Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 29

“So what did the doctor say?“,Ameerah asks Usman.

“There’s a 60 percent chance”,he replies with a such of relief.

“That’s good, when are they planning on performing the surgery?“.

“After a few more tests. But hopefully soon”.

“That’s about the best news I’ve heard all day”,Adelola smiles which made everyone chuckle.

“Have you noticed the tension between Zaynab and Aaleyah? I think whatever is happening with them is affecting Aaleyah and Fawaz”,Rukayat exclaims with a frown.

“Do you want more?“,Basha asks her holding a bowl of fried rice.

“Oh no thanks sweetie”she smhkes her head.

Basha smiles and puts the bowl down before sitting back down beside Aamanee.

“Yeah, we talked through it literally last week. I don’t know what’s suddenly wrong with Aaleyah. The way she behaved with Fawaz was shocking to me. But maybe its the jealousy”,Fatima shakes her head with disapproval.

“Why would she be jealous though? Its not like Fawaz and Zaynab like each other”,Ameerah looks at her with confusion.

“Well you know there’s always that ONE GIRL in a group that guys always just tend to fall for right?. That girl is Zaynab. Apparently at one point in college, there was interactions between her and Fawaz but it was never serious. And even Malik at one point felt some way for her, and then we already know about the twins. Aayan falls for her but Khalid marries her. So with all this thrown out in the open and with their recent fights, Fawaz apparently said Aaleyah was wrong for saying why she said about her best friend, in public. Aaleyah got angry because he’s on her side and now thinks there’s something going on. It came to the pint where he said he got fed up with her attitude, he came to us and explained everything. They made up right in front of us. But I don’t know what happened after that”,Fatima explains.

“Wow. Zaynab sure is something huh”,Ameerah chuckles.

“That was her father in college. Remember”,Aman comments which made the entire room fill with laughter.

“Come off it. I wasn’t”,Abdul chuckles.

“Really? Because all the ladies seemed to be on your side for like literally everything. It was funny because you were never interested in ANY of them”,Aman chuckles.

“Did any of you ever date in college?“,Basha asks the elders who look towards her.

“Well”,they all clear their throats and look away from her.

“Oh come on. Don’t lie”.

“Just know. Don’t do it. You’ll be filled with so many regrets. Your getting older and older. You’ll soon be getting married. Don’t do anything you regret. Or, I hope you haven’t”,Aman looks at his youngest daughter with a suspicious look.

“No baba. I promise”she shakes her head.

“Good. Stay that way. Please”he pats her hand. She smiles and nods.

“When did the rest say they’ll be here for dinner?“,Ameerah asks her.

“They should be here soon”,Basha says while scrolling through her phone.

“Zaynab and Khalid are already outside with Aayan and Aamanee”.

“Khalid and Aayan are okay?“.

“Yeah, Zaynab forced them to talk. And now they’re all back together”,Basha smiles.

“That’s good. There’s nothing more worse than twins fighting with each other, especially over a girl”,Adelola sighs then smiles as Zaynab and Aayan walk in laughing.

“Boii if I fall, am pulling you with me. Wallahi don’t test me”,she yells.

“Ugh you’re so dramatic like”,Aayan helps her inside and smiles.

“Asalam Alaykum”.

“Walaykum Salam”the parents return the greeting.

“What did I tell you?“Zaynab looks at Aayan

“Ugh fine. Don’t laugh at us”,Aayan warns the parents who just look at him with confusion. He gets down in a Nigerian greeting way which instantly gained laughter from the parents.

“Aw your so sweet”Adelola gives him a hug and kiss.

He smiles and hugs her then the rest of the ladies.

“Okay now we’re ever. Am so posting this online”,Zaynab snickers as she taps furiously fast on her phone.

“Sit down. You shouldn’t be standing for long”,Ameerah tells her.

“Ugh oh my God aunty. Your son had me sitting all day like. When I say my legs hurt? They hurt”,Zaynab groans loudly and throws her head back.

“You’re so whiny”,both Khalid and Aayan tell her.

“How are you?“Ameerah smiles and kisses Aamanee who greets her and the rest of the elders.

“How’s school?“,Adelola asks Salma who smiles and sits on her lap.

“It’s okay and fun”.

“That’s good. Basha serve her rice”,Ameerah tells her daughter who instantly does as told.

“Hey babez”,Zaynab hugs Basha who frowns.


“I’ll tell you later”

“Ah you betta. Who do I have to beat up?“.

“Oh my God stop”,Basha laughs.

Zaynab chuckles and takes a seat beside her mother.

“How are you feeling? Is the pain getting better?”

“Eh. Its worse but I can take it”.

