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Buchanan crosses paths with his star-crossed doom Scandals, and they escape into oblivion of lies and desires, desperately trying to get a grip . Lukas Scandals didn't give a shit about most of the things. When he was in 'his zone', he habitually tuned out everything. However, one fine night, he lets his guard down around a cinnamon roll Steve Buchanan who despite his looks has a child-like personality and did I mention, a thing for boys with sexy abs and messy black hair.

Mystery / Erotica
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1 | Scandals | Smoking Hot

Smoke filled the cold air as Lukas stood with the rebels in the No-Smoke zone. He hugged himself when a shiver passed by; His black jacket scrunched over the shirt enveloping his muscular body. A pack of Strawberry Shines held in his palm, he took one of the cigarettes and lit it with a lighter. It was destined to be a long night.

The parties he went to were wild, the games he played were terrific and his hookups were batshit crazy. Unintentionally, the stone of a chilly night became a ripple effect for his forthcoming life.

Lukas was attending one of those insane NYC parties where breathing was a thing of concern for the college-goers. In short distance, some K-POP remixes blared, and coloured disco lights kissed the drunken faces. The place was packed with people with tastes of every kind. He needed a breather and so, he had taken a step out. He didn’t expect to find other people rebelling like him.

“Help! Someone help!” A guy sobbed, being dragged by three boys to a secluded corner around the building. Lukas didn’t give a shit. When he was in his zone, he habitually tuned out everything. Give in some minutes, some chick tried to hit on him and he shoved her away not even glancing at her. He took another puff and relaxed his head back, closing his eyes.

He searched for the stars but there were none. It was dark. It was pitch black.

“This fag!” A guy barked with laughter. Lukas smirked hearing this word after a long time. He clearly remembered hearing it before and it did not end up well. Lukas threw his cig and turned on his heel to where his voice came from, which was the same place where they were dragging a guy earlier.

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