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Chapter 26

Then he suggested what to do about the whole thing his money running low and his girls were on sale what was he to do?

“Sale humans are not sold.” He gave a grin he leered or tried to.

“Let me think now let me think.” I said and he said there was an impasse he could not think and he disagreed that if he thought he would come up with something that was not nice and would look not good at all.

“Then do it for God’s sake.”

“Don’t you love me?”

“As a first cousin not as a woman a wife. Silly fool I am very fond of you but no.”

“Then I have a plan.” He always was good and thorough with planning, “But I need your help.”

“Don’t worry I know what to do just give me the signal and the girls are yours.”

The daughters all under age were living with the parental home and they did not want to be carted off to Istanbul and sold off to the whore house. Their mother being in that way sold made them uneasy. So, we thought and thought and I said would you all be safe afterwards?

“Yes sure.” said cousin under his breath.

“If I get them out of the house the rest is safe.”

“I can do that.”

“Are you sure?”

He drove a while.

“I always had a soft spot for you.”

“I know I have a spot too but not there.”

“I love sex.”

“Well you married the right partner my son.”

He smiled.

There is always this jokiness about our chatting and he is driving his old car in a safe manner he does not seem to be anything but careful and the dust from Cyprus will never settle on that old ramshackle car.

“Will you be clever enough to beat pa?” he asked awed.

“No nothing doing I am being nothing of the sort who will do all the work the girls and you. Now behave drive slowly and let me walk to the house is it tonight?”

“I have to speak to the wife.”

“Ok speak to her and then tell the girls.”

“Why not you?”

“No not me just tell the girls and tell them in some devious manner otherwise you will have to pimp them in Istanbul.”

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