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Chapter 23

We are trying to do something useful and good and being the foolish people, we are we are doing it all wrong. I meant no disrespect but when a cousin is asking me for matrimony and he is already married it makes no sense.

Look we found a clause in their marriage it is wrongful marriage they are not legal.

“Botheration.” I said underneath my breath they have now the clauses and ten to one they will be spoiling for this and that.

So unexpected to after many years of living as husband and wife the husband is now free and can do away with his wife and the mother of his children and live his life.

“God is great.”

The useful thing about this was the tensions which had mounted went out of the household and the two girls were ordered to live with their grandparents as their home now dimmed too unfit for purpose.

“You are to be their mother.”

“Me?” I asked in some dismay.

I had got along with the girls they were nice girls but the nastiness always lay underneath them if crossed. A girl or girls when they are used to being with their mother is nasty when some idiot comes along trying to take over.

Uncle has not lost it has he I thought?

“Well I am giving him diet coke instead of coke.” said his wife. Diabetic and he on diet cola it must be alright?

“Because we do not recognise the marriage.” said his besotted dad in some manner called unreason but that is wrong. I said it and say it again I told the fool as we were driving and he driven he said he would lose everything if he did not marry me. I said I would lose everything if I did.

“He is our only remaining son.”

“The heir and all that now our troubles are over.”

“No not him come on. He is deaf he is not only my cousin but he ambles along he is always not right in the head since you dropped him auntie you should not have done that sort of thing.”

“Myself I am not into marrying.” I said quietly.

“We will hold a long engagement.” said auntie in her new engaging manners.

I could feel the girls hearing this and thinking and thinking that their mother would be dead and buried somewhere and they in some sort of sorry filth.

I smiled at them as they ashen came downstairs and had their breakfast.

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