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Chapter 28

Because they are a nice family they went ahead with the deal. They sold me again? I had been in Cyprus for another holiday when the set deal was done and was told I should join another cousin on a journey to Istanbul. No more sell outs and who is constantly buying me? I am past it and what and if any value? What is to do with me besides there is not much left I am gone. What is left of me is over and done with and I am over done like crispy bacon.

I should have not sold but did not go because the thing was had no money. I had spent the money on jewellery and stuff and nonsense as mother said afterwards.

What a deal what a raw deal. Family traditions are the best on offer they can save lives. I said to myself as I bought the jewels in haste otherwise would have left for Istanbul.

“No one can I trust as this is a thing which they said is a fiend and nobody loves me at all.”

The connections were broken and then what did it matter when I have nowhere to go back home and in the house in England the matter is resolved or set to settle.

In England they are never in numbers trying to con and take what is never going to happen to them. Nothing doing said my sister there is brothels in England too. How she knew I could not see but the thing was when she sat down with her man and plotted me dead, I was past caring for her and all the things. What is wrong with me? I do not know I think I am just over wrought with nervous exhaustions.

“That B knew all this?”

“She even knew the pimp.”


“Poor soul.” I replied gently.

It is because it happens only in Istanbul and Cypriots and them people never to people who are like me nicer than nice.

“So, someone has pooed on my white concrete and I did what I could to clean it up.”

There is nothing the matter with this is there?

No one has any understanding about me as I am deemed to dim-witted to understand what is really going on. I do not because nobody has told me what it is, they want.

“Your roses are less blooming.” said one cousin.

“We want you to become a whore.”

“Do not be a bore.”

“She is one already.” said the cousin who had set the curtains on fire.

They are all of them something I thought.

Hasan dear child could not he have done the right thing and stood up to be a man? No, his dad would have shouted at him. None of them are.

“Sold and resold yes I am this constant sold out.” I thought to myself bitterly.

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