Devil? Or Angel?

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My breathing intensified as he leaned forward, ”Tell me, Mrs. Field..What is it you desire?” Charlotte Fields is a famous criminologist and lawyer, she's the best at her Job. But what happens when she's faced with a new challenge that is Jasper Wheeler, One of Americas most notorious psycho killer, who was finally arrested. She finds herself being inflated with him, Would he be the end the of her.

Mystery / Romance
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I sat outside the conference room nervous and terrified while a group of men decided my fate in the other room. What was I thinking taking up that case anyway, when I was warned countless times not to.

The teenage girl clearly murdered her mother, but I was too persistent in proven that she was innocent, even with all the visible facts in front of me.

“Ms. Field, they are ready to see you now.” My said, and I nodded, then taking a deep breath I got up and made my way into the room.

As I stepped in all heads turned to me. I smiled faintly and made my way to the middle of the room.

“Mrs. Fields, do you have any idea what your silly mistake has caused this firm? Because of you we lost four very important clients.” The managing partner scolded me and I bowed my head in shame. “Is there anything you would like so say to justify what you have done?”

I nodded, clearing my throat, “I let my compassion cloud my judgment and for that I apologize.” I said, praying they don’t fire me.

I really love working in this firm.

It’s been my dream since Law School, I studied five times harder than anyone else to be here and despite the situation in front of me, standing in this room, with all these people is a privilege of mine.

“Well, the board and I have decided. Unfortunately and for us we can’t let you go. You’re one of the best, it would be rather another loss to the firm.” She said, and I sighed in relief. “But we all agreed you have you be punished for your mistake.” He said and the other men in the room nodded in agreement. I faltered and gulped in fear.

“Till we decide otherwise you would work on only assigned pro bona cases.” I remained quiet, though horrified by the news, “Or would you rather resign?” he asked and I shook my head in response, “Good, Now take a seat, Mrs. Fields.” he said and I bowed and quietly took a seat.

“Let’s start with your first case.”

A man in an orange prison uniform appeared in the screen. “That is Jasper wheeler.” He pointed at the screen. “he was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend in 2016, her name was Georgia Mendez. A model from Seattle.” Another picture of a blond girl appeared.

“If he’s already been convicted, why are we taking up his case?” I asked, it seemed like a total dead end to me.

“Mr. Wheeler comes from a family of wealthy league athletes, you must have heard of the Wheelers.” she asked and I nodded slightly,

I haven’t heard of them but I didn’t want to go into the details of why I wasn’t a sports fan, “they insist he’s innocence and want him out. So If you manage to convince the court for his release, not only would your pro bona be lifted, but you could be promoted.”

“Woah..” I gasped in disbelief, averting my gaze to the picture on the screen. This case could be my deal breaker, if I win this case I could pitch in for partner and be the first woman to make partner in such a short time,

“So, do we have a deal, Mrs. Fields?”

“Yes, of course...” I nodded, gazing at my new client on the screen like I had just seen my good luck charm.

“Good luck, Mrs. Fields. You would need it.”

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