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“If you believe that, fine,” the man shrugged. “I’m trying to give you a second chance.” “Against what?” Jermaine asked. “Death.” On a quiet July night in the middle of Brooklyn, five people are drawn to a run-down cafe with identical blue envelopes in their hands. From a distance, they are merely strangers that work or live near each other; Dominic Vasquez, the homeless man, Brogan Connington, the rich lawyer, Jermaine Brown, the doctor, Kai Williams, the receptionist, and Harley Rogers, the drug dealer. However, up close, they have all intermingled with each other, encrusted in each other's past. Fear only causes conflict and as the time ticks on, they become uneasy as to who or what could’ve possibly grouped them together in the small space. That is until the man comes and speaks to the group of the past, pain, and forgiveness. Long after the man is gone, the group is left in more pain and confusion than before. Now somewhat aware of how they know each other, the group tries to understand the stranger's words and what they could possibly mean. Despite the threats made by the man, the group agrees that he is lying and all leave the cafe. If only the group, five people caught in such a large, tangled web of lies and torment, had known they were wrong.

Mystery / Thriller
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Part One

Part One

The Gathering

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