Hush it is trying

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Chapter 20

This place is deserted unappreciated depreciating in values and what else can go wrong with life as we know it? They built on the mountains homes and the air is pollutions. They smoke tree life out and then like busy bees come and build there is no more air left to breath.

Along the weedy trees, endless sunshine and the windswept islanders who consumed their time while dying slowly not from want but from intellectual stimulation which they did get. They got by. They got by. They made ends meet by masking their true intellectual abilities and seeking the things which would destroy normal society. Flies in the kitchen and that woman would catch it while cooking and make a joke of it. Water being scarce they had to use the bowl for the spring vegetables. To pass the time they did what they could. They did nothing but plot and scheme how to increase and multiple their scarce resources. That way they would feel that they did something.

Uncle a former police man was there seeking the new things because his life was a failure, he felt it in his sons they were pack of useless beasts whom he fed. His rage increased by the drinking of some sorry sugary substance which increased his rages and decreased his understanding. The men were unable to see what would happen to them because senile dementia starts this way in just this manner.

I did not want to speak about what was going on and they did not ask. Because the consequences of being disrespectful would have been bad.

So, a shell of their dad was speaking to them and they answered back because it was tradition to respect the elderly. The wise men set sail to lose a lot of money because of it. I was not told about this and there was no evidence about such doings.

There is this thinking behind them what has happened to them is they have become somewhat consumed by evil and the devil in them. I can only say when they see someone slightly not like themselves, they go to gorge on their property. No not in our group not like us we are never behind the times we know how to steal as anyone in Europe.

“We will rob that woman or bitch and she will not even notice.”

“Yes, pa I am not going to marry her?”

“No, she refused you already.”


“What is the matter with my sons, wife?”

The lady of the house comes galloping in and sharing her thoughts without much insight. The former policeman who had many cases now retired and growing portly and poorly did not see what a nuisance the thinking he had could be to them. So, he persevered. We can’t preserve the family estate without her. It is essential that we do what we can and speaking about the boys they were men now able to be men?

“Well show your charms.”

“We have tried that sir.”

“Well what did it amount to?”

“Gave us a meal.”

“On the house?”

“Sort of.”

“We wonder where you all louts went wrong there is this daylight robbery going on and you hoodlums have no idea what a thug like that would ask for the lands when she inherits.”

“I am sure no one will want her now pa she is not nice and her hair has gone.”

“What on earth does that have to do with anything we have the ace and we can marry her and have her and what did you not see is that she is near and she has some wits and she can be very useful to me.”

“So, all of you married or not stay put.”

“What will our wives say?”

“They did nothing but spend our money.”

“But they might say?”

“Tell them to shove it.”

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