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Ikigai: A Reason To Live

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It explains the need of family. Family maybe a short one but the important thing is you have a family. Family will always love and care for you. The novel is set in twenty first century. It explains the need of family. The story is about an orphan Allen who is left under the care of her uncle and aunt. Allen soon realizes how much they love her. She fits in the family completely when one day a mystery about her uncle's family comes forward. The lives of her friend are at stake and she has to protect them with the help of her cousin Harley and best friend Jenny. Will she be able to do it?

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New Beginnings

Thank You for choosing my book. I hope you have a nice experience!

I am standing in the garden, waiting for the arrival of my benefactor. On my right, the garden is filled with many kinds of flowers and on my left, a driveway leads to a majestic house.

I hear a car horn behind me. I look over my shoulder. The setting sun almost blinds me so I squirm my eyes and put my right hand in front of my eyes. The guards open the gates and a car followed down the driveway. My eyes are glued to the car. A young couple comes out of the car and moves towards me. The lady was a thin young woman of thirty-one, with delicate features, and elegant physic. She is wearing a white shirt, a grey long shirt and a pair of heels. Her head is held high and she is walking arm in arm with a short strong man of about thirty-six. He has a stout physic and chevron mustache. Uncle hugs aunt and goes indie the house. Aunt Julie approaches me and softly speaks, “Good evening. Oh my! you must be cold out here . Come Allen dear, let’s have some tea”. I nod. I don’t want her to get mad at me. I turn my back on the setting sun and join her.

Ma often used to tell me about my uncle and the way he managed to help us. She had his picture in her locket, the only thing she left me. Talking about ma really gets me emotional but I whip the tears off from my cheeks. I need to be realistic. She is dead and never coming back, a nurse at the orphanage told me. All that is left are her memories. Her smile and laugh keep ringing in my ears. And the tears she shed for papa at night in the parlor, I remember it all. I feel a wave of cold shiver and I put my arms around myself.

I come back to reality as I hear my name, “Oh my dear! You did catch a cold. I should have got here earlier. I told Calah so but he won’t listen...hmm. Sorry for rumbling, I’m a little nervous that’s all. I haven’t seen you around much and Calah really loves to talk about your mother.“, She keeps rambling on and on. On the other hand, she keeps me distracted. I try to catch a peep here and there without breaking eye contact with my aunt, as I don’t want to be rude. We enter inside the house and a hallway leads us to a hall. Across the hall, we enter the parlor. Food is served on the table while Uncle Calah is reading a newspaper seated across the parlor on a sofa, apparently waiting for his wife. Uncle Calah stands up, sits on the table and so does my companion. I sit beside aunt. He is the first to break the silence, “So I see, the girl is keeping you from me.”

He glares at me and I change my position in my chair. He laughs seeing my reaction.

“Calah, don’t you go troubling her already, and please try to be less funny….remember she is new here and nervous right now. She is not used to your ways, honey.” She made her uncle smile.

“Oh, I am sorry. I won’t trouble you anymore.”

She nodes at him and say: “Good!

And we begin our dinner. Aunt hands me chicken soup and some rice. I help myself. My mom used to say a good girl is never shy and timid while eating. She keeps her head and back straight while she helps herself. Ma was an elegant and poor widow. She tried to show me the good ways to be strong while she was breaking from within. She was shattered and sad but she wouldn’t let people see the way she was. She had to be strong for me and look after me. I feel a choking feeling in my throat as I try to hold back my tears. I can’t cry here, remember her teaching. If not for you do it for her. Let her smile for once. Uncle notices my sad face and takes a deep breath. I straighten up and changed my position in the chair while eating the food. To my surprise he lets it go.

After dinner, he picks a napkin from the table and stands up. While cleaning up his hands with a napkin, he looks at me and says: “Allen, tell aunt after tea all that happened and passed with you. Feel free here, okay. Julie, I have to go to the library, good evening, dear.” “Good evening!” and he leaves the napkin on the table and leaves.

“Allen, please you could talk to me now. I am sorry about him but he is always so jolly that you could hardly prevent yourself from rolling over.”

“It’s okay Aunt Julie. I was going to laugh myself too. It was the seventh rainy day in the row after my mother got a fever. Even though my uncle provided for us after my father’s death, still times were hard. The dark sky and thunder roaring were not the only things frightening me. I was alone at home. I was playing with stones when my nurse approached and said, “Allen how many times I have to tell you to study…you know how much your aunt and uncle work hard to pay for what we have. Go!” I was afraid of my nurse so I went in to do my homework. The electricity went out with the wind and a splash of thunder. I lightened up a torch. Suddenly I heard ma’s scream. I didn’t know what to do. I call my nurse but until I return, she was taking her last breath. She asked my nurse to contact my uncle in England and inform him. I screamed and ran to hid under the table. The next four weeks, I spent in despair. I was wild as it was quite unexpected for me. My nurse took me in and four days later you called her. Aunt, I am sorry for causing any trouble.”

“Don’t put pressure on yourself. The thing is, we were deciding to bring you back here. It would have been difficult for both of us to look after you if you stayed there.” She continued, “Those you loved and they left you, will remain alive as long as you remember them. I was so sorry when I heard of your mother’s death. I talked to Calah about bringing you here. The weather was so bad that it made it impossible for me to bring you here. I longed to see you. I saw you when you were about twelve days old. I still remember those times.” She paused, “I’m sorry dear. I have to go. If you feel lonely here you may come with me to the library.”

I am already feeling sleepy so I refuse her. She picks her bag from her right side and she calls out: “Hellen! Hellen!” A young maid comes into the parlor. She looks at Julia expectantly. Julia orders, “Hellen, please show Allen her room and make sure if she needs anything just, she gets it. And have someone prepare some clothes for her.” She nods and Julia leaves after hugging me. Hellen leads me out of the parlor, and in the hall. She turns on the right and mounts the staircase. Then, she walks down the corridor and crosses three rooms. She stops in front of the fourth room. She draws out a set of keys and opens the door. My room is a comfortable one with blue walls a small bed, a study table, and a walk-in closet and bathroom. I don’t know but I feel familiar with the room like I have been here. Hellen asks me, “I hope you like your room. Would you like anything before I go?” I just smile and shake my head. She nods and leaves.

As soon as she leaves, I drop on my bed. It’s so comfy and soft. I put the back of my hand on the mouth as I yawn. Today was a long day. Aunt and uncle are nice people. They seem cold and odd from afar. Yet they are so loving from within. I am so lucky to have them. I wish Liza, my nurse was here. Soon, sleep overtakes me and I fall asleep.

This is my first literary work and I am editing it currently. I will edit and update a chapter on Wednesdays. Once finished, it will be taken off and published.

I really need your love and support cause it will be my first time publishing a book. So, drop down a comment, like, review and share.

If you find anything wrong with it, please comment below. I really need your advice. 🙏🙂✨

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