Hush it is trying

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Chapter 14

I needed a glass of water but the man locked outside trying to get in and begin the hand over from my depth into his trivia made me madder than anybody could say.

“We do not understand why is she imposter?”

The shush sounds came there was an embarrassing cough.

“I had had enough was sad and then fled into this other life and became this other person and just the same things began to happen again. I was aghast for the copies which they had made of me and her they wanted acted out. So, the sorry states became permanent and I did not yell I did not even scream?”

“There is nothing we can do about this?” someone asked in the gallery.

It is over rated the English society and social climbing we are all standing where we were unless we steal other people’s ideas then we rocket to the moon.

What we cater for is badness and crooks.

That is right if we were anything else, we would never get on and who is saying this? The right thinkers the people who matter. People who matter say and seek the right crooks that they have to be otherwise it is over for society some manners of restraints and decorum must be made. So, the folly is to expect our young not to copy our odd behaviour. Knife crimes on the rise and the towering things called caught out and then must resign and then climbing onto another job and then being this beastly self-satisfied thing who got away with it all.

“Morality is boring let us fling ourselves to the winds.”

There is not much to speak about but being a crook like Fagin is the health diet we cater for he is good because he got away with it. If caught then Jack the Ripper.

“I am not wrong.”

“No, you are right.” said someone nearby as they went into the shadows again.

“I do not fall into a box and groups do not like me.”


“They are hurried with people.”

“Crowded and overburdened with food and drink I can’t eat certain foods and drink is forbidden as fall asleep.”

“If one does not sleep then one talks too much and the literary thugs are all witty.”

“Go and lie down the doctrines of this place is we are all happy.”

“Otherwise there is no purpose if one is not happy then one must be sick.”

“Sickness is curable just like unhappiness?” I asked the lady doctor who was treating me because I was in love with her husband and not her.

The lay person might not care for all this?

But rather than be a bore I was bred to see through things.

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