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It explains the need of family. Family maybe a short one but the important thing is you have a family. Family will always love and care for you. The novel is set in twenty first century. It explains the need of family. Family maybe a short one but the important thing is you have a family. The story is about an orphan Allen who is left under the care of her uncle and aunt. Allen soon realizes how much they love her. She fits in the family completely when one day a mystery about her uncle's family comes forward. The lives of her friend are at stake and she has to protect them with the help of her cousin Harley and best friend Jenny. Will she be able to do it?

Nazra Noor
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1: The Stinson family

The sun was about to set and my Aunt and Uncle arrived. They looked a happy couple but they were a little odd. Aunt Julie approached near me and softly said, “Allen dear, come it’s time for tea”. I turned my back on the setting sun and went with her.

Table was ready when we reached while Uncle Calah was reading a newspaper, apparently waiting for his wife. My Uncle Calah stood, sat on the table and so did my companion. I sat beside my aunt .Mr. Calah Stinson was the first to break the silence, “so I see the girl is keeping you from me.”

He joked. He laughed as I blushed at what he said.

“Calah , don’t you go troubling her already and please try to be less funny ….remember she is new here as well as nervous right now and she is not used to your ways, honey.” She made uncle smile.

“Oh, I am sorry I won’t trouble you anymore.”

“Good Allen, tell aunt after tea all that happened and passed with you. Feel free here, okay. Julie, I have to go back to office, goodbye dear.” He left.

“Allen, please you could talk to me now. I am sorry about him but he is always so jolly and jokey that you could hardly prevent yourself rolling over.”

“It’s okay Aunt Julie. I was going to laugh on myself too. It was the seventh rainy day in the row after my mother got fever. She raised me after my father’s death. The dark sky and thunder roaring were not the only thing frightening me .I was alone at home. I was playing with stones when my nurse approached and said, “Allen how many times I have to tell you that you are supposed to study right now…you know how much your aunt and uncle work hard to pay for what we have. Now go!” I was afraid of my nurse so I went in the corner to take my homework .Our lamp went out with the wind and a splash of thunder. I lightened it up again. Suddenly I heard a scream of mother. I didn’t know what to do. I call my nurse but until I return, she was taking her last breath. She asked my nurse to contact my uncle in England and inform him. I screamed and ran for hiding under table. The next four weeks, I spent in despair. I was wild as it was quite unexpected for me. Mrs. Calah Stinson.”

“Don’t put pressure on yourself …these memories will stand in the way of your success ,you need to forget them ,you know what you were born and where you were born ,will not make your destiny …It’s you who must decide. Those you loved and they left you, will remain live as long as you remember them. I was so sorry when I heard of her death. I talked to my husband about bringing you here but the weather was so bad that it made impossible for me to bring you here. I longed to see you. I had seen you last when you were about twelve days old.” She paused, “If you feel lonely here you may come with me to the office.”

I was already feeling tired so I refused her. She picked her bag that was lying close to her and she left. I was alone at the house with my nurse, Liza. She told me stories about Stinsons. (She knew about Stinsons because my mother talked to Liza abbot Aunt Julie often. She told her stories about Stinsons whenever she missed her child hood days and most my father.)

Liza told me, “I had heard that this house had long belonged to the Stinson family. This family is actually very strange because they had isolated rules that every member had to strictly follow. One who abandoned the rules was severely punished. Uncle Calah was the first to escape that punishment. He was the only son of a family that had once widely spread peace. He was a rude and irresponsible boy. The real Uncle Calah emerged after his parent’s accidental death. The sudden death of his young parents turned him into a polite, gentle and sensible child. This left a lifetime scar on the little boy’s heart. The rudeness turned into humour and irresponsibility changed into obligation. This mixed character seemed strange to people. That’s why people call the couple strange.”

I had seen my aunt and uncle for the first time. My mother often talked of them and their kindness towards me. Ms. Julie Stinson was a thin young woman of thirty one while Uncle Calah was a short strong man of about thirty six .My both my Aunt and Uncle owned a big share in a company business. They toiled day and night for the company. They had bought big shares of other partners. The company was dear to them like their lives.

I was lonely at first but then I choose to learn and better myself. I accepted my fate. I found happiness in accepting the present. I loved both my uncle and aunt because they were my only world.

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