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Chapter 15

“Who are these people?” asked this man my someone once.

" They are family.”

Auntie was speaking to them all as if the last chance had come as if this was the final point of recoil as if they had sunk in their last pitch to lose would be unspeakable not to be thought of. That they never lost on a land deal which they had been consumed by, that they either married or killed to have what they so designated as their own. For many years this was their way and their only point which set them on a true cause of being reformed characters from the hells which set them for the pivotal of right and wrong. Or robbed. if they did not have their way, they would never ditch never leave their dog like affections were hurt in fact would say that their wayward client or the victim was in that way inclined. To be unkind to them and their growing needs to empty the pockets and place them where they were more usefully employed.

No argument would suffice nothing would induce them to let or leave alone.

They would hurry not at all they wanted something they had to have it.

Their darling boy was spent waiting for the long-delayed flight and he had been submerged in the sun as he was growing bald it mattered because he did not have his hat. He had been in there waiting when the flight between the Turkish republic and the Cypriot did not make it that he was growing uneasy or wary it did seem like hard work. He like his brothers did not care for work that was the reason he was in such a hole a jam which money make it right again. He would or did not want to waste his time with the bitch but there was nothing to do but do just that.

“When will she land the lad has been waiting for her for ages and she has not landed what an unkind to think that easy jet was delayed just when she on board. Thank the lord she did not get to Cyprus but once a year and then the waste of time being polite when she liked everyone and did not only say the right words but looked charmed by them all. I thought they did not see me as this other woman who had some abilities but nothing doing you are just a bag of bones ready for the trash said my cousins and they meant it for what is a woman who never been married but that?

“We are likable because someone loves us no matter what.” Swarmed their wives and speaking in a bikini made their point.

“We are charming we are charming because we are married to these guys.”

I thought about it came to the conclusion they in some bliss.

The thing was doing it appal me that most of them wearing bikini’s and shorts and having sorted them in my mind what does a woman do who is married and when she has to flaunt it what make is, she?

“We are married.”

“Husband the boss is going to fork out some investment capital you can lay hands on.”

He carts her off to their bed room and they do what they like. But where is the sense in starting to share what they do in bed when they do not like each other? His wife has tried to kill him for a number of years yearning to be off. I am not speaking out of turn when they are giving me a yarn about their families. That they distanced themselves from the reality of being the human. That the human heart is not inside that heart that gold and the Midas have stolen their heart.

“We love sex.” said she in an uncanny manner.

I just did not know what to say so said nothing. He just nods.

What an unkind thing do they think they living in Dallas?

“Because we are married, we can do what we please.” she says being carried off like a baby. She I thought must have a baby doll somewhere. She did her grandchildren came and then the daughter spoilt as she spoke against shops and trade. She put her nostrils in the air and made as if I was dirty and cheap. But now it was over. I was still at the airport ready to board and something told me not to be in a hurry maybe miss the flight. If I miss the flight, I can be somewhere else. But where came the questions where can you go and who do you belong to? But could not do such a thing because needed a rest.

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