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Chapter 6

The political situation was discussed over dinner and we had to pick on that.

I never presume to give advice to the great and the wise and they never heed me anyway. I never seek the limelight and no money on its way watchful of the pennies. My presumptions are all into being into everything because that is what it is when I am without money, I can become very docile and good. In fact, very satisfied and that makes it alright. It is not algebra is it not watching the other woman and me seeing this daily has given me a backache.

I am like a joke in this world in this ownership of me there is not much but I am a bet. My whole life is based on a bet. Because daddy said if I turned bad then he would win the bet. He gambled adding scores and devolutions as if the spade is a jack and the joker is the thing. Then he tarts his daughters and they go on a date because they do it for a dare.

When we call the issues and the tissues are opposing to our own interests. We are here and there two-tiered system.

We are all now in something of this shared thought if we can flaunt it and get out of it then what we might feel does not matter. When the tongue in cheek does not check us. I want tea with the queen as the presiding president of that damnable country called the ill-used. Because we could not enjoy the president as we should and now, we feel let downs as if the climbers and the shifters did not get along with the right Southern hospitality and look, we now all barren and ill-used. I also want to visit everyone here and there including my rations.

We are going to hang them who has made inquiries and then let us drown our sorrows by being officious to a fault that the holy triumphs can’t do any wrong.

“What is wrong with that?”

No other president must go through this sorrow and they must never be impeached because we are immaculate due to the immaculate conceptions.

When the real evil comes, they will be fostered and we can glow with pride in our dishonest manners because it is not wise to question authority and the questions do not nor need to be asked what for do, we ask if they are honest or dishonest who cares anyhow?

Now who do we blame?

“Heads will roll.”

“Have mine on a bacon roll.”

“We are expecting this other evil and the president having his twitter account anyhow did not help we wisely asked to see his credentials and now we are all to blame.”

“But not our fault at all?”

“Why should the president want us to ignore his twitters?”

“Why should he say that the opposition had the Russians at her belt how did he know?”

“And what is the matter with everyone is there is unease.”

“We all feel it too?”

“Yes, because the thing is there are too much of it going around and then we are here there everywhere waiting for the evil president who now is saying that no other president should be questioned.”

“Well is there something the matter with questions?”

“No need to take it in bad grace.”

“He was acting oddly was not he?”

“Well his twitters were going haywire.”

“He said he was right for the job as anyone could do it anyone who had the intentions and not as polite could be a president of that USA.”

“So, what was it about?”

“We are expecting an evil president not necessarily him he might be the one who would win it over just like we knew that Jesus was coming after Mary and other saints were coming too.”

“We are justified in fearing.”

“That we are expecting.”

I am with gratitude able now to be presumptuous which says a lot to being wise and that makes me human. I am human because I can engage and not be insular like the Brits want. I do not believe in snobbery that class does know its class and must be always in its enclosure. Rubbing its back and tenderly firing the apple in the right cart. So, let it be me who gives the advice because if it is me then I can become a somebody.

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