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Chapter 4

The low life that you come from said his former spouse. This alerted me to the facts when the low life comes into the establishment and are given a modicum of behaviour what do I say? I am not being rude. Lows and the lowest point of all is when we are alerted to the facts of life and find we got it all wrong. You got it wrong because you over spent our money. When our knowledge is the factual thinking where is the time to pass all our examinations since the doctor takes centre call. Go on sick pay get more money we hold you accountable for the food and the things in the house we owned you.

“Slave I am a servant?”

“Yes.” They say even more severe but salivating.

“We are under pressure to conform and make the best of ourselves.”

“I am to serve all these delicate ladies?”

“Add the men too.”

“Father following me around does not help because the lack of morality hurts me.”

Neighbours curious gossips hitting them and there are nobody’s asking the right questions. “Do not worry it is the same gang.!”

“When a child is lazy and has not much on her brain this is what happens to her.” said dad very severe even more so than all of them put together.

“You do not earn money so here is the thing we do not pay you anything.”

“You left home and returned.”

“I had no prospects but a maid in a hotel with a man coming from the bathroom naked.”

“It is an impossible thing to have come back. Why come back at all?”

“I did not want a man coming out naked from the bath room I have a delicate sensitivity.”

“What is that everyone earning their living somehow.”

“I am sorry.”

“Well so you should be.”

I thought this is not going anywhere.

“I want to be happy.” I said to the teacher and she did not mince along with the lesson.

People went for half time and ordered their beverages and then the queues were dumping ground for cups and plates and all the waiters and waitresses begun to look gloomy.

Then refreshed by commercial break they came back to hear another number story.

People do over react. I mean the case of a child having no mathematics and then taking the teacher to the court is one of these. I mean the teacher has to teach no matter what he or she does to do so. When the parents have the rites of no self-control and think that petitions and more spoiling would do the trick it does not make the teachers job any easier. I was never cruel to my teacher when they cared I did my best I am disabled what does that kid have is spoiling. That people’s lives now more filled with spite than ever before there is a law and that is what it does it means what it says there is no room for something unkind when there are various ways of teaching but the family have gone too far and they are nothing to do with parenting. What do parents do they have to make sure not to spoil the child and never to spark a riot.

I can see mamas and papas rushing towards the school gate with banners and then making the poor teacher who went to all them courses and seeking justifications? Well is there? Why does it happen when a child can manipulate that way, he is the hero? Fire said the mischievous child and then the rush of aid but when the child was really on fire there was no one there.

Children will always almost certainly be naughty but the adults should say sane and wise things. So, hurry there is the meticulous metrics and then the systematic abuse of them and we left standing as the world is in yippee. So, who does maths better? We don’t I have dyslexia and there is somehow this panic and there is not much to say speak to me child who are you and why did it happen? The teacher just after a busy day lost it and the child said it meant so much harm to his constitution that he had to have it out of teaching.

“Governing bodies must come and go and there will be heads on roll call to see if the child has been permanently damaged by the sarcasm of the teacher.”

“So, the 15,000 petitioners went to the polls and we are here today trying not to cry.”

“You see when the dad did that to that child?”

“No names named.”

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