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Don't blink. Don't breathe. They will always find you In which: A jacket is returned A funeral is held A girl is taken A gangleader dies Tread carefully. They are watching. They are listening. They are waiting

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Chapter 1

High Grey walls were lit by a warm glow from a small desk lamp; seated by the wooden desk was our protagonist who has yet to become the heroine of our story, for now though she sits at her desk burning holes into the colorful gift bag propped up against the shelf.


Today is the day.

I've got to give it to him today.

"You know, it's rather rude to ignore your readers like that."

Well I didn't even know I was being watched in the first place. Or read?

I am Aoife-Quinn

Just call me Aoife

Yes it is a strange name. No, my mother loved me very much thank you. It's pronounced like Ee-fa.

A special little girl deserves a special name

That's what she told me, that's what she told me to tell others too.

Now, I believe I had been glaring holes into a plastic bag a moment ago so if you don't mind, I'm going to continue agonizing over my current situation.


That's right you've only just added this book, you wouldn't know.

Uhm well, I guess we'll just jump right into it then. Ive got something I need to return. It's seems simple right?

Seems silly even, however it's not the item itself which needs to be returned, it's more to whom it needs to be returned to.

Not someone I care about, nor someone I pay attention to.

He is from a world far beyond my own, one where everyone's secrets weave them together, an irrevocable oath buried deep within themselves to keep their painted pretense just that. Constantly smiling, stepping on each other's toes and then laughing behind their backs.

They call each other friends.

I'm not them, I don't know how to pretend that the things they say are not atrocious, that the way they treat themselves is okay. Instead I chose to remain aloof. Keep my pokerface on. Ignore their existence. Not that they don't do it to me either though it's better this way.

I could've been like them.

But that's high school for you, I guess. I should just shove the bag in his face and run away as fast as I can.

"Aoife, that's rude."

True. However he is one of them.

"And yet he was nice enough to lend you his jacket."

I hate it when you're right.

Should I get a gift to say thanks? I would have to wait until after school to get one though.


No more delays, I'll just hand him the bag, all casual-like and say thanks. Like every other normal human being.

What could go wrong?

"Anything, with you."

That's it! I'm putting you in a time-out.

I rolled my shoulders and smoothed put the dreary black skirt which fell below my knees. Bag in hand I shuffled out the front door walking off to my inevitable doom.

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