Aayan snickers earning a kick from her.

“Why are you so abusive like”.

“You’re just literally built for beating. You know”.

“That’s stupid. How can anyone be built for beating? You’re stupid”he smacks her head.


The door opens revealing Eniola and Khadijah who walk in with Aaleyah and Fawaz who’s holding Azeez in his arms.

“Auntyyy”Khadijah runs over to Zaynab who smiles and hugs her.

“Look at you just vetting finer and finer like”.

Khadijah giggles then greets her grandparents who smile.

“How’s the journey?“,Rukayat asks her son who kisses her cheek then nods at the twins and hugs Zaynab briefly.

“Why you feel so stuff for like? What are you? A rock?“,Zaynab asks him.

“Man...today ain’t my day like”,Fawaz chuckles but it even seemed forced.

“Hey”,the twins hug Aaleyah and Eniola.

“Wassup witchu? You sound so exhausted. Like you done with life?“,Zaynab asks Fawaz.

“Its nothing”,he mumbles then hands over his son to his father.

Zaynab glances at Aaleyah who looks annoyed then she glances at the twins who clear their throats and shake their heads at her but she just raises an eyebrow then looks at Fawaz.

“Abeg why does it matter to.you how he feels? When its not your feelings”,Aaleyah mumbles and smacks her lips.

Fawaz rubs his forehead and shakes his head but doesn’t say anything.

“Was just concerned dang”,Zaynab replies.

“Did he ask you to be?“.

“Why a-”

“Zaynab. Just let it go”,Fawaz jumps in.

“But sh-”

“Please. Just forget it”,he repeats.

She hums and looks away while kicking her legs back and forth.

“Do you mind not starting shit here too?“,Fawaz whisper yells to Aaleyah who hisses then pushes past him.

He shuts his eyes tightly and breaths out slowly to calm himself down before he says something he’d regret.

“You need some air? Let’s get some air”,Aamanee pulls Aaleyah into the garden quickly.

“Damn. What’s up with Aaleyah?“,Aayan asks.

“Who knows for her. She betta even watch herself. She’s already at the level of me being done with the stupidness she’s carrying around sef”,Zaynab whispers.

“Zaynab watch tour mouth”,her mother warns.

“Didn’t you see what happened? She’s giving somebody cold shoulders, insulting somebody, yelling for no reason, and for some reason. Am the one that has to watch myself?“.

“Zaynab, just calm down. Forget it. Maybe try to talk to her. You both ARE or were best friends. I don’t know. Just talk to her”,Eniola tells her.

“I don’t know about that now. I don’t think I want to be best friend with someone that acts like that to their own girl. I wouldn’t do that to her and she knows it. It doesn’t matter what she’s wrong about, I would talk to her privately BUT for some reason, its the other way around for her”.

“People are different. Stop being whiny and just talk to her”,her sister presses on.

“Fine. I’ll try. But she tries one thing. ONE THING. Wallahi she might be the next t-”

“Zaynaaaab. Just talk to her. Stop throwing threats like”.

“Ugh fine. Your lucky am in a good mood like”,Zaynab scoffs then she holds her hand out towards Khalid while smiline innocently.

“I swear you have legs just like everybody else here”.

“I swear you’re like the worst husband EVER. Ugh Aayan help me up”.

“Nah. You called me stupid like 2 seconds ago”he shakes his head.

“What is this? Gang up.on Zaynab day? Oh my Gosh”,she gasps loudly and holds her chest then wipes an imaginary tear.

“Fawaz. My guy. Help a nigga up”,.

Fawaz turns towards her.

“I swear you’re literally the most annoying person ever”,he helps her up and chuckles when she smiles innocently at him.

“Let’s be honest. Even I agree am annoying. But would any of you ever live without me like? Honest tings like”,she yells.

“I can”,Aayan scoffs.

“No you can’t”both Fawaz and Khalid shake their heads.

“She doesn’t need to know that”he mumbles which made everyone laugh.

“See. Told you”.

“Yeah because tour annoying but we also mess witchu though. I swear I’ve never met anyone like you”,Fawaz chuckles.

“Awwws that’s like the nicest thing anyone’s ever said”,she smiles.

“Your actually messed like”he chuckles.

“Yeah yeah”.

Aayan whispers into Fawaz ear who instantly looks at Zaynab.

“Aaleyah mad at the fact that you and Zaynab used to talk? Or nah?”

“My guy I can’t even say”.

Both the boys shake their heads just as Aaleyah and Aamanee walk back into the room with chuckles.

“Talk to her”,Aayan mouths to Zaynab who groans lowly.

“Yo Aaleyah”she calls.

