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Chapter 16

I reserved on my phone a plane ticket and said something texted and the show began. Narrow escape said someone we thought we would be corrupted by seriousness and issues and discourse but the man in the locked room saved us from losing our humour.

I must have said something I can’t remember.

In the Airport at Stanstead I had such a time and that meant for the first time I spent my own money and owned my own time. I did not have to answer when anyone called except for the boarding pass there was no problem.

I took photos did not even go down stairs went on the escalator spent time looking and then wondering what I had seen the shops all alike made me think that they not as smart then the coffee machines the buzz the humbled passengers all out not to spend their hard-earned money. Cash they seem to be saying we have cash we have to spend time and money for the next two weeks because we are on holiday and that means we are happy as we wander alone in the same Mac Donald’s and make the same money spinners go. What and do I care if this are still England when the Mac Donald’s charges three times as much?

Flower arrangements and then this and that we are spoilt for choice some buy perfume and look so loved and then others buy a cuddly toy and look as loved. We are going to have a smashing time because the perfume costs so much more in fact it is a trade mark and we are glowing with the wit and the disposition of having conquered the foolish lack of expense.

“It will make me feel good to smell so much nicer than anyone else.” I do not think so she is flaunting it. The man might not come back when he comes back, she is so enchanting to him. I stare not at them but notice that there are hostilities somewhere. A group are stood by watchful for my space. I mean how dare an individual have a seat when they having spent so much more money deserve the damn thing.

“We are loved.”

“They seem to be shouting that all the time. I ask myself why I am in such a crazed world when the word is love.

We love behaving in such a manner. My sister brings her own sandwiches to these places and she has a better holiday I think I go and spend the money on a sandwich which costs me a deal. The thing was famished but said my sibling after I went and did it again and again the food is served on the plane total waste of money. I think she has a point but it is mine my own money. What an idea what an idea that I spent my money unwisely as my sister would say because I did something wrong. I am always in the wrong being robbed does nothing to me it makes me less smart. I sit guilty as hell as I binge on the thought. I am not even sorry when I leave them in there with their cheese pinching manners and their new carnage and then think what the hell, they are just like the extended family they are all greedy as hell.

“All after my money?”

“But I don’t have any such thing.” I swear on everything I hold dear had to work and work and there is nothing but the house and land there is not much else. What I am is inside these deeds. “Don’t share that information with anybody.” I speak to myself they are all crooked.

“We are better than you.” they said firmly as they never charged mother as she needed them to look after her.

“We are better and more able than ever you were you are a serious study a mental patient.”

“Well you did not notice that before?” I said in some composure.

I feel so guilty I fear to sit down just in case I spend too much money. The seats are free. I am so relieved. But the thought keeps on coming that someone would charge for them soon they are so highly sought out for and someone is sitting on her own suitcase and looking at me. I am not unused to being stared at because I am odd.,

I get up and leave the sandwich is eaten.

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