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A girl as fragile as flower is pushed to a dead end. She emerges back as the strongest tsunami and a hard rock. Rely on anyone? No more. Xi Jingfei's vengeance lust.... Will it be satisfied with a few killings or will she lose herself in the process? Her only reason to continue living is Revenge. Join her in a world of violence and intrigue.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

"No!!! Please don't do this!!! They're still alive, don't burn them. I beg you. They're innocent and unknown to anything that you want, so please stop hurting them!!"

Loud shrieks of a girl echoed in the gloomy, obscure, chilly and eerie place where she was held by a group of convicts. The walls were all covered with iron nets and a handful weapons with only one door to enter and exit and one skylight to avoid suffocation in that damp place.

Helplessness, failure, terror, anxiety, hatred, and anger could clearly be felt in her voice as oceans of tears were gushing down her soft, smooth and slightly fluffy cheeks as they reflected back the light being focused on her face which blurred her vision tremendously. She was eye-witnessing the death of her loved ones, her parents, siblings and close family, tied up in a chair, unable to move, while live streaming of such a cruel and inhuman incident was being shown to her on a laptop placed on a table in front of her.

Slits, slashes and scratches were over their bodies. As the felons continued to hit them, blood glided down their each and every wound originating a mere of blood all over the place. The floor and walls of the house turned red with all types of textures around. Screams, howls and groaning of those dying people was being imprinted on the girl's heart and soul. Her mind went completely blank, her body numb, and her heartbeat utterly fast.

While she was all shattered physically, mentally and emotionally, those bastards were laughing out loud. Their leader creepily gazed at her with anger and anxiety and asked,

"So Ms Jingfei, after bursting into tears for only be able to be a bystander to witness the end of your Xi family, will you now voice out where exactly have you hidden that Hard Drive given by that bastard army officer. Maybe by doing so, you'll be able to save some of your surviving family members."

Her father yelled in an utterly painful yet unreserved and determined voice,

"It no longer matters whether you give in to them or not, the Xi family is bound to doom today. So my beloved daughter, do your duty as the Administrative Chief of City U, pay respect to the nation as a citizen and do not utter a word to these bastards or else there will be endless 'Xi families' who will have to pay the price with their blood. My child, it's your time to show if you love your country K or not, if you respect my teachings or not. No matter what they are asking you to do, DON'T DO IT!! "

A heavy metal rod hit the man as he lied flat on the floor, blood drifted out behind of his head and spilt all over the place. Jingfei screamed but to no avail.

Tears blurred her vision. Everything went black as she fainted. Her heart had turned upside down, her soul all shattered and her brain stopped working. She had lost her everything without really being the reason behind all this...

How it all had turned to this?

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