Unknown Betrayal

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

3 months later


“Am hoooome”Fawaz yells from the hallway in cartoony tone which made me laugh. He always does this and it never gets old.

“Where is my beautiful wife at?“,he walks past me pretending he ain’t see me just cooking up some vegetable stew for him.

“Baby am right here”I turn him around them he dramatically gasps with shock.

“How was your day?“he chuckles as he bends down to give me a kiss.

“Well work went okay. My day was eh as usual. same old”,I shrug.

“Ah same. But but I do have news”,he smiles while rocking me back and forth.

“What is it? Actually I have news for you too”I tell him with excitement.

“Well dad finally made me the CEO of the company which means am officially running the place. He said something about letting go and just having fun with mom sooooo he’s basically retiring without retiring”.

“Oh my God. That’s amazing. Awwws congrats b”I kiss the back of his hand then quickly turn off the stove.

“So what’s your news?“.

“Wellll you know how we’ve been talking about family and stuff yeah? Wellllll there’s going to be a new addition”,I whisper.

“Speak up? Your gassing me like no way”he yells and jumps backwards.

“Yes Fawaz stoooop”I laugh.

“Oh my God. Are you saying am going to be a dad?“.

“Am sayiiiiing. We’re going to be parents”.

“Wallahi your amazing”he gasps.

I let out a giggle as he picks me up and twirls us both around. I could only laugh at his excitement.

“Okay okay we need to tell our parents”he quickly gets his phone and starts dialing numbers.

“Eat first then we can tell then together”I tell him.

“Nah I can’t wait. My chest is doing somehow. Let me tell em first then I’ll eat peacefully”.

“Okay then. I’ll set the table”I chuckle then leave him to that while I prepare our food which simply just amala and efo (vegetable stew).

“Mommy, yeah put it on speaker. I got good news yeah? Aaleyah is pregnant”.

I watch as his smile extends then he laughs.

He hands me the phone and I greet his parents who weren’t hiding their happiness. His mom was literally crying with joy so I told them we’d visit soon.

“Now my parents”I call mine and wait for mommy to pick up. Once she did she sounded happy already. Ever since I got married, its been less stressful for her and daddy. Am glad I married Fawaz, he not only helps take care of my parents but also my brother. Aremu, who used to wear whatever we could afford, now has latest shoes and clothes. Fawaz basically treats him like a younger brother. He doesn’t have any siblings so I guess it was much fun for him than work. He sends money to my account to send to my parents knowing well that my parents won’t collect money from him. They even gave out to him for spending so much on Aremu but he ended up forcing them to let him. Not only is he helpful, but he’s also kind and caring towards me which totally eliminates his faults of not helping at home. He’s just lazy like that and actually proper sucks at housework. But I don’t mind doing things for him, in fact, I love it.

As soon as I told my parents, my emotional mother was already crying. Daddy, Fawaz and I were just laughing at her. She prayed for us both and our future baby and all that good stuff.

“We can go visit our parents tomorrow since we got meeting today”.

“Yeah great plan”,I nod then sit down with a bowl of clean water. He washes his head and I follow after. We eat from one plate, he even suggested it which I think is super sweet and kind of romantic. Ya knowwww.

We both say our Bismillahs before digging in.


At the meeting

“Y’all all glowed up and shit. Damn”,Malik smiles at Khalid and Ayoub, AKA the newly weds. Khalid wasn’t kidding when he said she changed. The girl changed PHYSICALLY and mentally and spiritually sef. They even look cute together sef.

“Oh stop”Ayoub rolls her eyes as all the men start wolf whistling for the couple.

“Has anyone spoken to Zaynab? I swear the girl hasn’t even picking up my calls”,Fatima asks.

Everyone just automatically looks at me.

“Sorry y’all, I haven’t seen her since two weeks ago. I spoke to her two days ago but it was brief, just a hello and bye kinda ting”.

“Is she okay?“,Khalid asks with confusion.

“I hope so. Maybe she’s swamped with work. She HAS been getting a lot of night shifts”,Aayan shrugs.

“Oh yeah true true. The last time I spoke to her too, she was sick s-“.

The door opens and Zaynab walks in with a big smile on her face. She’s in a long black top that reaches just above her ankles and is split at the left and right side then has on white leggings, I think, and black hijab which is wrapped around her head.

“Babygirl”Fawaz calls all hyped.

“Ma guy”she yells.

