Hush it is trying

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Chapter 13

I was speaking about the chaos in the room of the mind and the chaos in society and how everyone felt normal and abnormal at the same time. As everyone now was sweating with rage, I had the fearsome threat that someone might fall over.

When there is chaos it usually starts in the small group within the group there is an individual who perhaps feels let down. That the let downs and put me downs did happen but it is not so simple as that. Because there was someone she had to pretend did not exist for her own sake as well as his.

She fell and fell for the very image of the past but there was nothing she could do now being this ugly beast of burden whom everyone was making fun of. She just slumbered in her mad coma and let the years pass as if in a dream. She did not feel the decays nor the would be push and pull of life what she felt was the urge to give something back for the time she had. Everyone said she had not long to live not long to be because she was so good and she was so used to this being the truth that she felt it in her skin. What she did not understand that life is a continuum and there is nobody who wins and everyone is a somehow in the end in a box being carried as if into something less.

We did not tick all the boxes said the editor and then the boss and then life. I did not tick all the right boxes perhaps? No need there is no need for people who do not tick my box. She said and did not even speak loud she just sacked me from the living and I became the living dead.

How unkind or unjust is that? But that is the way of life and there is nothing one can say which will change that the rich get richer and richer by being that if you do not tick the right boxes then that is that.

Chaos leads to small attacks until they become mass attacks some have heart attacks some get thugs and some are never the same beasts which they had begun in. Some have the folly taken out of them by force and some say force is me. I am nothing I swear but this revenge this anger speaking truth makes me feel discomfort we are all confronting ourselves our lives and what makes us all tick when the tick comes we do not tick right like it or not the clock is ticking down to the minutes and some are coming up minus instead of plus.

“I did not know.”

“I could not have known was a superstar did not see anything but the lights.”

“Some bosoms too?”

“Where is the heart of mine where did it leave and go towards some obscene time?”

“leave it alone there is no poetry in life.”

“In strait jackets even, poems are in jackets.”

“We have like for like sales.”

“Being vulgar means, you are less talented.”

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