Hospital Grace

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Her life went from dark, to even darker. She thought everything was ok but turned out; nothing was ok. Annabeth lived in a life of darkness, literally. It surrounded her like a "clutching hand." It was agonizing and horrifying to wake up every day in a life with no memories, and just blank night. Then one day, she wakes up. She's surrounded, by mysterious doctors and patients. Soon she falls in love with another patient even though it's illegal otherwise. What will she do to escape the dictatorship of government? Skyler- Skyler lives in a world where there's a hierarchy of doctors that run the government. Her mother- a glossy blonde bitch- is the "president" of this cursed society. Every day, she lives in fear because of who and what her mother is. When she gets a job as a CA at a mental hospital Annabeth's at, she falls in love with her. Despite the unfair laws that same-gender sex can't fall in love. Not to mention, there's a killer on the loose that's murdering the patients. What will she do?

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Prologue: Annabeth

I remembered when I was born. I opened my eyes, and I merely existed. Like a candle, I was the flame that was lit. Except my world is a trap. A prison. I can’t escape. All it is is dark and full of shadows. I can’t even hear my footsteps as they fall silently in a walk. I would try to run, but it seems that I’m only allowed to pace.

Am I walking? I don’t know. My thoughts stick with me, and I hold on to them like a match in the dark. I rely on them; they keep me from going insane.

Just like any typical day or night, black is all I see. It surrounds me like a clutching hand choking me of light. It smells of smoke, and dank mystery. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel trapped, encaged.

Has it been days? Months? Years? I know that every second, every minute that ticks by, I go crazy. How do I escape? I can’t see my own hands; only my thoughts accompany me. My memory, of what I look like and who I am- is gone. Hell, I don’t even know my name. Like a boat amongst a storm, I am lost. Nowhere to go, not a compass or anything in sight.

My life was as mysterious as hidden shadows, as forgetful as the moon disappeared behind a veil of clouds. I have a lot of time to think. Where all I can do is take comfort in my thoughts. Do I have a family? Do I have a life outside my cage? Is there more to my life than this? Has it always been like this?

I have more questions than answers.

But then I hear it.

The first sound I’ve heard, a scrape of wood on the floor. That’s when I open my eyes for the first time,

Light shatters through the darkness like one may shatter glass. It was cold and frightening. It fades away into a dull white glow that grows stale against the white ceiling. I gasp in surprise, as I look around, mysterious machines sent shadows across the room in an eery way. I tried to move an arm, but I failed due to the straps that held on like glue against my wrist and ankles.

I tried to let out a terrified scream. Instead, I let out a pained moan that was barely a whisper. An ominous door stood to the right of the room, It was cracked the slightest. Murmured voices flew through the cracks in a study flow.

“When will she be awake? She has so much potential!” this voice skittered on my back and made my heart thump with fear. It was cracked and rough like sandpaper and stone.

“Patience, it’ll come when it pleases.” The second voice was smooth and slippery as a snake might slither through water. It made me shiver in disgust.

“Hello?” Anger tinged my words the slightest. Along with the sickly fear that drenched my anger, sizzling it out altogether. I start to panic, I tried to break free of the new imprisonment that trapped me. But the straps wouldn’t come off, and I struggled like a fish may fight against a net. It would flail around against the aggressive knots, but surely and slowly the air will choke its lungs.

Then it would stop breathing

And heart stop pumping.

The murmurs from the doorway stopped; they barged into the room. The slippery voice I heard was a woman in scrubs with glossy blonde hair and eyes like a frozen pond. They made me freeze; I stopped struggling. Their gaze made me stop like the weak little fish I was. The rough crackly voice was a plump man with dark, black eyes and a burly mustache. His eyes seem to have sucked out my breath. They were full of excitement and amusement. However, the blonde looked the exact opposite. Her body rigid, and eyes, so cold.

We just stared at each other, in overbearing silence. I glared at them both and shook with undeniable fear. Tears streamed down my face, in a storm that wailed and sobbed. It seems that outside cried for me as well, for a thunderstorm crackled and wailed along.

The man rushed towards me, stroking my head in a way that made me want to punch him and shrink in anxiety at the same time.

The man brings his mouth to my ear, and whispers creepily;

“There is no reason to be afraid, my dear.” And he proceeds to stroke my face, even as I struggle to yank it from his “soothing” grip.

“Leave me be!” I so desperately tried to say, but no words flew from my mouth. Only a weez was produced, he laughed and cackled like a hyena catching its prey. Sinister and cruel, undeniably, I cannot trust this man.

I went back to struggling tirelessly against my new cage. Though, it seems this one is crueler. For I’m awake for it, I know what I”m capable of. However, I’m not allowed to use my abilities.

While I’ve been focused on the man, the women were rummaging about in the cabinets until she found what she was looking for.

“Aaah! There it is!” she exclaimed calmly, “Something to make you calm down, #1432.” #1432? What do those numbers mean? Thoughts raced around in my mind, making a storm raging through my head. Making it impossible to think correctly. And in this situation, my mind is all I have as a weapon to protect myself.

The women faced me with a syringe in her hand. With clear, thick liquid. Its fine needle tip gleamed like the eyes of the man, evilly.

“NO!” I tried to say, “PLEASE! DONT!” But, I was too late. They already plunged the syringe in my left arm. I feel the mystery liquid rushing through my veins in a way that made my skin crawl, and blood curl. I scream. But no sound came out, is this a nightmare? It must be. But I never have, in my life dreamed before. Did I finally die, to wake in Hell?

Soon, darkness crept and crawled like a spider in my vision. Soon, everything started to fade away, like a lightbulb finally losing its glow. I go back to my world that I have endured for so, so long.

Back to the darkness.

Back to my familiar.

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