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Chapter 18

This year possibly I will have a better time with them and they can welcome me out with better presents. I am hopeful that they may. I do not think I am onto a losing thought my thoughts are always positive about them. The family with many things on their minds and they all into presents but never going without for my own. I am sorry to say I was disappointed in my presents. I did not make the right returns had nothing to speak to them about the only thing was they seemed to be more upset with me than before.

“Look honey you ruined our son.”

“By doing what?”

“By not marrying him and this is not helping your case.”

“I will not marry a man who is married and loves his wife.”

“He did not he did not know what love was.”

“I am sorry to say but he did love his wife and I did not love him not in that way.”

“You are so silly.” That was the balding one whose wife was into bikinis and had gone totally off. I meant no harm she would say I am being educated so that I know what to do and conform and behave well.

“Well middy what an idea we are now so well behaved we are above the situations which God placed us. As mothers we should know not to leave our children to burn the house down nor their brothers.”

“That her daughter was so fed up with looking after the brother she settled into making his life hell and between them they nearly burnt down their bedroom. If their uncle had not been down to see them the whole thing would have gone up in smoke.”

“No nothing doing we did nothing of the sort.”

When matters are all lies.

“Learn your lines the thing is learn your lines what lies on your hands are the rumours the rundown hack.”

“That was last year I said to myself this year I am loaded with presents and they can have the whole suitcase and they will be so unpopular with the rest of the family I will never be asked again. I will also tell them most of the stuff came from the Big Issue and that will make them very annoyed.

Having this pleasure to anticipate but first I had not to share this unkind information and then the next was to keep a straight face. But when the thing was inside me, I just wanted to bubble. The thing was once they had begun to settle into giving me the graciousness and we are wealthy what did it do to me a mere dishwasher who was getting bad hands because of over using the soap water?

I had painful memories of my legs going under as I tried to walk and that makes me such a sweet child now such a sweet heart. I asked for this holiday did I went there willingly because there was a score to settle.

I kept myself decent all my life and then this story came upon me they had sat on my inheritance all our lives made us work unnecessarily so they could beam at us all?

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