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It is awkward is it not to be here when I should never be where it is not there in the parents home in their way trying to talk and they not into me. We loved you all the time we love you so very much there is no greater love than ours and when you leave we will be heartbroken. I hope to leave soon mum when I do will you give me some money? There is not a drop left I gave it on the holiday and none for you so you can stay and work and be worthy of a good girl hire? I am no girl guide mummy but I will try and be trying all the time thing is where Is the money going? It is love we feel for you it is just love and more of it and we love you when you were small and we love you still although a bit big. Now go and do some work before the whole house falls on our heads.

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1

Hush it is trying to be so mean and anti-social I am unaware where protocol begins and to beget a brain, I need someone to tell me this. That we who resist the system must come down and there is nothing the matter with this. I am the fond writer who feels the show must go on and then it stoops to become this monster of truth. I did not mean to harm the system the system did mean to harm me. Being the daughter of a psychopath has its upside and I am used to being this fiend wherever whatever the thing was as a child I was in the wrong and as an adult it is the same.

“Who are you?”

“It does not matter I am meaningless.”

“Why do you say that?” asked my mum in a brothel in a bother.

“I am so sorry it does not matter.”

Mother takes the fag out of her mouth then she swallows something like wine and that makes her able to see me. Okay she says you will have to earn money soon and it does me proud you take after me.

I am not proud of that I cower inside myself.

“Don’t frown child it might age you.”

She glided past me as if a fairy tale had opened up before her and she ate up herself saying deliciously one must love oneself.

I did not want her near me I did not want any part of her. I start to scream and scream.

“What did I say?” She asked.

“Not the right words.”

"“I will send you to your dad’s.” and she did. Auntie took over the contents of me speaking ill of the dead is nothing. Auntie I fear is dead and the other auntie is a replacement auntie mum.

“What did it matter they are all strange one stranger looks like another.”

“Why does it not matter me?”

“The child is now asleep and now take over I have clients and do not want her do the best with her she is not mine she is the devil’s child belongs entirely to you.” she said to daddy who took me in his arms and wept. What could he do with me he had no idea he did not want me nothing did I do was right he did not hate me he just did not want me he had a wife a family what did he want with me?

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