Desire to make you mine- season 1

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This is a story of a tormented girl whose fiancee sold her to be biggest enemy. This fiction is divided into two seasons. This is a popular story in wattpad. It is a completed story. Arnav and Khushi who are main lead of this fiction share a dark past. What will happen when they met in some odd situation. Will Khushi able to protect herself from a man who hated her the most or he will succeed in his plan of destroying her. The story is all about.

Mystery / Thriller
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Prologue: One night stand with a monster

Pain can be of various types. It comes from the best relationship sometimes. It is a tough capsule to swallow down and bitter to live with it. It is a most cruel punishment that crush your heart and after that no other emotion affect you neither capable to be healed no matter what.

Once damaged is done it cannot be cured. There it comes a time when you become so immune to experience the depth of pain. It is like a slow poison that kills you every single breathe you exhale. Pain by definition was so horrifying and fascinating at the same time. A weak person get suffered from others and a strong person keep repeating it beyond endurance but it will never satisfy their desire to loath the person. Love can be regain or recovered the pain but trust can never be regained once you experience the gravity of hatred. But not every person realize the consequence of pain given to others. However, when realization drawn upon them it was too late because no cause or efforts will amend the sins already committed. It is a story of two individual where both are in pain and both are suffering. A love-hate relationship of two stubborn souls.

Today is the night when everything going to change for an innocent girl who is going to become a bride of her prince charming. Khushi Gupta, a sweet bubbly girl going to married her childhood sweetheart, Rishab Singhania within some hours. Like every normal girl, she dream to have a perfect wedding and have a happy married life ahead with a love of her life. But all her happiness get brutally snatched by her own fiance . He enter her bedroom quietly without letting anyone aware of his presence and demand something that literally shaken her ground. All her happiness get shattered in an instant. Her entire world started crumbling by his awful demand. She was completely distraught and started shivering as he asked her to spend one night with his business partner. A person she don’t even recognize.

Her legs glued on the spot and tears not ready to stop. The person she love more than anything in this world, her only guardian indeed sold her body to other man exactly one day before their wedding. Nothing can be more miserable and pathetic than this.

″Khushi, Please try to understand. I have no option left. You have to do this for me, for the sake of my family, for our better future. I promise this night will not change my love for you..You will get the same respect before my eyes and after this night we will marry and stay happy like we desired. But baby for this, you have to give your body to him and sacrifice your principles for a single night.

″Enough Rishab! I don’t want to hear a single word from you. How dare you!!!!!!!!″ She shouted on the top of her lungs and closed her ears to block all out.

He move closer and pull her hands.
″I promise you baby, you losing your dignity for that man will not change my love for you but if you deny I will loose my sister forever..″ He said caressing her cheeks in a pleading yet heavy tone. She was blankly staring him. Her henna filled palms not full wet. It was adoring her beautiful palms as his bride and his name was written with bold letters in them. But does he deserve to be her husband? Was he really her prince charming? A question raised in her mind unwillingly.

″Please maan jao, khushi! Hamare liye, hamare pyaar ke liye..″ (Please agree khushi, for me, for our love)
″Pyaar?″ She smirked in pain. She looked at her hands and a small drop of tear fell on her Mehndi hearing his ugly demands.

″I am going to be your husband. You can’t say no to me!″ He commanded in a bit high pitch. She looked at him in disbelief.

″Rishab, You are so sick..″ She pushed him angrily and roughly wipe her tears.

″I never thought you could stoop so low..″ Rather than committing this sin, its better to die. She never imagined in her wildest dream such day ever came into her life. A person she thought would protect her from all evilness and destruction was only target her and pushingher into hell. She turn to walk away but his next statement stunned her.

″Payal is pregnant!″ Her eyes widen in shock. ″And the person who is responsible for her state was my business partner’s younger brother. He paused momentarily and look at her.
″Khushi, if you say no, he will never allow their marriage to happen. Payal love his brother immensely and she will die without him. Now your sister-in- law’s life was in your hands...‴ She shake her head in agitation.

″Please save my sister, khushi. She will die if her boyfriend doesn’t marry her. What about her unborn? What is her baby future without her father..? Its nothing! She will be finished..Your one nod probably save her present and future..″

″And what about my love, my dignity? How could you sold me?″ Her heart started to sink. She never imagined her fiancee with whom she supposed to take seven vows next day, wanted her to have sex with another man whom she didn’t met or ever seen.
″You tell me if anything bad happen to Payal or her baby, will you able to forgive yourself?″ He literally blackmailing her.

