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The ghosts of our past can truly haunt us. Will you listen to them and what they want? Fate doesn't seem to play nice with Lily Andrews. After so much tragedy she still wants to help people. How? She becomes a part of law enforcement to try and not only help people but solve her own case in the process. Fate finally seems to be playing nice, for once. Right?

Mystery / Other
Emily Hagenbaugh
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A truck rolled down the darkened stretch of road. There weren’t any streetlights on this country road and there were trees for miles giving it an eerie feel. The driver was half expecting some kind of ghost to pop out. So far, so good.

The young driver spotted the driveway she was and wasn’t looking for and pulled onto it. The lengthy winding drive leads to a place she hadn’t thought of in years.

She pulled up to the house she never thought she’d return to. She got lucky to be adopted to someone that really loved her. She was happy and grateful about that, however certain circumstances forced her to be here today. Something that had been haunting her for a while.

Then that something turned into another something and made a colossal mess. Finally, she got annoyed and upset to the point where she got into her truck and drove off to let off steam. She ended at the place she had been avoiding until the number one priority of her job was over, but it was like she had been taken over and came, anyway.

She turned off her truck and got out. She grabbed her flashlight and gun from the back seat and headed inside. She nearly passed out. The house reeked of alcohol, drugs, and dead bodies. There were bottles littered around the kitchen area along with various needles.

The young girl scrunched her face and continued on through the one-story home. She ventured down the hall and looked around in the first room, which was on the left. There was nothing there but a messy lab. She suspected the old place would eventually turn into a meth lab of sorts.

She remembered why she was here. She cautiously began tapping on the walls of the home, trying to listen for hollow sounds or something out of place.

The young girl went from room to room but found nothing. She sighed. She was upset. She was so close to solving the one case that has been haunting her for years, only for it to fall through the cracks once more. She turned to leave when something told her to look in the bedroom's closet was across the hall.

The girl ventured into the room and opened the closet. A horrible stench filled her nose, and she retched. The old house smelled awful already, but this was horrific. If she didn’t want to puke now, she wanted to now.

She heard someone coming in and hid. She grabbed the gun that was strapped to her left thigh and cautiously looked out of her hiding spot. She sighed when she saw it was only her partner.

He followed her after she told him not to worry about her. Since he was here, she would put him to excellent use, then when this was over, he would do nothing but paperwork for two weeks for disobeying her. She came out of her spot with her hands on her hips and glaring at him.

“I know. I know. But I can’t resist a good mystery,” He said sheepishly.

“Since you’re here, you’ll be put to good use. Go to my truck and grab my hatchet from the lockbox,” She said.

She watched as her partner raced off and came back with her hatchet in no time. She took the blade and hacked away at the closet wall. She cleared away some the debris and gasped. She heard her partner do the same.

Behind the wall, covered in cobwebs, were bodies. Multiple bodies. The one that caught her attention was directly in front of her with some fabric still there. She took a closer look and recognized the fabric.


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