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Chapter 29

What is this about the betrayal? I did not feel at all unloved or betrayed what I did was common sense and decency. When the familiar is no longer true and the unfamiliar is the thoughts which never was. I am the fondness which everyone thought was the reality of being. “You are a beast,”

“The thing is about betraying a woman who went to have a rest and then tried to rob her of her only thing. Why are these men like that? But it is not only the men is it? The women the wives are just as bad because if they do not, they are next in line or their kids are. Well behaved we are so well behaved and well groomed.

This is where we must all crash and seek advice from the sane.

Because they are corrupt, they worked for the government as body guards and were highly thought about and now they have begun to scavenge round me as if meal ticket as if a meat.

“This is not a hotel we all work here.”

“It is family?”

A working family what on earth does it make me?

I too was over worked I said and now want to have a holiday.

“Well even the wife cost me a fortune then she gave me what I needed a lease in England.”

“People are watching us and you.”

“Wandering if there is a cloud on the silver lining.”

“Wondering if you lost your way?”

“Found out you have no sense of direction so where are you now?”


What on earth does one say about such behaviour?

So, the thing was an idiot had to be fucked and another idiot was a senile old man and his sons had to carry the plan because it was his last wish before he died.

“You see the football team always in there playing one against the other and certainly they almost win or score even and that makes me happy.” said dad.

I was not in a team. I did not know he said I had been in that team for some years.

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