″I can’t do this Rish..I simply can’t..″ She started weeping. The thought of a man touching her trembled her entire being. Those two phrase ‘physical intimacy’ brought back the memories of her haunted past. Not at all, she is ready to experience the same horrified incident once again. Rishab know what she was going through but he have no other choice. For his sister happiness, he need to sacrifice his love.

″Do you love me?″ She look into his eyes and nodded lightly.

″Then trust me baby. He will not able to harm you in any way. I promised your mother when she took her last breathe that I always protect you and safeguard you in every circumstances. No one able to touch you without your will. We will find some solution..″ After a while of thinking, a thought arise in his mind. She stare at her hands as he placed a tablet in her palm.

″Mix this sleeping pills in that bas*** drink before he try to..″ He paused to gulp his sorrow. He clenched his fist and look away feeling really bad.

″Rishab, please don’t do this to me, i will die..″ She almost begged.

″We have to take this risk because he specifically told that HE WANTS YOU..″ He said with cracking voice. More than her, it was painful for him to take such drastic step. Khushi winced by these words.

″What if I failed to save myself..″ She uttered with heaviness in her voice.

″My love for you will never change always remember that and tomorrow you are going to be my bride..That’s final..″ He said straightly.

″Tolerate that man only for one night..″ Her soul was dying as he took her hand and drag her toward his car to reach his mansion. Her eyes welled up like something terrible going to happen.

″Who is he? Why he only wanted her?″ Thousands of miserable question crossing her mind and making her mad. She was very hurt by her fiance decision.

A person was seating in his king size bedroom after having sex with 3 different girls. He was slipping his wine and now all set to start the same awful act with 4th chick. The knock hit the door and a sexy women walk in. He gave a sign and she started stripping herself in front of him. When it comes to bed, he was very rough like a devil beast. It was always girls who pleasure him and he was a monster with them.

A girl was sitting on his lap, seducing him but he was least bothered to have a look at her. He was enjoying his drink with uttermost calmness. While his attention was solely on one girl who is yet to be arrived.

Her hands was trailing on his chest sexily which soon turned by her kisses. She was all naked and brushing her assets but he was least interested in her. She gave a bite on his neck and throw her nude body against him to arouse him.

She was in cloud 9 as soon as he lifted his gaze. His one look make all girls die for. Her shaking assets surely seduced him. An evil smirk appeared on his lips. He placed his leg on her shoulder and she closed her eyes in pleasure. She was about to hold his precious when he kick her which leads her to fell on the hard floor. Her expression changes in a sudden looking at his face.

Man: ″How dare you..″. She didn’t understand the sudden change in his behavior. She gulped fearfully when he took out gun and placed it on her head.

Girl: ″Please give me one chance, I didn’t bite you deliberately..″ She pleaded him apologetically and started to beg him touching his legs. But there is no mercy. She trembled more when he placed his finger to shot her.

Man: ″There is no forgiveness in my dictionary. Every girl need to learn the lesson how dangerous it was to mess with me..″ He pull the trigger and she took a sharp breathe. Then she realized it was empty.

″Don’t worry, 5 more to go..″ She was sweating.

″I will f*** you as you like but please don’t kill me! He smirked and again trigger her. Suddenly, his mobile beep was disturbing him.

″Just cut the call dammit..″ He shout. The opposite person was aware what he was doing and it wasn’t good idea to disturb him. But it was important and need to inform him.

″She is here, chief..″ He lifted his eyes in hurry. He cut the call and within a second she collapse on the floor.

″Get out..″ Without saying a word, she collect her discarded clothes and left from there. He wear his clothes and drove toward his mansion to target the only girl he crave for.


He walked in and gesture all his guards to dismiss. Taking slow determined steps, he step inside his bedroom where his lady was already present. She was standing in a middle of his bedroom with nervousness visible by her every movement. Her back was facing him. She was covering herself with a shawl in a tight grip. Her mehndi was dry by now and lips quivered.

She swallowed hard on realizing door has been locked from inside.

″Devimaiya please save me..″ She cast her eyes on a pill she was holding in her palm because her entire life dependent on them. Anyhow she need to save her dignity from this stranger. Footsteps getting nearer and nearer leading her to closed her eyes in fear. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her mind was telling her to do whatever to save and protect her loved ones but her heart was with her rich morals with which she grew older.

Person stood near her and cast his passionate eyes on her beauty from top to bottom.

″Gorgeous..″ A familiar voice hit her ear drum letting her eyes shot open. Within a micros second, he remove shawl from her body and throw it in some corner.

″Arnav Singh Raizada..″ Terror ruled her. She was shocked to see the person in front of her. Her entire body started to shake with frighten.

″Welcome back darling..″ With an evil grin.

To be continued!

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