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Chapter 5

“I ask only to be enlightened on how it is to be bad.”

“Nobody including authors actors want to be good.”

“Why not?”


“No, are we?”

I feared it was turning into questions and answers session and had been led astray.

Have you done it against the advice of your conscience and the laws which are never? In this world now in the world of the survivors which says when we survive a game then we are in the right and there is not much else. Look a woman now earns enough and more than some men and she does it better with the leg. I made him a disaster for being so brave and it did not even nag at him that he free to do with as much as possible but thought he should be free range egg.

In my forgotten rage now I ponder where it went lost in the howls of time and then what is this about? A man who got away and a wife who wept tears and then a woman who sought riches and then caught on the double acts. Starring role and then we are all able.

There is nothing in his life but curiosity. His ambitions are not that way inclined there was nothing the matter and mate he is the life of his talents.

We used to live in a semi-conscious state where he wandered in and out because I did not want to think about the whole situation because if I did it would have made me cry.

Go and have a cry because the normal things in life are not ordinary.

What is the thought what is the decency what is there to think what is there to think he left me for his talents and he fled the scene of my dismays?

If I had my life again what would I do? If I had my life again would I be so much unhappy so much of it inside me so much anger and the lust of life as well. But I became submerged in duty and it was eclipsed by his better judgements until subdued was consumed.

It lay underneath my talents until it burnt out.

They asked the other wife asked where are they now jeering me on as he said good bye to her naked body.

What is she writing what is she doing to me the girl who was and now this bitterness this bitter thought comes to them both that without each other we would not be the people we are now?

Glamour kills talent they say.

Oh, the said things are the very things which belong in society and when a talent such as theirs bonded they were limitless.

They spent emotional upheaval and earths moved and they settled into this other life style they did not need someone burnt out washed out.

They caused the things which were both good and bad and then they broke the bank. Evil entered their lives our life was now evil. We broke hearted do not have a place in the glitter of the world which he and she were married in. He lost me he lost the word it was meaningless now their worst thoughts were turned to good in order to make a money spinner.

She stole she began to steal from me.

He had only eyes for her.

She would beckon and he like a puppy would follow. Like mesmerised as if his eyes could not see anything or anybody else.

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