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Chapter 27

That night was the thing he said he needed a wife because he loved sex and he did not want his wife going to some brothel where she would do it full time. As he said it out loud, I saw he was so much involved and he just said simply I want my family back I do not care about the immortals of it all. She is my family with the girls.

“Nights are lonely and still you did not buy me a video tape and that makes it not right you just did not care.”

“Look there was nothing the matter with you getting the video machine yourself.”

That had not occurred to him.

I said so loud that he jumped, “what is up with you why not just take the children for some ride?”

He reddened.

Father knows the law he had been an official of that law and they can lock me up. Hasan said this simply. I know he has been inside. There is a flash an image of a shot gun and I know he is not as calm as he seems to be.

Ok honey I thought here is the jam here is the thing what is up with me not thinking what had happened to the woman I had been who had been insightful of others pain?

“I will help you.”

“I knew you would.”

“I think the girls would have to be packed and ready and then I will do what I can.”

“I can’t thank you enough.”

“Don’t thank me ever don’t say anything because the thing is if I do mess it up, I am not responsible. Just let me feel and think about the entire situation.”

“Yes ok.” he said there is something is it not that in a grand household the children have to be rescued? The thought did not entertain me as such there was not much to speak about the filth the dirt and all that because he had slept with the daughter in law for money. He had to pay for it? Most of them do not.

“Look most of them into such behaviour it is the norm.”

“Nothing doing we are sober and decent honest.”

“Trivia it is lies.”

“I just lay flat out in some sort of psychic energy.”

I am now refreshed I thought renewed or something? I blushed it is so embarrassing something not right.

“Are you telling me everything?”

“Why not what why?”

Then I realised he had exchanged his wife for me. I thought that would make a good joke. It is madness is it not? I know the score I thought there is nothing the matter with all that is there. I know the score that if I am unable that will happen to the wife if able then I am in danger too. I am a beast and a woman with proper feelings. I make a snide remark to what he said what he said about me. I made a pack and there is not much left but that, The words now meaningless drifting into the sands of time.

“I am grateful for all this?”

I have not much my eyes are red and there is a glare from the sunshine I seek not much from life but this was going to be an act requiring courage.

“Okay. Do not go on about it.”

I knew that the whole of the sons would be not only there but ready to ambush this cousin of mine whom I had somehow rescued and this then was the total of my rescue. I did not speak again. I knew also that it might be a trap but I had to trust this man I had to treat him with respect because he was a father who had settled into some pornography not with his own children but with the wife.

I thought he knew what I was thinking he did not only look stony but he looked well behaved as if his brains were in full function. I did not make the mistake of speaking I thought he had to concentrate. We both had to. We had two children to rescue.

I would not be allowed to go to Istanbul otherwise would be sold outright to some brothel.

That the thinkers in the family think that is where a good woman belongs. I was annoyed my annoyance did not allow to show.

I am shovelling down their throats and all they think of is to sell me to Istanbul I would show the whole damn lot.

First the children were allowed to escape then what did it mean to us to the whole family when the baby was there being cared for and the two girls and their grandmother saying she over worked with the whole damn lot and needing to go and be cared for. I am not a care home I said.

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