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Chapter 24

“Let my boy Hasan drive you.” said auntie. They say in our family let the captain of the ship save his own ship. They had put us in such a hole when we were growing and this was the words which they used as they socialised and made our lives a misery. So, having sorted my thoughts about, there was nothing to do but to be so and so with the things. That Hasan was a jerk and I was sort of fond of him because his parents kept on dropping him too. That he had learning difficulties but I thought he was one of those people who are unexpected and was nothing to do with the rest of his family.

Patrol money too being sorted the thought came to my mind what was the family doing they never part with such a stuff? Being slightly uneasy made me fidget and all that. There is not much in me I did not like the thinking what if there was something sinister up for grabs. Hasan did not only smile he felt now more able to deal with it.

My weight problem was such and then Hasan said if the seat went then he would need a new seat. That being sorted he went on to claim the money. He knew his parents too well.

“What about the patrol he was saying only the other day the patrol runs out every time he does so?”

“We will pay for the patrol.” shouted his parents.

“Dad has proposed that you be wife.”

“How? You married already.”

“Look Hasan I do not have any money so there.”

“They seem to think you do.”

“Look what is it about?”

He gave me a look then kept his eyes on the road.

I was thinking about telling him this there seemed to be some mistake a misunderstanding.

I thought about it the thing was it was rotten that now he had the money for the patrol. I did not ask to be the object of such a ridiculous offer.

In the car and to add to my injuries it felt safe.

So, we drove to where I wanted to go and then Hasan said asked and then was relieved too.

“You see I think dad has lost it.” He said out loud.

I knew better than to agree aloud.

I thought about how many men had proposed to me but never before did they bargain up front.

He took what he did and then I remembered he always did.

“You never give me things.” He said out loud.

“I will not look Hasan I do not have much money.”

“Don’t you?” He smiled in a nasty manner as if assuming the role of his family who were all of them into some mean streaks.

“Honest I don’t know if I do, I am washing dishes and cooking most of the year this is when I am supposed to be a lady.”

“My wife is a good cook too.”

I redden for some reason he knew how to make me feel unwanted or was it uneasy. Then the wheel nearly went into his hand and he fell out of love.

“Okay.” he said.

“I told you that wheel would come off if you held it like that.”

He gave me a side way look and then we drove back while driving back. The discourse turned into something unexpected which was a delight to me and hell to everyone else.

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