“How you been b?“,Fawaz and her hug it out. I stand up and smile before hugging her. She hugs everyone in the circle, she gets to Aayan and smiles then hugs him also. He smiles and hugs her.

“Now what is we discussing?“she asks as she takes her seat beside Fatima.

“Aaleyah is pregnant”Aisha blurts out.

Zaynab furrows her eyebrows with confusion then she turns around slowly towards me. I smile and her eyes widens.

“GET OUT! Nigga no you is not. Imma be an auntym AGAIN?“,she yells with excitement.

“Yes”I laugh as she jumps up and down then runs over to me and hugs both me and Fawaz at the same time.

“Aw my lovely ones all grown up”,she fake cries and kisses both our foreheads mimicking our parents. Everyone laughs at her impersonation of my mom and she chuckles herself.

“So when should we be expecting yours eh?“,Aisha asks her.

Zaynab stops smiling instantly then she playfully rolls her eyes.

“How long are you?“,she asks me and sits on the floor beside me.

“Well 3 weeks an- let’s just say it’ll be a month in two weeks”.

“That’s good that’s good”she smiles.

“Why didn’t you bring your husband? Why he’s not into things like this?“,Fatima asks Zaynab who shrugs.

“He’s more of a solo kinda guy. He doesn’t really do groups”.


“Its not a bad thing come off it”,Zaynab rolls her eyes then she leans back tiredly and rubs her legs.

“So what’s the topic for today? I have to go in like an hour”.

“Meeting is always 2 and half hours”,Khalid says.

“I know but I have to be home early. His family are assholes. Last time I was late they literally tortured a nigga with insults with their eyes. So this time am tryna avoid all their bullshit. A nigga ain’t got time for that. Not today”,she shales her head.

“Wait you live with his family?“,Ayoub asks.

“Nah nah b. I don’t but they’re staying over for two weeks. His parents are traveling to Nigeria for a about three to four months so they wanna spend time together before they leave. So his sister and parents basically moved in. I swear hardest days of my life. I have to pretend to actually like them”,she rants.

“Damnnnn that’s hard. I can’t, abeg please go quickly”,Maryam shakes her head with a look of dissatisfaction.

“Me and you Ooooh. His sister is such a bitch too. I’d happily replace her for a dog anytime”

“bitch you scared of dogs”the girls all yell.

“That’s the whole point. That’s how much I hate the asshole”,she yells which made us all laugh.

“Aw I missed you”I hug her.

“Aww I missed you too b. Sorry I’ve been ignoring all y’all. Work first and then his family so like a nigga been hella busy”.

“Its fine”we all smile.

“So our plan for this year inshaAllah (if Allah wills) is to help the homeless while also educating young kids. Wallahi (I swear) most of the kids are gone wild. You’ll see young muslim boys and girls smoking, losing their virginities, drinking, dressing promiscuously nowadays. So we’re trying to help change their views and show them how important it.is to basically follow the rules of Islam while trying to not like force it on them ya know”,Fatima explains then she stands up along with Aayan who grabs a marker and starts writing down something on the whiteboard.

“So basically we’re going to divide our tasks”Aayan says. On the left of the board he has written down How to help the Homeless. And on the other side he has Educating younger ones.

“So any ideas on the first one? What we can do to start it?“,he turns to us.

“How about we make a website first. I know for one I wouldn’t fund anything that isn’t certified. I’d feel like am being cheated and the money isn’t actually going towards the people its supposed to go towards. So firstly we can make a website, get it certified”,Zaynab suggests.

“Makes sense”Aayan writes down her suggestion.

“After that we’ll need a location first of all. Even though we’re helping to build a place for them to shelter themselves in, we still need to provide food for the ones close by. So for that we need a location where most homeless people are situated ya know”,Ayoub says.

“Nize one”Zaynab and I nod.

Aayan writes it down as the second idea.

“But then we’d need cooks, that’d cost a lot”,Khalid says.

“We can cook. We can all cook”,I tell him.

“Will that be possible though? Most of y’all are married and have work also. Would y’all have time to also cook?“Aayan asks.

“We give as much as we can”,Zaynab shrugs

“So we can cook and even get volunteers. We don’t necessary have to pay them. Most people want to even volunteer for things like this. We’ll post it on the website for volunteer cooks”,Zaynab adds.

“Good idea”.

“Now the funding that we get how will we utilize them?“,Fawaz asks.

