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Chapter 12

It was their particular room our uncle/father and he had the right of his sty. He sat down and said matter of fatly not into marriage my dear?

We were sat in the long living room in the middle of the L shaped hall way which they had somehow converted and said made it comfortable. They were staring at me as I noticed how elegant it had become. The sofa which they made love in was worn out. Said auntie lethargically and they had need of a new sofa. Mum I expected to do something but she listened stoically. I went to the garden to look at the beans and then admired the fig trees and all manner of things the flowers were unique and adequate with beauty but prosaic and I wondered where the brilliance went of uncle of a man filled with promising genius? It is his success I concluded makes him less of an artist.

So, there we were sat and the son in there too sat and the family all buzzing with the enjoyments of being themselves. I did not enjoy being there but valued their money and opinion. Being a poor relation means one has to do everything possible to be known. It is annoying is it not that they wanted to publish books too?

When I startled everyone by having a book out, they wanted to know what if only they had not. I think they felt to being amused and then they read the free books and were even posher than before they liked the stories, they told me so. Then they too had to write books because it was the right thing to do to make the beast heel.

As everyone was writing books and trying to do catch on because if one is going to kick one out of the family or allow that person to die naturally.

They had to be in the right. They were very fast and efficient because they did not know me as such but a washed-up cow, they did not feel sorrow they did not feel any family feeling what they do is they think they think they are best able to do what I am doing. Why because they have family and social status. Status being everything they did it first and everyone thought of me as the cast off who had offended the father. Having done this action against them there is not much to answer but he my maker so he has the right to do what he cares to do.

Humans are naturally cruel and they do it right by themselves or their enclosures.

If there is no law and order then this chaos persists this disorder persists it is not only conscience which help to keep order there has to be someone a law someone who cares enough to see what the disguises which the new makeup artists are capable of and come and see what they do and do. People like me failures and the damned who do not much all day but fear. Jack the lad and the dad who went and did what he could to destroy us and the family.

“But that is not true why would he do such a thing to his own children?”

“I do not know read Sade.”

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