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Chapter 21

We now the most ridiculed nation in the world. Bad publicity for our manhood there is eyes watching you and that will make us the most ill willed towards you. I what had been and had been than somehow this joke had the right skills to deal with their grief for it is that was it not? The men were shocked and ill with their concerns. But when the brains have not much of it left what did happen? Let me seek the past as it was.

This which were half grown because of the constancy of climate change. The fires which everybody did and made loving haste with to increase because they would have the barbecues in the outdoors. The sea the sea where we lived on that Island as if we the lover of that sea and the sea so clear and gorgeous one can see the fish as they swam but the swarming beasts did not understand that we fed on them.

I am sorry but I am sad I am sadder than anyone can say because the beastly self-did not help me out. I am this fool this fool and then what did it make me? Somehow the other me which had grown to hide me the self which I had opened now hidden under a cloak of demeanour which said hands on still on and keeping the sparkle glowing.

What hate had got inside me which then left me alone and then maddened me? They said gently tell me sorrowfully what life is like for you? Not sharing not daring there is nothing to say nothing to tell.

I am this a literary student.

We are all that comes from the thinkers of a generation. This worthiness this worthy thought we thought we had it all now we were destitute the man had left the woman sad and alone wasting her life. I thought and the easy years had fled and made me feel as if I had crumbled insane unable to think and feel and there was no one to turn to except myself. The thinking was growing except myself.

When someone is so sad and melancholy a holiday is the answer, I said it out loud so booked my ticket and left fled England and its greyness and all that. I had looked for a long time to be so independent my cousins came and collected me there seemed to be nothing but this and that. One off moment came when the cousin said luckily there are not many kilometres to our destination because then it might mean going to the station. I paused I had not thought offered to buy him patrol the least I could do.

“No, it is okay. Maybe next time.”

I had not realised that the family had become so much poorer and then fled from the thought I would give them a couple of hundred for my upkeep should be ok?

There is an edginess in my cousin he is a man who had set the net curtains on fire as a child and I did not even want to speak to him normally. His name was Ahmed and he did not like me because I had put him in a room and locked the door and went for a walk and he now had a phobia of closed spaces.

He just drove on glaring at me and then glancing at his watch someone was expecting him and he did make it on time we did not talk as he kept on driving there was nothing but a taxi driver in his attitude and I did not speak or tried not to.

Something was up and my alarm bells were ringing and the thing was off it set me off it set me there I was too old to be proposed too? What was the driving mean and was he taking me somewhere I did not want to be?

But I was relieved when auntie came looking her usual calm self with the same oblong features and the bun tied on her head.

Her forced welcomes had me always in some stitches because I could swear auntie was on something to be able to bear the weight of all that work. 15 farming Sahara’s and then the workload and five sons and many grandchildren so auntie was constantly doing with that smile on her face.

Her son glowered and fled.

“Ahmed what are you doing not giving me a kiss?”

Ahmed said nothing at all. He gave her a peck on the cheek and then fled for good.

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