“They’re going towards a home for them. We’ll build a home where anyone who has nowhere to sleep or live will stay. Most of us here are doctors, nurses, so we’ll also treat them free of charge, some are teachers so in spare time teach the kids. They have a future and it can start with us helping them through a better service”.

I smile at the idea then nod in agreement.

“We can even ask for funding from our millionaire parents or husbands. This relates to you Fawaz and your parents, y’all twins, Shaby and Zaynab, your husband”,Fatima says.

“That won’t be a problem”,they all hum.

“Okay so for educating kids then. I think we should probably hold on that? This one seems too much of a task already”Aayan says.

“I actually agree like. Maybe once we have this idea in and going smoothly. Then we can start thinking about this one”,Zaynab adds to his suggestion.

Her phone instantly starts ringing playing Chris Brown’s song ‘undecided’. She takes out her phone and picks it up as she stands up.

“Eni Wassup?“.

“Nah am going to mommy and daddy after this meeting yeah. You know daddy misses somebody ya’knowww. Nah nah but I might come tomorrow. Can’t promise. Ight cool greet my babes for me yeah ight cool cool”.

“Okay next topic”,she sits back down while checking her watch occasionally.

“You can go. We’ll tell you what we discussed on the group chat”,Aayan tells her.

“Ight cool bye. Love y’all thanks”,she stands up then literally runs out of the house.

“Marriage life seems stressful. the fuck”Aayan let’s out as soon as Zaynab was gone.

“Nah b. Just hers”all of us couples laugh.

“Whrn are you going to move on though?“I ask him.

“Soon. Am letting mama choose”,he shrugs.

“Ah nice one nize”.

“So the website is going to be taken over by Malik and Ayoub. Y’all take your time considering we do have out own personal lives too so take the time you need but if you can, not too long”.

“That’s not going to be a problem for me considering am always online 24/7”,Ayoub mumbles.

“Did you just lowkey diss yourself?“,Fawaz chuckles.

“I gu- oh my God I did”she gasps lowly making us all laugh.

“Well then in that case you should have it done in less than a month anyways. So for catering, all groceries and supplies we need, an be sent to Khalid, Fawaz and I, we’ll buy everything needed. Since some of the men can’t cook they can just be in charge of helping the homeless in”,Aayan tells them.

“Okay cool my kinda ting yeah”Fawaz nods. I chuckle and the rest laugh.

“We need a location though”.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Dad was thinking of selling our old business building. Maybe we can use that and just rebuild it?“,Fawaz raises an eyebrow.

“But your dad wants to sell it, that place will cost a fortune”,Khalid shakes his head.

“Yeah am sure he’ll give us a discount o-“..
He holds out his hand then takes out his phone and starts typing furiously fast. A few seconds later his phone beeps multiple times. He retyoes then puts his phone away and smiles.

“We can collect the keys tomorrow”.

“Are you serious? That’s all it took? A text?“Aayan gasps.

“Well its for a good cause”.

“Well thank your dad for us”.

“Will do. But we need to rebuild it, the structure isn’t exactly home friendly”.

“We need to hire builders? Why does this seem of more work than it should be”,Fatima groans lowly.

“My husband is a builder. He can get us in on his members for a discount”,Maryam says.

“Will you ask him and let us know then?“.

“How will we cover the cost then?“.

“Can we not loan some from our own pockets and then after funds repay?“.

“Nah. I’d feel like am cheating them”Khalid whispers.

“Yeah doesn’t really sound good”.

“Okay so what do y’all propose?“.

“Ask your husband first and tell us the digits. We’ll find a way. So we have location, we’ll go shopping this week. Where will all the cooking be done?“.

“There? We can buy a gas burner. They’re easier to use and faster as well”,Maryam nods.

“We need posters all over locations where homeless people are likely to be telling them the address and place to come to, and telling then what we have in store for them, a place to sleep, food, warmth, and care and education from time to time”,Aayan says.

“Sounds good. Am excited for this”,Fatima squeals a little.

“I know righ-“.

“okay sorry to leave but I have to get some sleep to wake the kids up for school tomorrow”,Maryam stands up.

“Me too actually”,Aisha and Jumoke all get up.

“We can finish here then. We can discuss whatever need be on the group chat”Aayan rubs off the board.

“Ight see y’all”we hug and greet each other before all heading our seoarte ways as soon as we all reach the car park.

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