubs his forehead and sinks down in his position. How did they find out? Are they going to tell her? Are they going to judge me for thinking about her when my wife just recently died?

Random thoughts whirl through him while also trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. They can’t know. They just can’t.

“Khalid”,Ameerah calls.

“Yes ma”he replies with a soft tone and looks at her.

“How long have you felt this way about her?“,she asks with a small smile.

“Khalid. It’s okay to love someone”,his father chuckles as he watches how nervous and petrified his son looked.

“My wife just died. I just can’t *sighs*“.

“I know and May Allah bless her and forgive her for all her sins and grant her the highest level in Jannah”Ameerah prays silently.


“How long?“,Aman asks him.

Khalid looks down and breaths out slowly.

“Remember when the time she broke my nose?“.

“When she was 13?“.

Both his parents gasp with shock and stare at their son bewildered.

“Why didn’t you say anything?“,his father asks him. He’s now at the edge of his seat looking for answers.

“I don’t know. I didn’t want to ruin anything. But then Aayan caught feelings for her too. I didn’t want to take that away from him so I kept my feelings aside. Plus she wouldn’t have accepted me either so it only made sense”,he whispers.

“Khalid”Ameerah sits beside him. She frowns and sighs feeling bad for her son. She brings him into his chest and rubs his back.

“Am so sorry”she whispers.

“Its not your fault mama”he sadly chuckles.

“You married Ayoub because you thought you didn’t have a-”

“She married Abiodun. She rejected Aayan. Why would she accept me after rejecting him?“.

Ameerah sighs then glances at her husband who hums.

“Now I have to pick up Salma from school. Aayan is at work and Aamanee is at her parents”,he stands up after giving his mother a brief hug. He greets his parents then walks out of the house.

“We need to talk to Adelola and Abdul”,Ameerah looks at her husband who agrees with a nod.


“Asalam Alaykum”,Zaynab and her family greet Ameerah and Aman.

“Walaykum Salam”.

“How are you feeling?“,Ameerah asks Zaynab and rubs her stomach gently which made Zaynab chuckle.

“Uncomfortable but its okay I guess. Y’all staying over?“,she asks her.

“Oh no. Was free and decided to come spend time with your parents”.

“Ah okay. Do you want anything to eat? Or drink?“.

“In your condition? Don’t be silly. Go take some rest. Your parents have a few things to talk about anyways”.

“Oh okay then. Idris come on”,Zaynab signals for her little brother who stands up and follows her upstairs to her room.

“Hope everything is okay?“,Adelola asks taking a seat beside her husband.

“Are you still looking for proposals for Zaynab?“,Ameerah asks getting straight to business.

“Well we thought Malik might be suitable but apparently Zaynab and Aaleyah thinks he likes Abeke. But w-”

“What about Khalid?“,Ameerah whispers loud enough for only them to hear.

“Khalid? But isn’t it too soon?“.

“Plus him and Zaynab are m-“.

“Let me explain”,Ameerah starts off then she explains to them everything Khalid told them.

“He does?“Adelola covers her moytb with shock then she let’s out a chuckle.

“That’s great”,she announces cheerfully.

“Yeah? Not so great. Your daughter is something else. Do you think you can convince her?“.

“Zaynab? Don’t worry about her. After what happened, she’s personally given us the permission to choose whoever we want”,Adelola replies.

“Oh I knew we’d end up being in laws”she exclaims with a smile.

“Alhamdulilah”,both the mothers chuckle.

“What about Aayan? Won’t he feel some type of way with this?“,Abdul asks.

“He’s married. Plus Khalid has kept his feelings hidden for too long. Let him enjoy this moment too. And honestly I think Aayan has grown to like Aamanee more and more each day”.

“He says he still felt incomplete even when he was with Aamanee but whenever Zaynab touches him. Its like nothing in life could ever go wrong”,Ameera whispers.

“Wow. Its that deep?“,Abdul whispers.

“Maybe they’re destined to be? It can’t be a coincidence that Ayoub died 2 months after we got Zaynab back”,Aman shakes his head.

“They can’t slip out of each others hands again. We’ll talk to Zaynab today itself. You talk to your son. Tell us the verdict”.

“Okay sounds good. Now we should get going”.

“Take care”Adelola waves at her friends as Aman drives off.

“Khalid huh” Abdul chuckles.

“I know right”,Adelola joins him and sits down beside him.

“Zaynab”she yells.


Zaynab walks down the stairs with the help of Idris.

“Don’t push me, Wallahi I will beat you if I fall”,she warns him but he just replies with a smirk.

“Keep threatening me and see if I don’t “accidentally” trip making you also “trip”“,he tells her.


“Yeah?“she sits on the couh and rubs her sides.

“I’ll massage your sides later to help ease the pain”her mother tells her.

“We found you a proposal”,Abdul starts off.

“Who?“,she scratches her head and leans back into her seat.

“Khalid”,Adelola whispers.

“Khalid?“both Idris and Zaynab scream.

“What?“she yells.

“Calm down first. And yeah him. He’s alone. Your alone. You both have great chemistry, it only makes sense”,her mother explains.

“But mama. Am sure he doesn’t even like me like that. I don’t want to feel like a burden to him”,Zaynab frowns.

“Oh trust me. You’re not”,Adelola slips and smiles.

“What do you mean? Maaaaa not him. Anyone BUT him”,Zaynab whines.

“He’s perfect for you. Its our decision. I’ve chosen. Its up to you if you want to agree or not. I’ve said my own”Adelola shrugs.

“Mama”Zaynab frowns then glances at her father who smiles.

“You too?“.

“He’s perfect for you”.

She sighs then nods.

“Whatever you say. But make sure he agrees. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone”,she warns her mother who instantly starts screaming with happiness. She hugs Zaynab a d kisses her forehead.

“You won’t regret this”she promises her.

“I hope not”.

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