Naïve Little Succubus

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“I should get paid every time your eyes travel below my neck" I wink. “Is that so?" He asks. His voice husky and seducing. I lick my lips and nod. Killing with just a kiss was just one of Amora's evil little gifts. She's a succubus what more is there to say? She likes to have fun and she needed to in order to survive. John is the incubus king. A guy who doesn't care for relationships he knows his place in this world. He slept with anyone he wanted. Though he doesn't want Amora. Amora goes around killing people to get her fill. She doesn't stop to think about any of the humans she encounters. Things change when Amora meets the one human she can't seem to kill. Not only that but she ends up being tied to him. Turns out this human has a lot of baggage that comes with him. Who will she turn to when trouble comes looking for him? Will it be her shapeshifting best friend? Or will it be one of the royal incubi? ⚠️WARNING⚠️ they're sexual scenes in this book with no warnings. There is also a lot of cursing!! Just saying... Warning over. I won't be giving another sorry...

Mystery / Erotica
Shawna Boardman
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I could feel my energy building as the guy beneath me squeezed my hips and groaned with pleasure.

As a succubus I feed off of the pleasure I'm giving him. It fuels me.

I arched my back and bounced up and down on his throbbing cock. I let his eyes soak up every inch of my body.

When I knew I was close to my own release I bent down to give this poor sucker one last kiss.

He'd be on deaths door soon and I'd be completely charged up. No I never care about humans, they are just a snack to me. Sorry for my bluntness. If one happens to come along when I get hungry then I take what I want and they die shortly after. It's how things work in our community. Of course we have rules about not killing against anyone's will. And yada yada yada.

The humans know all about us in the paranormal world. Though every now and then you come upon a human who thinks they can handle us. This poor fella thought exactly that. Too bad for him though he was good looking and his length filled me completely. His dark black hair was short but long enough to get in his bright green eyes. Those eyes will haunt me tonight. They always do, but that doesn't mean I regret what I'm doing. Nope, never, not me.

When our releases came I got up immediately. I didn't care to stay around and watch my meal die. Just because I don't care about humans doesn't mean I want to see them actually pass away. I'm not that cruel. It takes at least a hour before they pass away after intimacy.

Getting up, putting on my clothes I hurried to fetch my purse, and walk out the building. He would be dead by morning. If he was lucky...

I was charged up, ready to play, and I had work to get to. Literally.

Working at John's club was like working at a blood bank for vampires. John's club was an all you can eat buffet for succubi and incubi. John was the incubus king. None of the succubi could even touch him. Since I couldn't touch him I made it my personal mission to annoy the shit out of him. One day he'll come around. I'd flirt with John, but in the end pissing him off was a lot more fun than just flirting with someone that you know is untouchable.

I'm one of the hottest succubi there is. Everyone knows me. I also have the biggest track record for the most human deaths. Oh well, a girls gotta eat right?

John is standing behind the bar in the far back corner of the club. My job is pretty obvious, I dance. While dancing I can feed off all the emotions everyone puts out, all their lust and desire.

I walked to the back of the club to the changing rooms before passing the bar I blew a kiss to John. He rolled his eyes in return.

"Amora." Is the only greeting I receive from him.

"Love you too big boy," I say smacking the bar while passing it and entering into the changing rooms.

I didn't miss the snorting noise John made either.

Gosh one day, just one day with that man and I'd have my fill for months. Just thinking about him made me sweat with desire. Knowing him he could already smell the desire coming off of me.

Good he should smell it. I hope he drowns in it.

Walking into the changing room I undress and change into simple black underwear, a black lingerie top and black mid thigh leggings.

After putting on black pumps to match I walk back out to the club stage. Dustin-a high level incubus- is sitting down in a chair in just his boxers.


The last few months since I've met him I've been playing hard to get. Because of this he has nonstop tried getting into my pants. It almost works to. The son of a bitch always uses his lust waves to crack my walls. I'm a moaning mess when I'm around him and he knows I'm close to breaking. Dustin is almost as powerful as John. They are cousins so it's pretty obvious that they are both pretty powerful.

Walking up to the stage where Dustin is I put on my best seductive face. His eyes travel the length of my body before meeting my gaze.

"I should get paid every time your eyes travel below my neck" I say winking.

"Is that so?" He asks. His voice husky and seducing.

I lick my lips and nod, before walking the final distance to him. I kick one leg over the side of the chair as I straddle him.


His hand slips between us. Moving down my stomach lowering to my center. I moan and lean my head back.

Moving his head to my neck as he softly bites my neck and leaves a kiss in its place.

"And how much to finally have you all to myself?" He asks huskily before pulling away.

He's using his powers on me I can feel it. I try my best to push it back but it's pointless he's to strong.

I moan in pleasure. "I'm not for sale Dustin," I breathlessly confess.

"I love the way my name sounds on your lips." He bites the bottom of my lip before pushing his lips against mine.

It's a hungry kiss full of lust and desire. It's filling me as it is him. He presses me against his growing bulge. The pleasure from everything is becoming to much.

Who knew a kiss from a high level could be this amazing!

"Fuck Dustin!" I cry out in total bliss as he pours more lust waves into me.

A blue mist forms in between us and out of nowhere we are blasted away from one another.

After picking myself up. I look at Dustin and then to where the mist was traveling back to its owner.

"What the fuck!?"

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