Aaleyah looks at her and raises an eyebrow.


“Why you mad for?“.

“Who said I was mad”,Aaleyah replies then she sits down beside Idris who’s busy playing on his laptop with Aremu.

“Then why you acting like that for?“.

“Like what?“.

“I don’t know. Whatever your acting like”.

“Zaynab, please don’t annoy me. Your actually the only person I don’t want to talk to today”.

“Well damn. I tried”,Zaynab shrugs.

“Why are you acting like that for? She’s even trying even though she didn’t even do anything”,Fawaz joins in but it just seemed to annoy Aaleyah.

“Did I ask her? I don’t know why you’re even talking about this like”Aaleyah shrugs.

Fawaz stares at her then he shakes his head and just storms past her and into the garden and slams the door so hard it made Azeez erupt in tears.

“Hey Shh its okay”,Yaqub pats his grandsons gently until he stops crying and instead starts sucking on his thumb.

“Aaleyah, Aaleyah am warning you Ooooh. Don’t say I didn’t. When you keep pushing him and disrespecting him anyhow. Don’t let this attitude of yours towards him backfire on you”,her mother warns her but Aaleyah just growls lowly and mumbles to herself.

Zaynab’s phone starts vibrating on the table flashing Fawaz’s name.

“why’s he calling you?“Aaleyah asks her.

“When did I become a psychic? How am I supposed to know?“,Zaynab responds harshly then she rolls her eyes and stands up.

“Hey b wassup?”

She walks over towards the table and hums.

“Oh okay sure. Just open the door, am convinced you broke it from that slam like”.

As soon as she said that, Fawaz laughter from outside could be heard from inside.

“Your actually the best like. come out”.

He opens the door and smiles.

“Okayy don’t go all furious on a nigga like”,. Zaynab chuckles and walks towards him. He helps her out and closes the door purposely dismissing the annoyed look Aaleyah was giving him.

“Well that’s STRIKE 1”,Eniola mumbles.

“Aaleyah are you okay?“Aayan asks her.

“Am fine”she mumbles.

“Well you’re not acting fine. You’re getting angry at Zaynab for no reason, yelling at Fawaz and you look upset too”.

“I said am fine. Its nothing”she reowars.

“Whatever you say”. He leaves her alone and shrugs.

“Fawaz Fawaz stop stop I swear I will smack you”,Zaynab laughs.

Every laughter, every minute that they were out there alone just angered and irritated Aaleyah more than she was.

“Aaleyah?“,her mother calls.

Aaleyah looks up and looks at her mother who’s face softens.

“Don’t cry”,she stands up and walks to her daughter.

“Am not crying mommy”.

“Then what’s this?“,her mother wipes a tear from her cheeks and shows her.

“Am not c-. Can you mind Azeez. Am going home”,Aaleyah stands up and grabs Fawaz keys and rushes out of the house leaving everyone else speechless.

“Zaynab”,Aayan calls.

“Wassup?“,Zaynab opens the door and raises an eyebrow.

“Where did she go?“.

“Home. She left crying”,Khalid whispers.

Fawaz furrows his eyebrows then he sighs.

“Aren’t you going to go?“Khalid asks him.

“After her? Nah. Am not redy to be screamed at again. When she’s ready to talk, she’ll talk”,he sits beside Basha.

“But she was crying”,Aayan repeats.

“And so? Look you won’t understand okay. Am actually just fed up with her tantrums. She’s acting like she’s pregnant or some shit. I don’t g-“.

Fawaz stops talking then leans back in his seat.


“Dad mind Azeez. I’ll be back. Aayan I’ll take your car. Come mines to get it back”,he yells while rushing out of the house with Aayan’s keys in his hands.

“So she might be pregnant then? That’s why she’s been acting like this?“,Zaynab whispers.

“Maybe. But I think we should talk too”,her mother sits her down.


“You’re too close with Fawaz and that is in a way causing problems in their marriage. Maybe you should... I don’t know. Step back a little bit?“.

“But I’ve always been like this with them way before they got married. So why would that be a problem now?“.

“Zaynab. Just take what I told you. Don’t allow their marriage to break. You can be friends and talk but no hugging, no nothing. Just maintain some distance between you and Fawaz”,her mother repeats.

Zaynab frowns then looks away and sighs.

“Sure. I guess. Okay”,she whispers.

“Good. You’re doing the right thing”.

“Apparently”,Zaynab mumbles.

“Well dinner is ruined”,rukayat sighs

“We’re still here. And I can eat”Aayan smiles and sits down.

“Sure you can”the ladies chuckle.


Aamanee nods and starts serving everyone.

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