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Chapter 11

“What is this discussion about?”

“You tell me?”

Dad was into his girls whom he called his ladies. We were not the right family for dad had another family. His very own where he had given his name to. Calling names to someone and then the girls said if you do not participate, we will disown you. We will never speak to you unless you are married like us. That was to father? Yes, I think sometimes they made a display to others but there is nothing the matter with this is there? This is socially unacceptable we do not need such stories? But how does a man get away with it all?

Wives tell lies and if there are the social skills then there is somehow this following as if dad was a superhero or a superstar.

Family dishonour he took as an emblem and did it socially. But he had his other life with the other women who gave him kids in order to work for him. Most of the other kids are working and they have to earn a living.

This was a bit like Fagin and he made us work because we not really his family although his by blood which made us his and then what did it matter it is our children who we trust is it not to do the right things by their fathers? His spoilt children were the ones who had the rights and the rites and all the other things which they did divulge they had the circumcision the indoctrination that they were special people and that the law would forgive them.

The lad his lad was a Jack the lad who was his esteemed helper and together they have further done so much that to the cost of the cast offs and the damned that they are boiled into this jet legged togetherness. Jack the lad is his weak point. This is what is doomed is it not? The gloom and richer than ever and who are we to care when all our needs are catered for?

He kept us in strait jackets and made us into some sorry states which said we are what we do and me was a dish washer which said it best.

Jack the lad was a meticulous man who did all his lessons in apathetical order and the numbers had to be just so too. His neat hand writing was so like the Royals he was indeed groomed to take over where father left off.

It is mean is it not to think of dad as gone? But never fear Jack the lad is over there here and doing the girls just fine and we love him too. Of course, his eyes are just as scheming as dad’s are and they never do anything but earn money from doing particular things which everybody does to each other and towards this goal we have scored again and again against the girls who think an education does make them more like males. We live in a man’s world even if we have to be female to do so.

Jack the lad is never scared or frightened he has father as many children as dad has and he is in his early or late forties. We thank the lord for such man. No pun intended.

“If one is trying to take out one’s eyes out there are others who will try to help you out, I mean the world is full of people who do such a thing.” Mother always said and there is the rightness in her sayings and speaking about the things we do and say there is nothing wrong with learning.

“We have the full-blown history of the world by Gibbon and that is when historians were few.”

“Was Homer a historian?”

“No, he was a poet who told about battles and the consequences of the traumas in them.”

“Well due to them having no family counselling their relationships did end badly.”

“To put it mildly.”

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