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Chapter 25

I see that one of the girls is engaged. He smiled an engaging smile and then said it was ok with him as the girl had many things on her mind and he was being obliging as to turn her thoughts to good honesty. I said don’t you mind that your daughter is a machine now? No takes after the mother.

“But Hasan she is only fourteen.”

“That is right take them when young then they will not have it out with all.”

“Look Hasan that is not good a father does not say such a thing.”

“I do.”

“I do not wish for my daughters to be on everybody’s lips.”

I misunderstand not at all was it my fault that the family had reversed to marrying at fourteen?

He was being stubborn and they do say when he makes his decision, he never changes his mind. I am all for purpose and all that but when it comes to behaving in such a fashion, I went mildly sad. I sat silent he looked at me sideways and then said something and we smiled again.

“Cousin elder cousin.” He said with respect.

“What is it?”

“We need your help.”

“Help why do you need me for?”

“I need you to do something for me and my wife it is so important for us.”

“What is it?”

“Help the children to escape from their grandparents house.”

“They can come in and out?” I should have said that should not I but I said no such thing I went looking on to the dirt road and did nothing much but think.

“How on earth is it that you are in such a circumstance?”

“I depend on them.”



“Yes, hell why not.”

I am almost happy. I think about the things which would make me less than happy to be where I was then. I would do good and be able to be happy at the same time. I was not a fool I did not see it though there it was a woman does something and does not know the consequences immediately. Because the Turks do not forget or forgive and there it was me alone trying to help and I felt it too. I was hyper there it was hyper excited and then I was a glowing. Well cousin did not kiss me but I could see he a happily married man for a reason.

“Woman is woman.” his look seemed to be saying he did not only despise my excitement but was using the thinking the words he needed a woman to fix him. His mother did not seem to care he said so and I answered I know she dropped you and you nearly died. He reddened. He had no idea I knew. There is hatred in his stance. I said something to divert his attention because he was driving and there might be an incident I thought.

After the interesting ride we were at his parents’ house again. His mum was satisfied after seeing my face.

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