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Chapter 5

I had to philosophise in order to make their time more worthwhile.

“Life is not made up of superheroes or villains it is made up of smallish people trying to live and be. That some are famous is a coincidence a success story is a good thing but the values of today’s society are one from which we might not recover we are numbers game. The higher the numbers the greater the thinker.”

" But the thing is what is it about in India there is a lot of people do they influence the West? Is it about numbers in the end? Or is it quality itself?” I wandered from the point but there must have been this thought germinating in me.

“We are most definitely now the most disgusting people on the planet.” said someone even more severe and leapt off the platform unable to live. Anne do not go.”

This is from Anna Karena and you might seek her doctor to see why she took her own life.

From various times from our lives have you done your disguise and made up in the new make-believe world where everyone is so fond of you? Being the star in your own show and there is nothing but feeding for you.

I feared that there was something disagreeable about her inclinations she had nothing no society would have her.

“Bravo.” Tolstoy was told.

“He told what society is really like.”

“I have told about it too nobody seems to be applauding but are appalled.”

“Still living author.”

“I am not going to ogle with death.”

“What about me?”

Here is the wife you said satisfied and there was not much left but to pick at the bones. There she is robbing the world of the poor from their ambitious selves because she is the only one with the elves.

Women today not only rob but have justice beside them.

“Honey no need.”

“Every need.”

Plucking till we dry you out then we mince the words and make it out as us. Because we are richer than you abler and our friends are forever, they change the lines and makes it truth the lies then become what we are used to being odd like me makes them tarty and unable to concern themselves about such a weak creature who does not know her place. I mean no lack of respect but we know who we are.

“No, she does not she is unable even to tell the time when 12.”

“We know she stupid back then we never change our minds.”

He very smitten with the whole thing wants her and the odds against me have lengthen as the make shift becomes his. He now a daddy. How can he? The tears drop down like a tap recorded in space I am so spaced out he expresses some concerns.

“Have you ever done something wicked without intending to?” he asks me.

“What an evil monster like yourself never done such a foolish thing since or before?”

“His arse on fire he could not think.”

“Fire and brimstone that is what is coming.”

When he comes home, he will do all the odd jobs he has not done for the past year.”

“Or a number of decades?”

“Let us not get decadent it is never going to happen. ” I said so.

“The gluttony of him.”

He was being fed the wrong things I knew it.

He was growing into a jade.

“I am now calling him a whore.”

“I have settled his wares and have got to the idea I might sell him. He might fetch a good price?”

“Nothing doing some said his flesh was not that useful.”

“I meant him no harm what an idea he is still handsome.”

“I am now so sad he not worthy of hire.”

“But daddy said he will pay him to cook for him.”

“That being settled it was a done thing.”

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