Hush it is trying

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Chapter 17

I went to the airport in a taxi and leapt onto the junk food thinking it might save me.

The airport was not dishonest that is what it is about the money spent well deserved and then they let one go. These things who are family they rob you then you are spoilt on how to die. Because they can’t afford for the life inside you to tell or share on what they did the harm that they done to you.

“We harmed you because we love you.”

“We are only thinking of you when we do lock you inside for good.”

“We are your family.”

Nothing unusual happens to me ever I am the same woman I have been for a number of years and time has passed me by.

This is the root I have got into this is the routine. This is what I am doing now enjoying the bliss the bliss of being in such a place as this lousy airport trying to make time stand still and become meaningful in my meaningless existence.

So, having spent the money on a sandwich I was now at the departure lodge. I denied myself the solace of ice cream and then went out and bang on bought water.

The busy airport being submerged by people ready to board the plane then I too spent time looking for the boarding pass and was told that I may sit at the middle which I had told never again they always placed me in the middle.

I said nothing about this and went in and sat down and then silently slept.

“What will happen now I thought?”

“What can happen they have done everything to make me feel like they are having such fun.”

“They are not being somehow rude and obnoxious?”

“Why if they are mama said they had a good reason my unreasonable behaviour at not marrying made them sit up straighter than ever.”

“We feel for you.”

“I felt it too.”

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